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George A. Filer
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Filer's Files #39 9-25-2

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GENERAL DOUGLAS MAC ARTHUR, stated in 1955,"The nations of the world will have to unite for the next war will be an interplanetary war. The nations of Earth must someday make a common front against attack by people from other planets" 
STATEN ISLAND -- It was a clear night and the witness was using binoculars to look at the stars on September 8, 2002, twenty after midnight and saw a very bright, well defined "greenish-white" light pass through his field of view, moving quickly, but steadily, not like an aircraft. The witness said, "I presumed it was a low orbiting satellite, but as I watched, it split into two distinct lights, one red, the other green. As I kept looking, the lights merged back into the original "greenish-white" light originally spotted. I also thought it might be a fighter jet just banking with respect to my line of sight, but I would have seen the green (starboard) light first, then green and red, then back to green. The first, original color was a very pale green...almost white, the "split color" a much deeper green, (a lot like a navigation light). The object traveled southwest, and was spotted about 45 degrees up from the horizon to where I lost it
MANHATTAN -- On September 8, 2002, at 4 PM. two witnesses in Central Park saw several UFO's high in the sky. The witness first noticed an object that looked to be circular and white. I didn't think much of it until I noticed that it had not moved for several minutes. I pointed the object out to my friend and asked if it could have been the planet Venus? We noticed that it had started to move. Then my friend pointed out another one. We started to see more and more and as they slowly moved in different directions and at one point three of the objects formed in a shape of a triangle and then slowly moved back into a straight line and then went in completely different directions. One turned from a sphere into a longer thinner 'sperm-like' object. Due to its speed, this object was seen for about 45 seconds before it moved out of sight. The rest of the objects moved very slowly apart. We saw eleven objects for almost two hours. Peter Davenport spoke with him and found the witness to be serious-minded and quite credible.
QUEENS -- On September 8, 2002, at 8 PM, while sitting in my living room talking on the phone I saw this cup and saucer like object in the sky. It sat there for a few minutes and then it got smaller and smaller and disappeared. At first I thought it was a blimp but then a blimp flew underneath it to verify that it was not it.
CENTRAL SQUARE - In upstate NY, on September 8, 2002, the witness saw out his window at 1 AM, what appeared to be the reflection of police lights. When they got closer he realized it was a hovering saucer shaped object high in the western sky. The witness said, "The top was shining brightly with red, green and blue lights, and the bottom had a very bright white light. It would spin very fast "it looked like the toy top I played with as a child" and then it would slow down and hover up and down and suddenly disappeared. This sighting lasted 45 minutes. At 2: AM, I received a phone call from a lady friend traveling from Cicero who saw the same object. Last night, we patiently waited at our homes three miles apart, and about 9:30 PM, the same object returned and hovered for over 2 hours. My friend called North Syracuse and her friend could also see it. She also located another friend three miles south in Brewerton who could also see it. My husband and I have captured the object on video tape. Thanks to Peter Davenport <>NUFORC
NEWARK -- On September 7, 2002, an egg-shaped craft was moving very slowly, and descended below the horizon at 7:30 PM, and headed away to the west.
CALIFON -- On September 8, 2002, using his telescope the witness spotted a stationary cylindrical object composed of a black inner disk and an outer ring that contained seemingly thousands of rapidly pulsating and rotating lights of constantly changing colors. The witness says, "At 9:45 PM, I first saw what appeared to be a big star that was changing colors from red to blue to green. Looking through the telescope, I saw a very deliberately shaped circle of thousands of light grids that were pulsing and rotating. The colors were distinct. A significantly smaller round object was flying around the large object in a random pattern. It was definitely a manufactured object. A second observer also looked through the telescope, and agreed the colors were indescribable and changed within a fraction of a second, and never slowed down pulsating. Each time it changed, it wasn't one solid color on the object.
MILLSTONE -- While laying on a hammock, looking up on September 8, 2002, the witness observed a white light against a pale blue cloud free sky. At 1:30 PM, the light danced around, stopped, and changed directions faster than could be imagined. It looked like the effect you might get as your watch crystal picks up light and dances on the ceiling. The object moved to the southwest, stopped, pulsed and got brighter/larger and vanished.
MARLTON -- There was a very high plane lying down a chemtrail when the witness noticed a white object traveling northeast at a high rate of speed on September 13, 2002, at 11:48 PM. Thanks to Peter Davenport <>NUFORC
HARRISBURG -- On September 6, 2002, the witness reports seeing three lights in a triangular formation that were lit for about two seconds then disappeared, reappeared in a different straight up and down formation for about two seconds and disappeared. This happened about 3 times until the view was cut off by trees as we drove. My Mother who was about four miles away also witnessed the lights in a straight line like three headlights in the sky. The lights were brighter than anything else in the sky, but then they disappeared and reappeared in a different formation, so I knew it wasn't a crashing plane. It was eerie. This is something my girlfriend, and my Mom had ever witnessed.
