Government Is Covering Up
UFO Evidence, Group Says
By Julia Duin
The Washington Times

(Note - Included below are comments from Physicist Jack Sarfatti and UFO Magazine Director of Research, Don Ecker)
The U.S. government has been covering up evidence of extraterrestrial visits for more than 50 years, an array of 20 retired Air Force, Federal Aviation Administration and intelligence officers said Wednesday.
They demanded Congress hold hearings on what they say is long-standing secret U.S. involvement with UFOs and extraterrestrials.
Calling it the "greatest secret of the 20th century," the officials, who termed themselves "witnesses" of UFO-related events, described a series of military investigations they said they saw: crashes of alien spacecraft, bodies of alien beings, secret government documents, even James Bond-style "erasures" of people who knew too much.
JS: Serious charge, "erasures".
"The individuals who have these sightings range from airline pilots and military pilots to police officers, some of the people your lives depend on, on a daily basis," retired Air Force Lt. Col. Charles Brown told a roomful of skeptical reporters.
"They are very reputable, dependable people," he said.
"The field is filled with hoaxes and scams," said Dr. Steven Greer, director of the Disclosure Project, which had gathered the witnesses. "But it doesn´t mean all of it is."
The 20 witnesses, he said, were a fraction of the 400 people who are willing to testify under oath and under congressional immunity about a secretive portion of the government they say has gone out of control.
UFOs have long fascinated Americans, including several U.S. presidents. Webster L. Hubbell, a former associate attorney general under President Clinton, has described in an autobiography his unsuccessful quest to determine government involvement in the topic.
John Callahan, a former FAA division chief of accidents and investigations, said he was directed by CIA officers to cover up a Nov. 18, 1986, incident involving a UFO and a Japanese airliner near Anchorage, Alaska.
"We were all sworn to secrecy that this event never happened," he said.
Michael Smith, a former U.S. Air Force air traffic controller stationed near Klamath Falls, Ore., in the 1960s and early 1970s, reported seeing a UFO hovering at 80,000 feet one night.
"I was told you keep it to yourself," he said. "NORAD [North American Aerospace Defense Command] called me one night to say there´s a UFO coming up the California coastline. I asked them what to do. They said nothing, not to write it down."
After he was stationed at another military base in Michigan, UFOs were so close to one landing strip, he said, that two incoming B-52s had to be steered around them.
(JS: Above reports are credible and I would bet are true.)
The Disclosure Project, a Crozet, Va.-based research organization that has been gathering government witnesses for several years, says its reason for going public is because the U.S. government has long had information on anti-gravity propulsion systems.
(JS: This is probably true. But what is also true is that the people who have these captured alien machines are completely clueless on how they really work. At most they play with them without understanding the physics behind them.)
These have been retrieved from downed spacecraft, such as those from a purported crash in Roswell, N.M., in July 1947.
These propulsion systems, which would use electromagnetic and "zero point energy state" technology
(JS: Maybe. I know Hal Puthoff, for example, has not yet been able to come up with any such practical zero point energy technology. I would bet that no one in the Black Ops tech world has either.)
to produce vast amounts of energy without any pollution, would drastically change the world´s oil-based economy. Such energy sources would not require damming the world´s rivers or building power plants, transmission lines or other expensive infrastructures needed to produce electricity for the world´s 6 billion inhabitants.
(JS: This is a dream not a reality. We do not have this technology on the shelf as yet. Any one who claims that is either deliberately spreading disinformation/misinformation or has no real knowledge or competence about what they are talking about.)
Such electro-gravitic technology would also allow people to travel totally above the ground, rendering roads obsolete.
(JS: Silly. I can just see my 83 year old Jewish mother in Flatbush, Brooklyn wanting to fly around the streets. Sure kids who ride skateboards would love it, but not the older folk.)
Several witnesses talked of incredible speeds demonstrated by these crafts, estimated by radar technicians to be more than 10,000 miles an hour. The fastest known speed of a man-made aircraft is 3,000 miles an hour.
(JS: Yes, this is true. What we have here is a mixture of truth and lies.)
But information on extraterrestrial speeds is never made public, said Daniel Sheehan, counsel for Project Disclosure. Even the Vatican Library, he said, has hidden information on UFOs.
(JS: Probably true.)
Donna Hare, a NASA design illustrator with secret clearance, said UFOs were routinely airbrushed out of high altitude photos of the Earth before being released to the public.
(JS: Probably true.)
"We always airbrush them out before we release them to the public," one technician told her. Curious, she began asking around the agency.
"A guard told me he was asked to burn some photographs and not to look at them," she said. "And there was another guard guarding him, watching him burn the photographs. He looked at one and it was a picture of a UFO and he immediately was hit in the head and had a big gash in his forehead."
Apollo astronauts, she said, had spotted UFOs, but they "are told to keep this quiet and not to talk about it," she said. One of them, Edgar Mitchell, who walked on the moon as part of the Apollo 14 team, is a witness for Project Disclosure.
Karl Wolf, an Air Force sergeant who was assigned to the National Security Agency, said that mysterious structures were discovered on the far side of the moon when the United States was mapping its surface before the 1969 lunar landing. Those photos too were culled out of the public record.
