Vatican Astronomer - 'It's
Madness To Believe Man Is Alone'
From Scott Corrales

El Mundo (newspaper-Spain) Monday, January 7,2002
"It's Madness to Believe that Man is Alone" Vatican Astronomier Admits Possibility of Extraterrestrial Life.
(EFE) - Jesuit George Coyne, director of the Vatican Observatory, is convinced of the existence of extraterrestrial life and states that it is "madness" to think than humans are alone in the universe.
Father Coyne and his scientific team reached this conclusion after studying the heavens from the astrophysical research center located at the Papal summer residence at Castelgandolfo near Rome.
"The universe is so vast that it would be madness to think that we're an exception," said Coyne in an interview with the Milan newspaper "Corriere della Sera", underlining that "each day new data is amassed" which leads to the possibility of life forms different from those found on Earth. "The more we study the stars, the more aware we become of our own ignorance," he adds.
The Jesuit prist, responsible since 1978 for an observatory with more than a century of history behind it and reporting directly to the Holy See, states that "Science does not undermine faith; rather, it stimulates it."
He admits not having any proof of extraterrestrial life.
However, he admits that while there is no scientific evidence today that proves the existence of life beyond Earth, Coyne is aware that this eventuality opens a disquieting series of mysteries for believers, and represents "a great challenge", but that it should not be considered to be a "dramatic" event.
In this regard, the astronomer points out that certain sectors of the Church consider it negative to debate or study matters which could make Catholic doctrine "tremble somewhat." However, he insists that there is not necessarily any conflict between the Biblical orgin of the Cosmos and the current ones being championed by science, such as the Big Bang. ___
Translation (C) 2001. Scott Corrales Institute of Hispanic Ufology Special Thanks to S.I.B. Betelgeuse, Spain.

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