Reagan And Pilot Chased
UFO In 1974 - Deer
Mutilation In Maryland?
George A. Filer <>
Director, Mutual UFO Network Eastern
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4-24-00 Filer's Files #16

. Ronald Reagan said, while governor of California, "I was in a plane last week when I looked out the window and saw this white light. It was zigzagging around." "I went up to the pilot and said, "Have you ever seen anything like that?" He was shocked and he said, "Nope." And I said to him: "Let's follow it!" "We followed it for several minutes. It was a bright white light." "We followed it to Bakersfield, and all of a sudden to our utter amazement it went straight up into the heavens." "When I got off the plane I told Nancy all about it, but we didn't file a report on the object because for a long time they considered you a nut if you saw a UFO..." Ronald Reagan, 1974
LONG ISLAND - On April 17, 2000, two witnesses observed an oval shaped craft for about six minutes. M. A. Medina who is in law enforcement while driving along the train tracks about 10:00 PM noticed the UFO. We followed it and I turned down the music and opened the window. There was now sound. We pointed at it and tried to follow. By the time we got to its location, it had gone. The object was oval shaped with four lights. It was hovering and turning in circles. Thanks to M. A. Medina and
SUSQUEHANNA - This is Jen. I am getting ready to move to Texas but I ran into something very unusual at the Susquehanna State Park. I was driving with a friend though the park. We came across a deer by the roadside. Usually I' don't pay much attention to road kills, but this one caught my eye. The rectum looked identical to pictures I've seen of cattle mutilations. We stopped for a closer look. The deer was a full grown white tail doe. There appeared to be an incision line around the rectum to the udders and flesh taken out of the inner part of the incision to the depth of 3 inches. The line was very precisely made. No jagged edges or tooth marks. On her back were 4 markings, rectangle shaped 1X2 inches. These were on the spine and looked like the donor site of a skin graft. When we checked the site we didn't see any indication of an accident. No parts of an auto or skid marks. We took photos, but were unable to get samples. We did return in 24 hours to see if any thing had changed. No scavengers has touched the carcass. Very unusual considering there is a large vulture population around here. Thanks to Jen Runningpony.
This sighting is from a young man named Tim whose UFO encounter was very unsettling to him. It was a warm summer night, in West Virginia, where I was vacationing with my family. A few of us were outside gazing at the splendor of a night, which had escaped the pollution of city light's. At first we thought we were seeing a plane, yet it could not be one since it was moving at least twice the speed of a conventional jet. I pointed it out to the others, and we all agreed that it was not an airplane. It seemed like a bright star that was moving similar to a comet but slower. It darted across the starlit sky and disappeared quickly. It had been visible for around two minutes. We saw a second UFO move across the sky again disappearing just as quickly. Hence, my only encounter of what I believed to be a UFO. Thanks to Bill Bean and Tim and
CARROLLTON - A 33-year-old professional educator from Georgia contacted ASD Mark Ausmus concerning a sighting on March 13, 2000, She was parked in traffic at a lengthy stoplight in Carrollton in West Central Georgia. In the distance she noticed a large object approach, flying along the power lines at about 6:30 PM. As it got closer, it appeared to be elliptical in shape with three yellow-white lights on the structure. The leading edge was the long edge, and the object was about the length of a school bus. The witness stuck her head out of the car window, but could hear no sound. The craft was traveling about 10-15 mph at about 30 feet high. She looked up at the bottom as it passed right over her car. The bottom looked like it was composed of 'moving ripples'. At that time, the stop light changed and the traffic started moving, so she had to drive off. She then turned her vehicle around in an effort to relocate the object, but it was gone. No EM or human effects were noticed. Mark Ausmus will be investigating this event in the coming weeks. Best, Aye! Tom Sheets, FSA Scot - State Director MUFON GA. Tom notes that ISUR received a similar report a few days ago from a former Deputy Sheriff now a Security Officer at a chemical plant in Indianapolis. He reported that on March 14, 2000, (the day after the Carrollton event) he encountered a nighttime glowing object hovering and then moving just above the power lines of the plant, also silently passing right over his vehicle about 50 feet up. His description indicated a 'grain of rice' shaped object, rounded at both ends, also moving rather slowly. (See Filer's Files #15.)
