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In a letter entered into the Congressional Record in 1960, retired Admiral Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter, first CIA head, urgently warned Congress to take UFO reports seriously. His concern: misidentifying Unidentified Flying Objects as enemy hostiles could trigger a nuclear response from Cold War adversaries. In 1989, the Soviet Union echoed that concern in a publication, "Soviet Military Review." Today, public opinion polls show that an overwhelming majority of Americans believe the government knows more than it lets on; their conclusion adds to the cynicism corrosive of the trust necessary to democratic institutions. Yet Congress does nothing. In a bold effort to gain congressional attention, the Mutual UFO Network, Inc. is supporting ballot initiatives for next year's elections in various states that permit legislation by direct and indirect initiatives through voter petitions. Voters -- actual voters (people that politicians do heed) -- will be asked to officially proclaim 2000 the Year of UFO Awareness, urging open congressional hearings. (Scores of current and former military personnel, et al., stand ready to present sworn testimony based on personal knowledge, if granted immunity by waiver of security oaths.) Perhaps the New Millennium can afford Congress some political cover to be at least open to the possibilities.
"Direct initiative" produces laws (like a proclamation) when the people directly place (by petition) proposals on the ballot, submit them to the voters, and win their approval. Currently, 16 states offer the direct initiative: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Idaho, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming. "Indirect initiative" produces law when the people submit the proposal to the state legislature during a regular session, and win approval. Seven states offer the indirect initiative: Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, Ohio, Utah, and Washington. "Formidable hurdles, such as gathering tens of thousands of petition signatures, lie ahead," said MUFON international director Walter H. Andrus, Jr. "But if you believe, as MUFON does, that our constitutional republic depends on an informed citizenry, and that the UFO problem has as much political presence as it has scientific promise, then join us in this effort." With chapters in nearly every state and in 45 foreign countries, MUFON, founded in 1969, serves as the world's largest member organization dedicated to the scientific study of UFO reports. Andrus concluded: "Tell your congressman you support this 'UFO ballot initiative.' Tell us, too. Help make a difference." Editor's Note: I was glad to support the initiative.
ROBBINSVILLE -- Plan2trvl writes, "I believe I made a positive UFO sighting on March 6, 1999. The craft appeared west of me just under whatever bright stars there is out there tonight. It traveled west to east, then banked to the south. As it did I saw its underside with four equally bright lights in a pattern, but no red or green lights, and no sound. The sky was clear with broken clouds. Air traffic was heavy since, the McGuire Air Force Base traffic is probably due to Kosovo. Did any one else see this? Thanks to Plan2trvl, 890-6947
KING OF PRUSSIA. A professional investigator and her friend a doctor observed an unidentified object on March 30, 1999, coming back from supper at 10:35 PM. She said, We had a sighting tonight. My friend was with me and he observed the object also. I told him, look up there at 11:00 high. Look at those lights! He said, "It's just a plane." I said, "NO IT'S NOT! When have you seen lights blinking in a circular motion?" "It's a UFO!" He then said, well, it could be a helicopter. Then I told him to look to the right of the object, that's a helicopter. "Well, whatever it is, it is moving fast," he said. I then said, "I rest my case, - right up here in the King of Prussia area again." I have a habit of looking up to the sky at this intersection, you get a good view of the sky. It was headed southwest from King of Prussia towards the airport in Philly. We lost sight of it due to trees. We weren't able to make out a shape, but the lights appeared to be on the bottom of the craft, one white and one red, they were blinking off quickly in a circular rotation. Total duration of the sighting was about 45 seconds. Thanks to J. R. Gillis MUFON Investigator/ResearcherMS 228-897-9012
SOUTHAVEN -- J. Michael Long reports a resident of Southaven, Mississippi saw an unusual flying object that he describes as a "Little Orb." The observer was standing on his driveway at 6:45 PM on or about March 31, 1999. The object was low to the horizon in the northern sky and appeared to wobble. The orb was observed flying around in the sky and changing directions. Thanks to J. Michael Long at
UNIONVILLE -- The Marlette Leader Newspaper by Stacy Langley reports that unusual sightings have been the talk of town and several surrounding communities as residents compare stories and probe officials about the weird light spotted in the skies last week. The past few years, sightings of unidentified objects in the sky have been quite common and without much explanation. Adiel DeBoever said he was the first person to call Tuscola County Central Dispatch around 8:30 p.m. March 16 just after he spotted the lights in the sky hovering over his home. DeBoever said they were bright orange in color and looked to be shining from inside the object. "The lights were not like a spotlight shinning down from the sky, but they were very noticeable," he said. The siting was just one of five reported that night by area residents who say they saw the unidentified flying object(s). DeBoever, who lives on Cottage Drive, says the lights would just blink out of sight and then come back on, but the object seemed to remain in the same place the whole time. DeBoever the lights were half a mile away to the east just above the Department of Natural Resources wetlands when he saw them. "They spanned about the entire length of a football field. There were two sets of light clusters which were bright orange. The larger one could have been further away, he said. When my nephew came out of the house I said, '"Eddie, there's a UFO in the sky' just joking and then the light blinked out, but came on this time." "It appeared to separate into six other lights and they all moved and stopped in the shape of a large triangle object which then appeared to rotate on its axis."
