Solar Flare Passing Yields
Flood Of UFO Reports

Independent Online - South Africa

BERLIN (Reuters) -- An amateur astronomer who monitors reports of UFO sightings said on Friday he had been flooded by calls from terrified Germans after a solar flare caused brilliantly coloured skies over Germany this week.
Werner Walter, who runs a call-in service called UFO-FON, said he had disconnected his phone at 3am after more than 30 calls from people reporting eerie, streaking lights in the sky.
"People were calling from all over Germany," he told Reuters. "They told me of how they were witnessing burning skies, that is the term most people used. Especially elderly people were upset," he said.
An abnormally strong solar flare that erupted this week caused a dazzling display of polar lights, normally seen only in far northern arctic regions, in various parts of Germany.
One couple from the Baltic Sea island of Ruegen reported what they feared was a nuclear explosion in Denmark.
"They stood at the beach, looking out to the sea towards Denmark and told me the entire horizon was deep red with small explosions," he said. "They were terrified. I had to spend nearly 30 minutes trying to calm them."
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