SARASOTA - Television host Malcolm Hathorn reports that on March 15, 2000, his first caller, John, started out by saying that he was a skeptic about UFOs, but he went on to describe a very interesting UFO sighting he had about a year or so earlier while driving on a road very close to I-75 near Sarasota, Florida. It was late at night and John and his wife noticed a hovering object about a mile ahead. As they approached the object they realized it was very unusual. It was approximately 100 feet in length with three small lights underneath it. The object was dark-colored and its shape could not be discerned. It was only a 100 feet above the ground. As John and his wife got closer they realized the object was moving very slowly and that it made absolutely no sound. A truck had been ahead of them on the road and the driver screeched on his brakes and came to a stop. The truck driver got out of his vehicle and stood on the hood of his truck and looked up at the now hovering object. John and his wife kept driving, but very slowly. Later, John admitted that they had about one hour of missing time associated with the experience. He said he had rarely ever spoken about the incident to anyone. Later in my TV show another caller, Abraham, stated that he had seen the same object around the same time of year as the first caller, and he described it the same way. He had been driving on I-75 near Sarasota and came upon the slow-moving craft. He slowed his car to about 30 mph while in the passing lane and was holding up traffic as he looked up at the UFO. Apparently most of the other cars didn't see it. The was cigar shaped and about 75 feet long. He said the three lights on the bottom of the craft were bright white lights. He had no missing time associated with the event, as far as he knew. This second caller said he had been reluctant to call but felt he had to because it was important to verify the other man's sighting. Thanks to Malcolm Hathorn, and Lorraine Gerber director MUFON's Tampa Baywatch Newsletter for April.
CASEYVILLE - On April 21, WBBM Radio an all news station in Chicago reported hourly that police in the East St. Louis area had reported UFOs. Police received six reports from callers between 3:30 and 4:30 AM, reporting a strange light in the sky within a radius of a couple of miles of Caseyville stated Sgt. J.D. Roth. The first report came from a woman who said she saw unusual lights in the horseradish field west of Illinois 157 behind St. Stephens Catholic Church. Roth and officer Steve Epps left the station and searched the field but found nothing. Just then, dispatchers told Roth that a St. Clair county sheriffs department deputy on Interstate 255 reported seeing lights in a field over Caseyville about a mile north of the original sighting. While the law enforcement officers traveled toward the field, they heard radio traffic indicating Collinsville Police had gotten a call about a strange light accompanied by a loud humming in the area of Fairmont Park Race Track which is less than a mile from the Cahokia Mounds Complex." We met up there with other officers, discussed the reports. A 911 call from a woman said there was such a bright light in the air it impaired her ability to drive." Roth said. While the officers were in route, another call came in reporting a light moving up and down near Illinois 157 and 161. Roth said the calls seemed to be from different individuals." There was no reports of structured craft but only lights that might have been associated with a storm that earlier pelted the area with rain, high winds and lightning. There is some speculation that these were not UFOs, but plasma or ball lightning sightings. This was unlike the January 5, sightings where many policeman described a flying triangle in Highland, Lebanon, Millstadt and Dupo. The best UFO sightings occur in good weather and good visibility. ``Sightings usually go in waves,'' said Forest Crawford of Collinsville, assistant director of Illinois MUFON. ``It's actually very common to have a number of sightings in an area over a short period of time. Officials at Scott Air Force Base in Illinois according to KTVI Channel 2 newscast from April 21, were provided with the police UFO sightings reports. When I worked in intelligence at Military Airlift Command Headquarters at Scott my boss Bob Woods got those reports.
