The Linkage Of Psi/PK Activity
And Exposure To UFOs
By David Ring <>
(Note - This commentary relates to Jeff's interview with Keith Basterfield on Friday, 8-18-00 which can be heard in our Archives.)
Hello Jeff,
There are many who have observed the UFO/Psi association that Keith is beginning to explore. But few who have written about it as such or pressed to investigate the connection. I herewith offer my observations as to why that is the case.
One of the earliest to write about such associations (although not under that title) was Brad Steiger. About a decade or more ago he wrote a story about the frequent occurrence of ghosts and UFOs in the same locations. (It really upset me at the time because in my view ghosts were ghosts and UFOs were UFOs and they came from different sources and were VERY different things. I felt the same way about any connection between UFOs and Bigfoot until I read the Psychic Sasquatch and was exposed to other data that supported the possibility of a genuine connection there too.)
Bud Hopkins has noted psi/pk activity that surfaced in several of the cases he has studied, including Debbie of Intruders fame, in the Q & A sessions of some of his UFO conference presentations. The reason he does not write about it as part of the case material is because of the difficulty in showing any sort of cause effect relationship. He does suggest that it might be part of some sort of coping mechanism that some humans exhibit in their efforts to deal with the aftermath of abductions and close encounters. (Other coping activities, excluding denial, include unusual, often educational, dreams and more strong intuative impressions about people, places, etc.)
It has been the policy of MUFON to deliberately exclude any examples of paranormal activity not directly associated with the UFO contact/observation experience. I believe the reasoning behind that policy was two fold.
1. The difficulty of showing any sort of causal relationship with the UFO experience and not being able to prove that the individual might not have possessed a degree of PK potential before the UFO experience(s).
2. In their struggle to establish the legitimacy of the UFO subject as worthy of scientific research and also coming from a nuts and bolts perspective more or less married to the ET hypothesis, the early leadership did not want to be drawn off into questionable areas of investigation that would be frowned upon by the very scientists they were trying to impress and which would require a different set of investigative skills than were then part of their membership's current training.
Note: It was a big thing for the rank and file membership to modify their investigative protocols from the taking of testimony and measurements relating to lights and physical phenomena which was an attempt to get at the physical causes behind UFO working with reports and data derived from "abductees," as they were called at the time, which I feel was marked by considerable naivete. Only the most sophisticated investigators were beginning to get a handle on what was involved there and they were all in a STEEP learning curve over several years. Ray Fowler and Budd Hopkins, due to their intelligence and native skills, may have made it look easy and sound relatively straight forward...I'm sure they would readily agree even today, it was and is anything, BUT that. The UFO controversy that David Jacobs wrote about in his Doctoral thesis continues to this day and has taken on SEVERAL NEW DIMENSIONS...abductions being just one of them.
It is my observation that among the newer researchers a recognition of the presence and interrelationship of UFO activities and paranormal/psi/pk events subsequent and/or prior to an encounter or sighting ought to be recorded as part of the overall pattern of life changes in cases where there has been alien/UFO interaction with the individual.
Note: When I first began to study the UFO phenomena with renewed intensity about a decade ago I was surprised to learn how many of the individuals who had had UFO sightings or experiences had lived in a house with a ghost or had had some kind of prior paranormal experience or were in the process of exploring their paranormal powers via programs like "A Course in Miracles," transcendental meditation, yoga, OBE training.
MUFON has not made specific provision for such data on its' case forms yet, but I think it is just a matter of time before they do.
Parapsychologists (may their tribe increase) are loath to bring up the topic of UFOs, crop circles, etc. in connection with their research of ghosts, poltergiests, etc. because they do not want their research to be tainted with the wierdness that comes with being linked to the UFO research community. You must be aware that due to very effective "govt." UFO disinformation programs, the topic of UFO research has never had the academic legitimacy, which the study of the paranormal was able to obtain. Now, even that seems to have gone out of fashion, as academic institutions offering opportunities for psi/pk research are becoming fewer and fewer.
It is those underlying attitudes and circumstances that are the reason that there is so little in the way of interdisciplinary studies which look at the relationship between UFO exposure and the development of or subsequent experience of PK/PSI events.
I would encourage Keith to pursue his research. In the meantime you would enjoy reading Barry Taff's web book on "UFOs above, Ghosts below," if you have not already done so. There is actually very little case material in there that has both phenomena, as the title might seem to imply, but it is a great read.
I submit that Whitley Streiber has written about the many subsequent paranormal experiences he has had, which he feels somehow may derive from his expanding consciousness, which was brought about by 'the alien influence' and his efforts to come to terms with his perceived abduction experiences. If you asked him, I think he would strongly assert the existance of such an association, but couldn't tell you the basis for it, unless he felt it was somehow symptomatic of the temporal lobe epilepsy or sensitivity that he suspected he might have, or have had. His doctor has relieved him of most of his concerns about that, but he has mentioned some kind of scar in that area, as I recall.
Still MORE RESEARCH needs to be done to tease out just where these energies come from and the nature of their interactions with human beings that contribute to the origin of the physical/mental phenomena that they directly experience, or which happen in their vicinity.
I hope that this will provide some insight into the unfolding discovery that UFOs are just part of a larger spectrum of paranormal phenomena that may encompass many of the mysteries that we originally thought were unrelated and deserved different kinds of investigation and categorizaton, but now require investigators to expand their field of view in order to be able to comfortably pass back and forth over the artificial borders erected during a prior more myopic mindset.
Kind regards,
David Ring

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