Two UK Ufolgists Homes
Targeted By Burglars
From Tim Matthews <>
Dear All,
I'm the first to criticize the overly paranoid rantings of worldwide Ufology but when a successful burglary takes place at one house and a failed effort is reported at another house some 45 miles away the next day - and both houses belong to Ufologists - then it gets you thinking!
Last Saturday morning I foiled an attempted break-in at our house.
I was assisted by a friend of mine who lives down the road and who, amongst other things, happens to be ex-forces like me. He also owns two rather nasty Rottweilers. During the night, at around 4am, two men were seen approaching our house. They tried to gain entry through a neighbour's garden - but failed largely because of the Rottweilers (!), our dogs and the alertness of my ex-para colleague.
All very odd.
Later on 'somebody' came across the road and let the tyres down on our car....
Curiouser and Curiouser.
The next night, Sunday morning, as if by magic, Eric Morris's house in Northwich was burgled - successfully this time. Guess what was stolen? Some inexpensive electrical goods and approximately 300 UFO files!!!!
Eric and his wife had been out that night working. Only four people knew this..........Eric, his wife, one person at work and one other.
Strange that. I don't think that UFO files - some over 20 years old and the focus for a future book - are particularly good currency on the black market these days. The files included things we'd be jointly working on, most importantly research into the activities of the NSA whose semi-legal status here in the UK has been an increasing focus for interest by MPs, investigative journalists and other small groups of concerned citizens.
Amongst the material missing were photographs and files relating to the former "Spook Tower" at Capenhurst, Cheshire, that we recently exposed on the 'Net, photographs of claimed UFO 'landing sites', detailed files on the RAF St. Mawgan sightings that Eric investigated years ago (some evidence from which has already been borrowed permanently, it is claimed, from Eric by none other than "Dr." Armen Victorian) and all kinds of similar stuff.
What is even more interesting is what WASN'T stolen from Eric's house - and this has been of great interest to local Police whose database has Eric down as a Special Branch 'flag' (this appears to indicate that for some unknown reason they're interested in his activities....). The local cops visited the next morning (Sunday) and SOCCO (Scenes of Crime) also came along. Their conclusion; a very professional job - no prints - and, altogether, a most unusual event.
The "burglars" didn't steal Eric's pager, his wife's expensive jewellery, some £500 in loose cash, new radios, CD players, a £1,500 computer, scanner, printer - all new a few months ago - or anything similar. It seems no exaggeration to argue that the files were the target and that the old clapped-out video machine stolen was a cover.......
None of Eric's medical kit (he's a Registered General Nurse) was touched.
Even more unusually, neighbours in both our streets claim to have seen two youngish men in a dark - coloured car in the immediate vicinity during the week before the crime. Where I live, these things are noticed. Whilst there are burglaries locally the incidence in my area has fallen drastically largely due to our local HomeWatch scheme - and, how can I put it, our hands on approach to the few petty drug-dealers......
People here are very vigilant. They have to be.....
The Police in Northwich noted that there hadn't been a burglary in Eric's street, Greenall Rd, for over 12 months and that his was one of the better defended properties. They assigned the incident a crime number, which is standard procedure, and they don't hold out much hope for the return of Eric's files.
Perhaps my three dogs also encouraged our burglars to give us a miss. Pity. I could have introduced them to the pleasures of the terrier breed!
For further details you can contact Eric on (01606) 330567 or write to him at 78 Greenall Rd, Northwich, Cheshire CW9 5RN.
If, by any remote chance, you've been offered 300 UFO research files in buff-coloured holders, you know what to do! In the next few days I'm installing security cameras and a new security is Eric.
The Cosmic Joker, Luck, Chance, Synchronicity or a deliberate act? It is, of course, a strange world we live in! Almost anything is possible....
Answers on a postcard please!
Tim Matthews.