One kind of Unidentified Flying Object that may be a natural phenomenon are the plasma lights or ionized clouds. They are being filmed in close proximity to thunderstorms and tornado's fairly regularly. About 10 percent of the reports, I receive regard strange large moving lights in the sky or fast moving internally lit bright clouds. At night only the light and not the cloud may be observed. Most valid UFO reports occur in clear or non-stormy weather conditions. However, there are a group of reports that may involve naturally occurring plasmas. Generally, the plasmas are fairly short lived, but some types seem to last for a surprisingly long time. The exact energy source of the naturally occurring plasmas is still unknown but are probably similar to standard lightning. Some plasmas are reported over high power lines and near strong electrical activity such as highways. They seem to be related to ball lightning, and under the right conditions with a mix of dust or ice particles they can create a very impressive display. They may operate similar to a giant glowing fluorescent light. There has also been speculation that the propulsion systems of the UFOs cause ionization around the craft giving it a plasma or cloud like appearance. Probably all my readers have seen thunderclouds light up with lightning, but under certain conditions the clouds remain lit for a relatively long time. Once the electrons are lighted some clouds seem to maintain a kind of natural glow like a light bulb for many minutes. These clouds seem to be acted upon by electron radiant energy such as ultraviolet, X-rays, or infrared rays. An exotic form of electron energy similar to ball lightning may be working inside the clouds.
It is apparent from space the thunderstorms have tremendous power. Areas lit by thunderstorms are often larger and brighter than the lights of a big city. The lightning seems to explode in all directions. Some goes towards the ground but most does not. Ball lighting or plasmas as large as a bus or even mile wide thunderclouds have been observed. The light is often described as brilliant, yellow green, transparent ball with a fuzzy outline. Fluorine gas produces a similar greenish yellow color often reported. The plasmas often appear near towering cumulus thunderclouds inferring they be part of the creation process. I have been observing films provided me by Jeff Challender taken from the space shuttle showing UFOs or plasma type clouds. These objects are generally oval and can move at thousands of miles per hour for hundreds of miles. Despite their high speeds they will suddenly stop over a line of thunderstorms. Some of the plasmas/UFOs appear as if they might be developed within the thunderstorms or at least have a tremendous affinity with them. While in the Air Force, I flew through the thunderstorms of a hurricane off the coast of Puerto Rico when ball lighting came through the cockpit window floated on through the cockpit door and down the aisle. It was a blue and red ball of fuzzy electric flame about the size of large beach ball and that floated through the aircraft and out the rear. It did not seem hot and it did not hurt anyone. Perhaps when conditions are just right, these plasma balls develop and are shot out of the thunderstorm like a cannon. These lighted objects will move along quickly and can accomplish amazing maneuvers. They may have a natural affinity to recharge themselves near the thunderstorms. They seem to recharge, and gather strength from the lightning and then move on.
The NASA Space Science News for January 4, 2000, reports a surprising pattern emerges from satellite observations of lightning. Storms over the Great Plains States have significantly more lightning that never reaches the ground, an indicator of violent activity that can spawn hail and tornadoes. Where there's lightning, many people worry that tornadoes may follow. Lightning is associated with energetic storms since it takes large upward movements of air -- plus water in various forms including raindrops and ice crystals -- to produce a large electric potential. Cloud to cloud lightning may occur on a ratio as high as 10 to 1 to every cloud--to--ground lightning strike. NASA's Dennis Boccippio, states, " When the potential becomes great enough, electricity punches its way through air that normally insulates and builds a narrow bridge of electrified gas or plasma. The current burrows its way in search of an oppositely charged region where the imbalance can be relieved. When the two are joined, current flows freely and ionizes even more air on its path, thus creating the glowing hydra that we see as a lightning bolt. The heated air expands and, when the discharge is suddenly stopped, it slams back together to produce the thunderclap." The latest find is that storms with far more cloud--to--cloud lightning than cloud--to--ground are more energetic and are more likely to produce violent storms. "The really interesting area is the Great Plains region where the ratio goes as high as 10 to 1," said Dr. Dennis Boccippi. He has combined four years of satellite and ground-based data to estimate the ratio of intercloud and cloud--to--ground lightning. The space segment of Boccippio's data came from two similar instruments developed by the GHCC and NASA/Marshall.