HYDETOWN/TOWNVILLE -- The witness was driving home on Route 77 west on September 12, 2002, at 7:30 PM, and came atop a hill with a great view of the horizon. He saw five objects that were larger than planets all lined up vertically. There were also two moving objects approaching the other five. The objects were seen during daylight/dusk hours and stayed in the same relative spot for over half hour. I believe if they had been jets or planes they would have disappeared from view sooner. These objects were all bright and standing out in a mainly clear and bright sky.
NORTHUMBERLAND -- More details are coming out about the craft seen on Montour Ridge on August 6, 2002, at 5:30 AM in the morning by a farmer and three fishermen on the Susquehanna River. It was at the very top of the mountain on the western end, just hovering above the power lines. The farmer said, "He could see some sparks flying from the tower and dropping to the ground. The whole incident lasted about 10 minutes, then it got very bright and took off very low heading west, then it stopped and went straight up, it was gone in seconds. The horses on the farm were very upset and nervous for about 12 hours." It was round and very still over the lines. Suddenly it moved what looked like a few hundred feet to the East, it stopped and a beam of blue and white light shined to the ground. He saw what appeared to be a man suspended in the light, he was being pulled up head first, he was moving his arms slowly in the light? What looked like a man was pulled up into the bottom of the craft. A few seconds later the craft started shuddering, then went west very fast, stopped briefly, and then flew straight up and out of sight. Two days later a young man was found dead not far away. The man had driven his vehicle up the mountain looking for deer signs at around 5:00 AM. His 4 wheeler was two miles from where his body was found in thick brush. The Blood hounds never got a scent past the 4 wheeler.
The Daily Item Newspaper report by Marcia Moore reports: Northumberland Investigators are still awaiting toxicology results to determine what killed a 39-year-old Northumberland County man found in the woods near his home last month. Point Township police began investigating the death of Todd Sees after his body was discovered Aug. 5 in a wooded area at the western base of Montour Ridge about 150 yards from his house. An autopsy failed to conclude a cause of death and toxicology tests were ordered. "Right now we're on hold until we get the test results," Point Township Police Chief Gary Steffen said Tuesday. The blood tests are expected to take another four or five weeks, he said. "It's just a waiting game," Steffen said. "Something certainly caused his death. The answer has to be in the blood." Sees was reported missing on the afternoon of Aug. 4, hours after he left his home on an ATV to go scouting for deer on Montour Ridge. A family member found the ATV about two miles from his home, but there was no sign of Sees. About 200 volunteers, along with tracking dogs and searchers in helicopters, looked for the missing man for several hours. About 30 hours after he went missing, Sees' relatives stumbled upon his body in a densely wooded area of the ridge about 150 yards from his house. Northumberland County Coroner James Kelley said the autopsy revealed Sees had been dead between 24 hours to 36 hours, but found no signs of trauma or of coronary disease. MUFON is investigating. Thanks to Peter Davenport <>NUFORC
BALTIMORE WASHINGTON INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT -- Two people who live near the airport saw a strange cylinder shaped craft with bright lights on September 13, 2002, at 11:10 PM. They stated, "We are used to seeing aircraft, but there wasn't a glare from the UFO lights like normal lights, that is why it caught our eyes at first ." After about ten-second the cylinder craft disappeared completely. I have 20/10 vision and could not make out where the craft had gone. There were no clouds where the craft had been and it was still mostly light out. It got skinnier and disappeared without a trace. The person I was with asked if I saw it also? Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC
BROOKSVILLE -- They came from different directions September 4, 2002, about 8:30 PM, and met in the middle, but never touched. They stayed in one spot then each went back the way they came, all but one went to the east. It flew slowly like it was just cruising for may be three minutes, then it flew like a shot east! You could see them very good! There were airplanes flying around. Two 707s were headed for Tampa and this helped us to see the spheres were higher than the planes. Thanks Peter Davenport <>NUFORC
COCOA BEACH -- "It was September 19, 2002, when the witness at 9 PM, went outside to smoke a cigarette and saw what he thought were F-16 fighters. The witness said, "I live near NASA and a military base so its not unusual. I watched three bright white lights go from parallel to vertical within a half second which made me pay even more attention. The lights started heading west towards me so I stood and awaited them to fly over. I used to be a flight attendant and live with an airline captain. The three lights approached slowly then stopped exactly above my house and I was able to see it was one craft not three. It was not noisy until it was above me. I watched in disbelief as it hovered above me for roughly 50 seconds. The craft was Triangular/Chevron and was about 500 feet above me. When the craft disappeared I called the Police and reported my sighting. A couple minutes later, I heard sirens from both police and fire department and within 40 minutes saw a helicopter land in the vicinity of where I had first seen the light dancing. I felt pure awe." Thanks to Sue Darroch, Para Researchers of Ontario,