DeBoever wasn't alone in the sightings. Central Dispatch reports a call came in at 8:57 PM from a Juanita Township resident who reported seeing orange lights in the sky. Callers from Novesta, Township Fremont Township and the Fairgrove area followed. The caller described seeing orange lights in the shape of a football field, a Z-shaped formation in the sky. Thanks to Brad Sparks and Jeffrey S. Westover who spoke with TV-5 news reporter Jay Brandow before this sighting was published in the Marlette Leader 3/31/99 and following the TV-5 broadcast. Brandow told me that Selfridge had sent two F-16's into the area."
DEEP RIVER -- Nan Deressa writes that, "My eye was caught by a posting by a college professor in Charleston, SC. He states he saw an elongated Cigar shaped object with lights running the length of the vehicle. This description also fits a sighting in 1991, on Highway 2 west of Duluth, was seen by 6 tourists and a pair of Deputies. It was lit along the mid section and looked like a 'hot dog' bun with the lights sandwiched between the two halves. My mate and I saw the same vehicle up on Co. 4 on the 9th of October 1992. The craft had a black band around the middle and appeared definitely silver metallic with the sun gleaming off the surface. This area is designated Beaver Military Operations Area on aeronautical maps. Thanks to. Manuel Colunga-Hernandez,
TORONTO - A UFO made two more appearances last week near Canada's largest city. On Sunday, March 28, 1999, Aaron W. "was out with a friend in when we saw a glowing orb over the Lakeview Generating Station" located two kilometers from the Toronto city limits at about 8:00 PM. "It was a bright, gold-colored light that hovered for five minutes, then split into five separate lights and disappeared below the horizon," Aaron reported. The following evening at 8:45 PM, he was out again at Lake Ontario on a beach in Rattray Marsh. I looked to the northwest, and I saw a bright red light streak across the sky.
ONTARIO -- UFOs were reported throughout province during March of 1999, with many sightings around Sudbury and Elliot Lake. On March 14, 1999, at 3:40 PM, a motorist driving from Elliot Lake to Provincial Highway 17 "reported seeing a white cone-shaped object moving across the sky from west to east. The front end was squared off. On March 12, 1999, a boy living in Sudbury a city 260 miles north of Toronto, looked out his bedroom window at 10:00 PM, and saw a triangular object in the night sky. It had three colored lights--one at each corner. One light was red and the other two were white. He also noticed a fourth light in the center of the craft--a smaller red light which was moving around in a circular pattern. He said the triangular craft was about as big as an aspirin (held) at arm's length."