The correlation between these ionized clouds or plasmas and UFOs needs to be examined. Observers may be seeing a natural phenomenon or the UFOs could be recharging their propulsion systems with the tremendous energy available in the storms. Although, similar to thunderstorms these clouds appear more stable in shape and have a more oval or rounded disc appearance. An observer not expecting to see a well-rounded cloud with colored lighting could easily identify it has a UFO. The tremendous amount of energy developed by a thunderstorm can be observed after viewing the wrath of a tornado or lightning, but there may other equally powerful thunderbolts moving away at high speed not as easily noticed. Reports indicate people are observing ionization or electrically charged gas under the influence of radiation. The question of course is this a natural phenomenon or a secret of the UFO propulsion systems? The former is more likely.
BALLWIN -- On Saturday, April 15, 2000, sometime between 1:00 and 2:00 AM, Alan S. was asleep at his home. He stated, " I woke up and looked to my right. It was standing near my bed. It disappeared after about two minutes." Alan reported, "It was a very strange creature. It was lime green, glowing, and it looked like it had a light lime green aura around the body. It had two arms and two legs. His eyes were bright glowing red. His skin looked scaly, like a reptile. It was maybe four feet (1.3 meters) tall." Alan remained motionless in bed until the entity vanished. Ballwin is on Missouri is 30 miles west of St. Louis. A UFO sighting elsewhere in Missouri was reported that night and was not known to the Alan.
HOLDEN - At 9:06 PM on Friday, April 14, 2000, about four hours earlier than the Ballwin encounter, Jesse Carlson was outdoors just east of Independence, when he spotted an unusual light in the sky. The UFO approached from the north and headed southwest. He described it as "a bright light in a square shape with real end curves. It was sort of white with yellow on the outside of it." He added that it moved in "a kind of falling" motion, adding, "I had no idea of the height, but it was going along about twenty miles per hour. Holden is located about 180 miles west-northwest of Ballwin. Thanks to UFO ROUNDUP Volume 5, Number 16 April 20, 2000 Editor: Joseph Trainor at
GROOM DRY LAKE AIR FORCE BASE - The secret US air base in Nevada seventy miles north of Las Vegas has been over flown by Russian satellites on a regular basis. Aerial Images Inc. posted five images of the site taken by a Russian satellite launched in 1998 to map Earth's surface. An open-skies agreement was signed in 1992 by 24 nations, including the United States and Russia. The photos show runways and buildings at Groom Dry Lake Air Force Base. The base has been the testing ground for a host of top-secret aircraft, including the U-2, SR-71, B-2, and more recent advanced aircraft. Saucer shaped craft have often been seen flying over the area. The base's airspace is restricted and civilian aircraft are not allowed to fly over. Air Force spokesman deny that aliens are at the base. Gloria Cales said, "We acknowledge having an operating site there, and the work is classified, the work involves "operations critical to the US military and the country's security.
Perry Petrakis of SOS OVNI a private French UFO research group has or obtained a file on military radar detection directly from the French Ministry of Defense for the first time ever. The French newsstand journal Phenomena # 43 dedicated to the scientific study of UFOs features the investigation of UFO radar cases by the French military. In August 1998, a civilian living near Metz saw a spherical object that beamed down a light as it flew over his head. The witness filed a testimonial report with the French Military Gendarmerie Corps. In January 1999, the SOS OVNI asked the authorities for a copy of a military radar detection report from the Drachenbronn Control Center in the East of France. The Center claimed," We researched our archives to no avail." In July 99, SOS OVNI received a copy of the Gendarmerie report that included a statement that military radar had detected the object. SOS OVNI again wrote the Control Center, but never received a reply. In September 99, SOS OVNI investigators filed a procedure with the Commission d'Acces aux Documents Administrates. They ruled that the files should be released under the French Freedom of Information Act. In October 99, the French Defense Ministry sent confirmation of military radar detection of the UFOs. The Radar Control Center in Drachenbronn report stated, "We detected track ME 403 for three minutes, with no information about height." It was also discovered that the French official investigative body SEPRA, headed by Jean-Jacques Velasco, filed the case without any research. More information can be obtained about this issue of Phenomena by contacting Perry Petrakis at (33) 442.12.30.59. E-mail: < Thanks to Perry Petrakis.