(JS: Important allegation.)
The Pentagon does not comment on UFOs, except to say they do not exist and that such objects really are high altitude balloons, swamp gas or military aircraft.
Despite the government´s refusal to discuss the issue, several witnesses have also told of being stationed at military bases or near silos containing nuclear missiles when a UFO swung by. Afterward, military officers would discover the missiles had been temporarily deactivated.
(JS: Probably true.)
From Don Ecker Director of Research UFO Magazine 5-12-1
"Close to 10 years ago I and my wife, editor of UFO Magazine, met Dr. Steve Greer for the first time. Greer was just becoming active in UFOs, was in So. California, and called us up to have lunch. We must not have hit it off because that was "my" last contact with him, though not my last contact with his group CSETI. You see, at the start Greer laid out his feelings that all UFOs and ETs had to be good--no hostility or "evil intent" anywhere visible in his worldview. I maintained--rather forcefully, in retrospect--that we just didn't have enough information yet to make that judgement.
If I recall correctly, I believe I said something to the effect of, "You know, Steve, friends don't come calling at 4 a.m., abduct you out of bed, carry you off and do things to you (invasive things to your body) then carry you back where you are unceremoniously dumped back into bed with nary a word of explanation!" I think (if I remember correctly) he answered that with the analogy of a trauma doctor working on a child hurt in a accident, where the child may not know why the doctor is doing the hurtful things he is to save the kid's life. Yeah, well that may be true for a child hurt in a traffic accident, but that still does not have a damned thing to do with abductions and the hundreds of people I have interfaced with over the years who just wish that it would QUIT! Whatever IT is.
Over the years, I have watched, sometimes with great amusement, some of the antics of CSETI: Taking groups of people out into the country, flashing lights into the sky, "wishing" ET to drop down and land so they can all go for a ride. Greer passing out boarding numbers for the would-be interstellar travelers and the folks, many of whom walked away disillusioned, claiming that it seemed Greer was too tied up in his ego and the "insiders" that he claimed to know.
Me? I don't know, I wasn't there, and like I said, Greer and I have not talked in years. However, I have heard him speak any number of times and found some of his assertions way, way over the edge. You may wonder what I mean, and to answer that I just have to recount one time when Greer stated that the President of the United States was out of the UFO loop, but he himself (Dr. Steven Greer) was in the loop. I digress. ...
... Today, of course, the world is more dangerous than ever. Why? For one thing, during the last administration the Communist Chinese garnered more intelligence and nuclear secrets from sloppy handling and American traitors than they could have developed themselves in 25 or 30 years. Rogue states like North Korea, Iraq, Iran and God knows who else, either have or will soon have atomic weapons. Should we be prepared to defend this nation with a missile shield or defend our military and civilian satellites, if need be? Your damned right we should. Just let ONE nuclear-tipped missile launch and hit anywhere in the United States and then watch it all fall apart."
Want another example?
Today it is believed that there were AT LEAST five or so major extinction events on Planet Earth. Big and nasty rocks from the sky fell on Earth and completely reshaped it, killing most everything alive when doing so. We all know about the mass extinction 65 million years ago which opened up the road for us mammals to take over from the reptiles. Well, Ms. Rosin, what if we suddenly discovered this was going to happen again in, oh let's say, 25 or 30 years? Or what about 5 or 10 years, or what about next year? Would you like a nice, new defensive space weapons system? We discover Near Earth Objects all the time, and so far we have been lucky. I was very lucky in Viet Nam right up to the point that I wasn't. But, hey that is small potatoes. What if suddenly North Korea got a REAL WILD HAIR up their ass and decided, what the hell they don't much care for us anyway, but then neither does Saddam. And none of them like Israel. What happens if somebody decides to make Israel glow in the dark? You would be very naive to think that we could stay out of it. As a matter of fact, I am positive that one or more of our intelligence services would have advance knowledge of such an event. I will not say how, but they are a lot more "with it" than people like Rosin will acknowledge.
But, then, there IS the ET angle, the last but least likely reason for weapons in space. Granted, this is the tough one. Greer maintains that for over 50 years there has been no world-wide ET attack, and that is true. But before our entry into World War Two because of Pearl Harbor, there were no major battles but there sure as hell was a lot of shooting. Ever hear of the USS Panay? Did you know we were depth charging German subs before December 7, 1941? Did you know we had military pilots flying under the Chinese flag killing Japanese pilots in China? My point is there were many skirmishes, just like there have been many skirmishes with UFOs. Not all of these encounters were hostile, of course, but we have learned in 50 years that it is often fatal to tangle with them.Yet if you believe some of the stories I have worked on, we have proved to be a force to reckon with also.
To enjoy peace one must be prepared for war. Not a pleasant thought, to be sure, but a true one, nonetheless. And I have found in years past that the "useful idiots" don't often like dealing with the facts of a situation. And even though I applaud Greer for his efforts with the Disclosure Project, I still believe he and Carol Rosin are "useful idiots." - Don Ecker
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