NEWBERRY -- A truck driver was sitting in parking lot at 3:28 AM, when his attention was drawn to an extremely bright object moving rapidly in the southern sky on September 12, 2002. It was a bit smaller than a full Moon. It was 8 degrees above the horizontal plane near the southern horizon, and it traversed 7 degrees in one-second. The object was descending at a 45 degree angle, traveling from right to left, from the vantage point of the witness. Thanks Peter Davenport
GERMANTOWN - The bright silver and disk like object descended strait down from a white cloud toward the ground at high speed on September 8, 2002, at 7:10 PM. It turned gray with slight tan color showing slightly on top. The witness took a hasty picture with his digital camera as the object disappeared into low altitude cloud clutter. The sun had recently set, but clouds at least 6000 feet were still being illuminated as was the object during initial fall. An airliner passed through the cloud within a few seconds. The image shows a small crown of clutter on top and a very large cloud of disturbed atmosphere underneath the saucer skirt. Thanks Peter Davenport <>NUFORC
WILLERNIE/STILLWATER -- The couple were driving down the road when they spotted two balls of light in the southwest sky on September 3, 2002, The two decided to follow and came to a clearing about 10:30 PM, when the balls started moving towards each other almost like they were going to collide with one another. They got so close to each other that we could only see one ball of light as they were passing each other. After they passed each other, the one on the left disappeared. The one moving to the right stopped and circled up and down and left or right. It was changing colors from red to white to an almost glowing blue/green and it looked like it was spinning. We watched it hover for 15 to 20 minutes. We were in awe as we had never seen anything like it before. Thanks to Peter Davenport
GRAND JUNCTION -- The witness wrote, "I was driving east on I-70 near the turnoff to horizon drive at Grand Junction on September 20, 2002, and saw two fireballs side by side turning and twisting to my left viewing area." Many cars were slowing down to look at this event at 8:15 PM. My wife thought a plane was in trouble and about crash near Walker Field and the balls of light were being discharged toward the ground during this twisting and turning light show. Thanks to Peter Davenport <>NUFORC
SPOKANE -- I am writing to update you on the continuing and regular sightings of unexplained aircraft and lights in the night skies that began in early February 2002. The sightings have occurred nearly every night since that time. The activity appears to be cyclical, in that there will be a day or two of intense activity (10 or more objects per night), followed by several days of sporadic activity (1 to 3 objects per night). All of this activity is focused on or near Tower Mountain - a large hill about 15 miles SE of Spokane upon which sit a number of radio and television towers, as well as some large microwave transmitters. I have observed a variety of craft including balls of light, with no other discernible features. These objects tend to flare to incredible brightness when they stop and reverse direction. No sound is associated with these objects. 
I have also observed a variety of craft which sound like jet aircraft, but which do not perform or have the flight characteristics of large jet aircraft. I have observed these craft fly over my location, and appear much like a commercial passenger jet. However, I have then observed them turn toward the towers, flying below, and sometimes between the towers at a very slow speed -- then change direction, descend and disappear at the base of one of the towers. I am sure that there are no runways up there -- particularly one large enough to accommodate a large jet aircraft. On occasion I have also observed what appear to be a boomerang or "V" shaped aircraft. I have also observed lights or craft rise up from the area and fly away. I also invite anyone who has any information or comments to contact me at the email address below. Thanks to ESS
Within the last week I have also noted some activity of what must be some new type of helicopter. At night it operates with only a bright red strobe which flashes erratically, and it is very quiet when compared with a regular helicopter. I have noticed it flying in the vicinity of Tower Mountain. But I want to stress that even though it appears to be a new type of helicopter, I can still identify it as such. I am not able to identify the other lights and objects I have described above. I am also going to include my email address at the end of this mail and make an urgent request for assistance from any reputable investigator who would be willing to research this ongoing pattern of sightings. I have done my best to document what has been going on In my view, this could be -- and I stress could be, because I don't know what is going on -- a very real and serious national security risk. See photos at: <>FF UFO CENTER PHOTOS
VANCOUVER ISLAND, BC -- On September 10, 2002, it displayed a somewhat circular shaped outline with changing vibrant colors of purple to green to blue then solid blue with red glow on trailing edge. At 10:50 PM, a bright white light came into view changing to a bright color changing disk with neon blue and a red trailing edge. It moved overhead in a westerly direction slower than a meteorite with stark and bright colors. Then the object disappeared.
