Chupacabras Kills Six
Cats In Chilean Town
From Scott Corrales

Six families from Tocopila (Chile) will no longer be able to greet their pets. In the grim morning hours of Monday, a tragic event took the lives of six cats who died with strange marks reminiscent of the ones inflicted by the mythic Chupacabras.

This event can be added to the series of encounters which have occurred in Tocopila in recent months, and which have featured the gruesome discovery of animals carcasses featuring marks similar to those made by a vampire, only larger.

During the possible attack by this entity, which occured in the early morning hours of Monday, six cats were attacked on a city street, namely the intersection of 3ª Poniente and Placilla Sur, from where the cats were mysteriously scattered in different parts of this sector.

The events occurred between 01.30 and 03 hours in the morning, when according to witnesses, they could hear the caterwauling of a number of cats. Dogs, it was remarked, were notably absent.

Local residents became aware that the animals were dead and that all of their fur was soaking wet; two large perforations disfigured their sides.

Faced with these facts, residents reacted with a mixture of astonishment and incredulity in the face of a possible attack by Chupacabras.

This is how Marisol and Marjorie saw it, after having heard unusual noises the morning on which the events took place.

"There are many cats here, but the noises they were making at the time were very strange, since it resembled the crying of small children. I wasn't able to sleep, and at that time the events drew my attention, but I didn't want to go out and look. In the morning, when I did look, I saw the cats were dead. I don't know what to believe, but I'd have to see the Chupacabras in order to believe it," she said.

Don Jaime was directly affected by this possible visit from the Chupacabras: he found two cats dead in his own back yard, bearing identical marks. "At night I heard something similar to a cat fight, which didn't trouble me. What I did find strange was that the dogs that were also in the back yard wheedled for a moment and went silent. I don't understand it, because my cats didn't go out to the street, yet also turned up dead."

In spite of this, there is a considerable calm among the local residents who didn't see anything, but have heard the activity involving stray dogs and cats.

Translation (C) 2001 Scott Corrales Institute of Hispanic Ufology Special Thanks to Jaime Ferrer Calama UFO Center, Chile


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