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Weekly UFO Report Digest 12-11-99 to 12-17-99

12/11/99 Houston, Texas "Missile or UFO?"
Father and daugher witness unknown object flying one direction then another. "We watched it for about 20 seconds. We went in to get my wife and she came out but it was gone. We stood there a couple more minutes and saw it again, going the other way. First we saw it coming down. Second time it was shooting up. I can only explain it as a strange feeling looked more like a rocket landing or missle. We thought Russia sent one at us but the second time we saw it going the other way."
12/11/99 Unionville, New York "Flying Triangle UFO"
Man reports an unknown triangle shaped object near Unionville. "I pulled over & got out to watch it fly almost directly over head. It had NO tail. I heard nothing as it went by, I just watched it fly over the fields what seemed to me to be extremely slowly. It was a perfect triangle...."
12/11/99 Ohio "7 Mysterious Bursts of Light"
We received a report from Jody in North Eastern Ohio that on 12/09/99 at 11:00 to 11:30 PM. She had the following sighting: "I was sitting in my car. I had just gotten home from work and our sensor light went out...and there were 7 bursts of white lighting but with no lit up the whole sky."
12/13/99 Holland "3 Triangle Objects Reported"
Rick of Vlaardingen, Holland filed a report on three triangular UFOs: "As I looked, I saw 3 triangular objects in a 'V' formation. First, I thought they were 3 fighter jets, but there were no tail and wing lights and the sound was different. The sound was a monotone if it was one object. Then in one second they changed positions 3 times and continued in straight, level flight. Very strange in my opinion as they changed positions so very quickly. "
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