HOUSTON, BC -- The witness clearly saw a cylinder shape object that was shiny and metallic flying near her farm. She video taped the object as it was heading away at 7 PM, on August 23, 2002. She caught a large bright light heading down behind the trees. Brian Vike reviewed the video that looked like a meteor in a TV movie where it is heading towards Earth with a contrail from the tip. It also had another very short tail coming out the back end, right in the center. It gave the impression of the flames coming from a fighter aircraft. The object was massive, and very bright moving across the sky rather slowly. A half hour later, she video taped another "large bright white" object rise up from behind the Telkwa Mountain range moving to the top, hovering and moving along the top of the range. She filmed until it went down behind the tress. Thanks to Brian Vike HBCC
RIO CUARTO, CÓRDOBA -- UFOs were spotted on September 7, and 9, 2002, A family traveling in a pickup truck near Cerro Aspero began noticing a "very intense red light in the sky at about 10:30 PM, "It was like an intense red beam...there were other flashes of great brightness behind it, which drew our attention." The front section of the luminous object had something resembling an arch of light, as though it were a circle of energy." The head of the family stated, At no time did his family feel fear, if they wanted to hurt us, they could have" The sighting lasted for several minutes and the object gave the impression that it was about to fall on top of us, but it headed toward the hills of Sampacho. For some years now, this region of southern Córdoba province has been the source of anomalous nocturnal manifestations. Recently, intensification of alleged UFO appearances occurred with three significant cases reported. In Chaján the witness claims he stood eleven meters away from an object which he reckons "was 200 meters long." Thanks to Scott Corrale Translation (C) 2002.
BRÜHL -- On September 13, 2002, the witness was standing at his roof window smoking a cigarette, and saw five lights slightly red in color over Southwest Germany. These were definitely not aircraft nor satellites. These lights were much brighter than a plane at altitude and they were moving, slowly to the south. The first formation was forming a 'W-shape' very similar to Cassiopeia. Then, the lowest object moved away from the other objects and disappeared. The higher three lights were moving from a triangle to a line. The right light was following the other two, by moving in a similar direction, while fading. The last 2 lights were first moving into each other, nearly forming a single bright light. The whole scene lasted ten minutes. Thanks to Peter Davenport
Residents of the towns of Kadima and Rishon Letzion have reported numerous sightings of UFOs for the last ten years. Some people have even claimed that UFOs have landed on their lawns. Circles were found on the landing sites, and Ufologists discovered silver-colored metal pieces and a red oil-like substance. Analysis of the substances showed that the silver-colored metal was pure silicon, which does not exist in nature. Cadmium was found in the oil. People also claim they saw tall baldheaded creatures coming out of the flying objects that rushed into houses, acting very aggressively. Hanna Sameh from the settlement of Burgatu could see her barking dog raised in the air; then it flew by the window and slammed into a wall. Hanna opened the door in order to see a tall, bald man. Who stated, "Your dog was bothering me, as you are now and I can do the same to you; get out of here!"
Rishon Letzion, saw a strange flash and opened the door and bumped into tall creatures. They were wearing shiny gray clothes. Their faces were covered with a luminous haze. Kasatini shut the door but fell seriously ill for two days. He was given a medical examination, but the doctors did not find the reason for his mysterious illness. Aliens were seen in the settlement of Moshe Poret and destroyed all the domestic animals. Memuneh Guet found her little dog whining on the floor, someone had ripped his eyes out and the dog died several minutes later. Then the woman rushed to her barn and found all of her sheep dead. Someone drilled little holes in their heads. During 1995-1996, Israeli drivers were often the victims of aggressive aliens. Dozens of incidents have been reported since 1993. Thanks to Pravda Anomalia.Ru Translated by Dmitry Sudakov   
PHILADELPHIA -- UFO specialist Mike Luckman says, "UFOs seem to follow Mick Jagger," who is in concert this week with the Rolling Stones, Mick and his friend Marianne Faithful saw a rare, cigar-shaped mother ship while camping at Glastonbury Tor in England in 1968. Mick kept setting off a UFO alarm whenever he left one of his estates in England," the author of "Close Encounters of a Musical Kind," (Pocket Books) said. At the Rolling Stones' notorious 1969 concert in Altamont, California, one UFO was even caught on tape. "You can see the crowd turning away from the stage and looking up at the sky, I have quite a few reports of UFOs showing up at other concerts. The music seems to attract them," Luckman is trying to cash in on music and aliens by producing a "Signal to Space: Countdown to Contact" concert next year at a yet-to-be-named outdoor amphitheater. "It is not inconceivable that we may get a message that will prove once and for all that we are not alone in the universe," he said. Thanks to Page Six, and the UFO Data Exchange at
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