More Orbs And Discs Showing
Up In Chemtrail Photos
Gary in Eugene


I took this photo July 28th after a heavy layer of contrails were laid down over Eugene, Oregon. In the photo, there appears to be a saucer- shaped disk. The photo was taken with my digital camera.


(Upon examination of the photo, it appears a second object is visible in the upper right portion of the photo.)

This area has been hit hard for the last month. Friday, the 6th of August, I witnessed 12-14 chemtrails near the Cascades just east of Eugene, Oregon.

As I watched with binoculars they seemed to be laying well calculated rows. The most disturbing thing I saw, was what I did NOT see: Right before my eyes, in my 10x50's, the planes vanished as soon as the trails were laid down. I have been watching this phenomena for sometime and this was a first. As well as the on-again, off-again segmented making of rows that were being laid down.

Gary in Eugene Oregon

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