GARSON -- On March 13, 1999, a witness saw a big, round object moving slowly across the sky in a northwesterly direction at 1:05 AM. He said, It blinked four times before disappearing and described it as being 'lime green in color, oval-shaped and as large as a garbage can cover held at a distance of 15 feet.' On March 15, 1999, at around 3:00 PM, two men ice-fishing on Dunlop Lake, "saw a glare moving across the sky." They described the UFO as "the object was a lot bigger than a plane" and "it was a silver bullet-type thing." Both the top and the lower halves were reflecting sunlight, he said, but the middle section was blurry." On March 20, 1999, two women driving east on Highway 17 from Sault Sainte Marie "saw what looked like a bright star in the sky at around 3:00 AM. Then it suddenly came down at tremendous speed and flew past their car. The witness, who was in the passenger seat, said that as the large ball of light flew past the car, sparks were shooting off from end to end. She looked back through the rear window to see the object, and it stopped and hovered above the road." Thanks to MUFON Ontario, Sudbury Section, and Errol Bruce-Knapp UFO ROUNDUP Vol. 4 #13 4/4/99, Editor Joe Trainor
For several hours I talked on the phone to k.t. Frankovich, who is an especially credible and well-qualified wild life expert. She is a writer and has made numerous films while traveling around the world to study dangerous animals. In early 1992, she moved into her apartment in South Dade, Florida that had an inscription on the front door, stating "MAY GOD PROTECT US." She was also warned by neighbors, that very scary things go on in the Lime Grove behind her home! k.t. had studied and worked with alligators, snakes, and some of the worlds most dangerous animals. To her standards a lime grove is tame in comparison to swamps and wild jungles. Despite the warnings, she often took her four attack dogs for a walk in the miles of thick trees. Since two dogs are easier to handle, she took two of her attack dogs for a walk at sunset in May of 1992. The grove was abandoned and only sporadically had she seen a few lime-pickers. At dusk, there was never anyone else there. This evening k.t. has the shadows lengthened she saw a few wild rabbits. Then she suddenly felt that someone was watching but she felt protected by her aggressive black Labrador and giant schnauzer. Both dogs seemed to enjoy their walk as they got into the isolated area not far from woods behind the Metro-Zoo. Suddenly, she heard someone chopping down a tree! She stopped and looked around. The dogs did not bark and stood at her side. Normally they bark at the slightest noise. The chopping sound started again and k.t. stated,
"Thirty feet away was the strangest looking creature I had ever seen! Strangely both dogs laid down and put their heads on the ground. The 'being' was alone, and only stood about 4'9" tall. I am 5'3" tall, and with me were my two very large, aggressive dogs. I must have appeared very frightening and intimidating to the strange creature staring back at me. I didn't want to frighten the creature away. I had always loved animals and had never hurt them. They stared at each other for a long time. Neither of them moved nor did the dogs. K.t. sensed, whatever this creature was, it was a male. He had strong muscular legs, and his skin was grayish-pink. It was a smooth texture like a dolphin. It seemed to glisten and appear non-porous. He had dark brown almond shaped eyes. His head was an inverted pear-shape with a narrow chin and no hair. He had a skinny little neck. The mouth, nose and ears were all tiny. His arms were long with no muscle and reminded her of the arms of an orangutan ape. His neck was thinner than ours and again, had no muscle tone. His hands were also like an those of an orangutan ape, but there were 6 long fingers on each on each hand. This was not a homo-sapien or human! Next week we will continue her story. If you can't wait, the rest of the story her story is at: Thanks to k.t. Frankovich, Editors Note: Why were aliens breaking branches of the growing lime trees. They must use them for something, possibly for food because all the branches were taken away. Couple this with the Elk kidnapping case in Washington, cattle mutilations and the like, it appears to me they might be foraging for food or building materials.
