Skeptical Chilean Photographs
UFO - Says He Now Believes

From Dr. Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo
Miami UFO Center
Source: El Diario Austral de Osormo

The UFO phenomena taking place in northern Chile has turned many skeptics into first-hand eyewitnesses and believers of the presence of these strange flying objects. On February the 3rd of 2002, a man and his son decided to go on camping trip to the nearby mountains in Calama, Chile. After driving and walking dozens of miles, venturing into the Andean wilderness, and getting in touch with nature, it never occurred to them that they would encounter a UFO. Furthermore, they never thought that their lives and their perspective towards the idea of being alone in the universe would change.
One of the local newspapers, "El Diario Austral de Osorno", reported that Juan Staforelli and his son Juan Pablo went on an outdoors-hiking trip. Both father and son love nature, fishing and the outdoors. They decided to reach the Osornina mountain range; they were hoping to do some salmon fishing. They left at 5 AM on Sunday, the 3rd of February 2002. They began their trip by heading towards the Rupanco Lake. Once they reached the lake, they went on to Palmar Lake, where they continued on foot. Later, they continued their hike alongside the Peligroso River. Their final destination was to reach lake Paraiso, where they would do yet some more fishing. They finally arrived at around 10 AM on that rainy morning.
"When we arrived, we began putting together a tent to get some protection from the wildlife and the rain. The rain stopped at around noon. Then, we walked alongside the riverbank near the south shore of the lake. Suddenly, my son, who luckily brought his camera with him, noticed a strange flying object over the hills. At first, I thought it was a bird or an airplane, but it got closer; in fact, it hovered around at about 200 meters from where we were, almost touching the water. Suddenly, it left very rapidly back to the hills, where we lost sight of it ", said the father.
Juan Pablo had his camera with him and managed to take a picture of the strange flying object. He never had in mind that his picture would become part of evidence of a UFO sighting. "The object was moving so fast, that we thought it was not going to be visible in the picture. Nevertheless, when we had the film developed, there it was", said Juan Pablo.
Juan Staforelli admitted that he did not believe in UFOs before; however, after this encounter, he wonders if we are alone. "Despite my lifestyle as an adventurer, explorer, and mostly, of all of the remote places that I have visited, I never believed in UFOs. Now I'm having second thoughts", said Staforelli.
Holding the picture in his hands, Staforelli claimed that the object was about the same size of a car. He also stated that it was bright and did not emit any sound. "Now that I have discussed this event with my friends, several of them have commented that those things are frequently seen at yet another nearby lake named Llanquihue, as well as many other places of the region".
Juan Staforelli and his son Juan Pablo's UFO sighting is perhaps a prime example of how a skeptic person can turn into a believer of these phenomena. Staforelli emphasized that his friends always knew that those objects were in the lake areas, but he just never believed it. They were always there; he just never saw them before.
Translator: Mario Andrade

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