Triangular UFO Sightings
Plotted Close To 17 US
Air Force Bases
National Institute for Discovery Science

The National Institute For Discovery Science has received approximately ninety-four reported sightings of triangular UFOs seen between 1990 and the present. In a study to determine the possibility of patterns to these sightings, each sighting was plotted onto a map of the United States. Two maps were created. Map 1 plots the location of each triangular UFO sighting between 1990 and the present. Additionally, 17 U.S. Air Force bases under the Air Mobility Command (AMC) or an affiliate were plotted on the map. This map shows the proximity of sightings to the AMC bases. It appears that the sightings are predominately within corridors between bases. By connecting the bases with a straight line, it shows that the sightings seem to closely follow, with only minor divergence, these lines.
Map 2 also plots the location of the same triangular UFO sightings for the same period of time. In addition to the 17 AMC and affiliate bases, 16 bases belonging to the Air Force Materiel Command (AFMC) are also plotted. Combining the bases of the two commands and then plotting their relationship to the sightings show distinct patterns of sightings along the straight lines between bases. Again it appears that the sightings are predominately within corridors between the plotted bases. In the Eastern United States, Wright-Patterson AFB, HQ AFMC, seems to be a focal point, with Scott AFB, HQ AMC, running a close second. It is interesting that the January 5, 2000 sightings by five police officers in Illinois were in such extremely close proximity to Scott AFB.
Study of both maps reveal a large empty corridor in the mid-western United States where there is an absence of sightings. Incidentally, in the same area there is an absence of AMC or AFMC bases. The totality of the evidence leads us to hypothesize that the flight paths are suggestive of the deployment of military aircraft hitherto unacknowledged.
We invite comments on this hypothesis.
See the "What's New" section of the NIDS website to view the report.
From Robert Collins
The AF or anybody else wouldn't fly experimental aircraft/craft over civilian areas: It violates safety rules plus disclosure of a classified project.
Remember how they treated an F117 when it crashed back in late eighties I think. It did so in a fairly isolated area and immediately they gave out a cover story.
So, maybe the aliens are just curious about our military installations ?
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