MAYEN -- My name is Stephan Marzi, I am 14 years old and come from Mayen in western Germany. On February 11, 1998, I saw an UFO. I filmed it on my videocamera in the afternoon. It was flat and silver. This UFO was filmed at 15x zoom. Editor's Note: We would like to review your video here in the US. Many of the photographs and videos turn out to be inconclusive due to distance, failure to film the background and other technical problems. Thanks to (Stephan Marzi)
Commander William S. Donaldson, a retired US Navy Aviation Mishap Analyst supported by former Admiral Moorer claims that he and his group have proof that a MANPADS (Man Portable Air Defense Systems) or shoulder-fired missile was responsible for downing of Flight 800. He claims they can now prove, before a jury or Congress, that the aircraft was shot down. Donaldson claims that in 1996, surrogates from rogue states had access to in mid-eastern weapons bazaars. $50,000 would buy a Chinese Vanguard, a deadly new long range missile upgraded from US Stinger technology transferred to the Chinese in the early 90's. MANPADS missiles had already claimed 26 civil transport aircraft and was only a matter of time before a US Flag carrier would be targeted and hit. In 1994, Maryland State Police found a fully armed French Mistral MANPADS missile ready to fire under a busy northeastern air route. In 1995, Iranian surrogate's car bombed US troops in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and later smuggled MANPADS missiles into the US from across the Canadian border. Iranian officials warned the Administration that they considered enactment of the Iran/Libya Sanctions Act tantamount to an act of war! The Iranian Supreme Council approved attacks on major American targets. In June of 1996, a huge truck bomb was deployed against the US Air Force barracks complex at Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia. Three weeks later, TWA Flight 800 was shot down only hours after an explicit warning of an attack was received in London and Washington. Despite overwhelming forensic evidence of a weapon impact in the number two main tank of the left wing and witness testimony of a missile attack, the Administration would not fund military missile experts or allow the FBI to trawl for missile parts until after the November 1996 elections. Thanks to Commander William S. Donaldson Read the entire amazing document at:
Ted Phillips responded to my questions concerning the February Elk abduction by a UFO in Washington State. With a database of 4,000+ trace events, one clearly sees three primary types of objects reported. The Elk case (a very, very interesting event) falls right into the Group 1.....Small hemispherical objects, 4 to 12 feet in diameter, 4 to 5 feet thick, glowing brightly at night, showing a metallic surface in daylight. These objects rarely touch the ground but remain stationary 1 to 5 feet above ground surface. External details, such as "vents" or "extensions" have been reported. They are reported as silent, humming, whistling, rumbling (at hover). This type of object leaves traces such as 4 to 12 ft rings which are burnt or dehydrated. Tree damage has been reported. Animal & human reaction (sometimes quite extreme reactions) are often reported. This type of trace related object clearly is quite similar to the Elk object, I've tried to obtain all details possible on this case-with little luck so far. As far as weight estimates--that's a tough one as they don't touch ground.
The Delphos, Kansas and Langenburg, Saskatchewan objects (to name but a few) were quite similar in description. The comment I received the object was only slightly larger than the elk would indicate a diameter of around 8 feet, I would like to see a sketch of the elk object in order to see if the thickness would be around 5 feet. I find this case of tremendous interest as it seems to fit the Group 1 so closely. As far as abductions and trace cases--no I have not seen any direct links in the high strangeness cases, the Delphos case would come closest. Before the elk I started looking into levitation cases involving traces and have numerous events in which humans, animals, and vehicles were lifted or at least an attempt was made to lift these items. It would appear that the "little guys" are not so smart after all as they seem to have lots of problems lifting such objects from the ground (as indicated with the elk). Thanks to Ted Phillips at (Ted Phillips)
Many of my friends doubt the existence of UFOs. I asked that they listen to Sam Sherman's audio documentary tape called THE EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE ENCOUNTER. Sam took authentic voice recordings from the Department of the Air Force, Air Technical Intelligence at Wright Patterson Air Force Base. They provided recordings of declassified audio records on a UFO event that took place at Edwards Air Force Base in California on the night of October 7, 1965. It was given the code name: "The Incident." During this event 12 high tech luminous UFOs invaded secure air space and came down low over the runways at Edwards AFB, where tower operator Chuck Sorrels spotted them and notified the Western Air Defense Command. I have met and spoken to Sorrels who is heard on the original tapes and in a new segment in which he verifies the event as is heard on the archival recordings. What is heard are actual military personnel, including pilots in planes, spotting the luminous "UFOBs" and deciding a course of action! F-106 Interceptors are sent up after the objects by the base UFO officer. The UFOs are heard to clearly evade the planes at 40,000 foot altitude. My friends were surprised learn there had been UFO Officers and valid chases of these craft. Hear it for yourself, its probably the best tape ever made and its record of a real event. THE EDWARDS AIR FORCE ENCOUNTER, with Chuck Sorrels present, was used to brief members of Congress about the UFO reality. I suggest you play them loud on your hi-fi stereo in a darkened room for maximum effect. The cost of the tape is $14.95 each plus $2.00 for shipping -- total $16.95 -- the buyer can send either a personal check or money order to: INDEPENDENT INTERNATIONAL, Box 565, Dept. GF, Old Bridge, New Jersey 08857. This a great tape to listen to with your friends. Have a party!
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