Editor's Note: In the US both FAA and military radar's have tracked UFOs. I personally tracked one on airborne radar over England. Government agencies are instructed to deny they are tracking a UFO to anyone including airborne civilian and military pilots. Radar controllers are told to attempt to divert air traffic away from the UFO.
Last summer, the French COMETA UFO REPORT "UFOs and Defense: What Should We Prepare For?" three years in the making, was released showing that high-ranking French generals were seriously worried about the threat of UFOs to their country. It was written by the French Association, COMETA or "Committee for In-depth Studies. The study was initiated by four-star General Bernard Norlain, former Commander of the French Tactical Air Force and Military Counselor to the Prime Minister. COMETA" is composed of concerned French generals, admirals, engineers, doctors, physicists, and other high-ranking officials including the Chief of National Police, and the Research Director of the French equivalent of NASA, The report claims UFOs are real, they are a threat, and mankind must consider methods to defend itself. Our own military cries for money and yet ignores the possible threat! It details the results of a high-level study of UFOs by the French Institute of Higher Studies for National Defense (IHDEN). The 90-page report has been sent to French President Jacques Chirac and his Prime Minister, Lionel Jospin. Only recently translated into English, it is expected to soon be widely available in the United States. Its conclusions are startling and it makes it very clear the French believe we are not alone.
I was abducted from the time I was a child. I used to have a small scoop mark in the back of my leg, but that is now slightly faded. I know things about aliens and their craft, but I don't know how I know. Sometimes, I wonder, why me. And others make things up that I know is far fetched. Spaceships move at 20,000 mph. Perhaps, faster now. I believe I was in a UFO (the first time) when I was 8 years old, which seems to be my best recollection of the ship. I recall aliens sitting at computer monitors, but the print was orange. I remember seeing tops of trees (I think I was being brought up to a spaceship). Then traveling very slowly over and along the street -- watching telephone poles pass on the screen. And they knew who lived in every house. I think I have been contacted many, many times. They have a sense of humor (at least some of them). I am very aware of having seen a "gray" while I was awake. First standing beside my bed staring at me, and then walking away from me. There was a group in my living room (I heard them when I woke up), but when I sat on the edge of my bed I was told (by telepathy) not to come to the room where they were. I don't remember the exact words, but I knew they meant business. They had come to talk to the invisible one who had stayed with me. At first I thought I had flipped my lid, but when I pushed for proof that "he" was there, I got proof!!!! The night they came for him, I remember them saying emphatically, "No, your time is up. You must return." I am always wary of their arrival and know when they'll show up. Perhaps my ears ring. But once they are there, I am not frightened. I think it's being "startled" by their arrival that frightens me. That's when they have a sense of humor. I might be looking in the freezer for something, close the door and one is standing there. Or pulling a shirt over my head, and one is there. Almost enjoying my fright, yet not wanting to frighten me. A few times I've voiced my displeasure and they back off, but they are clearly NOT afraid of me.
I never wash my hair or take a shower when I'm alone in the house. I recall moving the shower curtain aside and one or two were standing there. I now have crystal clear shower curtains!!! They seem to come about 2:30 in the morning. If I awake at that time, I will not get up and walk around the house. I figure let them come and get me. I am perfectly sane with the rest of my life and they seem to have given me special psychic gifts. I (sometimes) know when a relative will die. Recently, I knew the moment my brother poked his eye out. He lives in New England and I live in Montana. Also, I knew the moment my mother died -- and I was hundreds of miles away. I have always felt they keep me VERY healthy and protected from accidents. When I was speeding, I knew where the police cars were hidden. Thanks to Judith.
SPACE SHUTTLE FOOTAGE: There is lots of talk about UFOs seen from the space shuttle. Decide for yourself, Jeff Chandler has put together raw video footage of the NASA downloads. Learn exactly what is ice crystals and camera smudges? You can decide for yourself. Jeff gives pointers on how to look for UFOs versus the standard excuses. This is raw footage but well worth seeing. Only $25.00. PHOTOGRAPH BOOKLET of some of the best UFO shots available and data on their propulsion systems by US Navy Commander Graham Bethune.. $10.00 Send check or money order to G. Filer 222 Jackson Road, Medford, New Jersey 08055
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