Pre-Crash Roswell UFO Photos?
From Dan Ahrens

Hi Jeff,
I found some more FOIA documents of interest on the FBI web site.  All of the eyewitness reports of the crash at Roswell always are the same of a craft that is not the classic saucer shape.  These are photos that were taken near Pheonix of the UFO's before they crashed at Roswell.  They seem more of the shape of the stealth bomber. I think that these are actual photos of the UFO's right before they crashed at Roswell. 
These are from section 1 in the same files. and starts around page 12 and continues on page 14 with really poor photo copies of pictures of the ufo's.  It looks as if the FBI has the original photos but here are the copies just as they are on the FBI FOIA site.  I used Paint Shop to reverse the text image from the original due to the black background on the FBI's site, but the UFO photos already had a white background.  The photos do show at least that it was not a weather balloon as the government claims.
The photos exist and the originals could be found at the Arizona Republic Newspaper at a better quality.
Dan Ahrens


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