Roswell Vs The Critics
George A. Filer
Director, Mutual UFO Network
Eastern MUFON Skywatch Investigations
Filer's Files #19

Skywatch International Inc. Executive Director Bill Hamilton reports he drove105 miles to the MUFON Orange County to hear the presentation by Roswell researcher Don Schmitt. Don said, "Almost fifty-five years and four explanations have past and still the Roswell crash of 1947 remains one of the greatest mysteries of all time. Within recent years there has been a proliferation of anti-Roswell books that are not only debunking, but resort to nothing less than pure character assassination. If the critics have won the day why do they see the need to continue the fight in light of their apparent victory? Or is it all intended to stall for time as the remaining witnesses are quickly passing on? In the summer of 1947, an interplanetary craft of unknown origin crashed in the high desert region of southeastern New Mexico during a severe thunder-and-lightning storm near the small town of Corona. A local sheep rancher found its strange debris - and something else - while riding his horse.
Whether by mistake or by intention, the Army Air Force first declared that they had recovered a "flying saucer", and that they were shipping it to "higher headquarters" for scrutiny. Within hours they said that the 509th Command in Roswell and the local rancher were wrong - that what they had found was nothing more than a weather balloon and a tin-foil radar target. To enforce this new version of the story, the Air Force resorted to witness-tampering and intimidation: monetary rewards, new duty assignments and security oaths to silence witnesses.
Since then, the Air Force has admitted that they lied back in 1947 with their weather balloon story. They now say that the debris was the remains of a rubber balloon and tin-foil radar target from a then Top Secret project - Project Mogul - which was trying to detect Soviet nuclear detonations by means of high-altitude, balloon-borne, acoustic-sensors. A Top Secret project - yes, but the balloon and radar targets were still the same as bise to spare no expense, to leave no stone unturned and to follow every lead until the truth is known. World War II veterans are expiring at the rate of 1,500 each day. Time is, therefore, of the essence. There were new fascinating things learned weekly.
1) About 2-1/2 miles from the debris field, two alien bodies were found as if they were blown out of the craft after an explosion. These beings looked almost like miniature humans. Eyewitness accounts show they had human-like eyes, ear shells, but no hair on their bodies. These were NOT Grays. More bodies (4?) were discovered near the crashed craft. Two were found alive!
2) General Roger Ramey had subsequent involvement with Project Bluebook and is shown in a press photo talking to General Samford (this photo is cropped at LINK and General Ramey, on left, has face cut out of picture) and the famous Captain Ruppelt. Ramey was heard to remark that the most likely source of the UFOs was interplanetary.
3) There are witnesses that still won't talk. I talked to one who is still living in Orange County and we hope to get a recorded statement from him. Once all the Roswell observers die, it can all be swept under the rug."


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