UFO Sightings Said Ignored
By Georgia Congressman
By John Thompson
From George A. Filer <>
Director, Mutual UFO Network Eastern
MUFON Skywatch Investigations
Filer's Files #18 - 5-8-00

"There is a prominent congressman in Georgia who is well aware of the hundreds of UFO sightings that have occurred in Georgia in the last five years. This same congressman has a trusted friend who has seen UFOs and let the congressman know about them in detail. Yet, the congressman seemingly has no interest in UFOs and associated phenomenon. MUFON of Georgia has met with this same congressman and presented copies of UFO investigations done in his district, including one with his close confidant.
In an unrelated case, a photo of a UFO and its positive analysis was presented to the congressman. The congressman has acknowledged to MUFON in private that he knows the esteemed, retired law-enforcement officer who saw this UFO and supplied the photo to MUFON. This same photo was examined by an off-duty FBI photo analyst who declared it a genuine unknown. It is a hard road UFO investigators must pave. Fifty years of tireless labor still have not lanced the fear of the "giggle factor." Nothing, even trusted and well-respected individuals a congressman acknowledges as his equal, can induce America's political leaders to consider that an unknown alien intelligence is toying with mankind's evolution.
There is no genuine overt interest or displays of "Profiles in Courage" by our congressional representatives regarding UFOs. Instead, the public acknowledgment of UFOs by our elected leaders is so low it has to be wondered if an invasion were announced by, the media if any would have the courage to take immediate action to protect America. Make no mistake about it: "Aliens are here and they are doing more than just 'scooting' around." With no proof that our reality and current technology can decipher, millions of sightings and covert abductions point to a more dangerous and subtle invasion. They appear to be shaping man's destiny and our culture as it suits the alien intelligence for its own sinister purposes. Millions are not wrong on what they believe they are seeing or experiencing.
With every congressional representative ignoring fifty years of opinion polls that consistently show approximately half of America believing UFOs are visiting earth, how is it not a single representative will explore the possibility that an alien intelligence is here? Why is it that seemingly not one Democrat or Republican statesman loses sleep over the security threat to America posed by these hourly sightings and abductions? How cannot one singular leader entertain the possibility that an interdimensional species of unknown origin is undermining the greatest country on earth and possibly imperiling the survival of the human race?
A giant among willy-nilly, yes-Representatives needs to stand forth; such a leader could be the Georgia congressman who cares about the security and welfare of the United States. If so, he must act quick as time is not on man's side. Abductions are the dark heart of the threat to explore and hold public hearings on. The rest is only distractions and tricks. Half a century of misconceptions and fool's errands, that only offers proof that is not proof. THEY are establishing CONTROL as we squabble over the details of our defeat.
--Thanks to John Thompson.
Editor's Note: In the past, there have been a few politicians with the courage to discuss the investigation of UFOs. These were Governors Carter and Reagan, and Congressman Steven Schiff and Gerald Ford. None of their careers were hurt when they stood up for investigating UFOs. We can make a good case that their concern for the their voters helped their careers.
For example, House Minority Leader Gerald Ford on March 25, 1966, proposed to Congress that they investigate the rash of reported sightings of unidentified flying objects in Michigan and other parts of the country. Ford said he believed a congressional inquiry would be worthwhile because the American people are becoming alarmed by the UFO stories..


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