UFO Crash In 1865 -
Craft Wreckage Still There?
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Date: Wed, 17 Nov 1999 12:24:53 -0600
Hi Jeff, Here are some screen shots that were sent to me by my brother. He located Cadotte Pass on his GPS software, and marked a line that would represent about 2 miles in an easterly direction. The first point of reference would be at Cadotte Creek. This would be a probable area that Mr. Lumley would be camping since it is near a water source. Then up the hill is Cadotte Pass. The next hill over is about 2 miles walking distance as you can see on the 3D rendering and would be a possible crash area. Thanks, Dan Ahrens
Dear Jeff,
I found an interesting story awhile back of a crash of a probable extraterrestrial craft that has never been sought out by the U.S. government. This in itself sounds impossible, since it seems nothing gets by them, but the overwhelming facts and the time frame that this supposed crash took place has made it a lost and forgotten one in history. This is an article that has been published in Fate Magazine, and appears on many web pages of the internet pertaining to a UFO crash in Missouri in 1865. The original article was from an old Cincinnati newspaper from 1865. The actual crash must have taken place in Sept. of 1864, so, it is yet to be recovered.
An Extraordinary Story: A Meteoric Shower Crockery Falling from the Sky The Missouri Democrat of a recent date tells the following story:
Mr. James Lumley, an old Rocky Mountain trapper, who has been stopping at the Everett House for several days, makes a most remarkable statement to us, and one which, if authenticated, will produce the greatest excitement in the scientific world.
Mr. Lumley states that about the middle of last September, he was engaged in trapping in the mountains about seventy-five or one hundred miles from the Great Falls of the Upper Missouri, and in the neighborhood of what is known as Cadotte Pass. After sunset one evening, he beheld a bright luminous body in the heavens, which moved with great rapidity in an easterly direction. Visible for at least five seconds, when it suddenly separated into particles, resembling, as Mr. Lumley describes it, 'the bursting of a sky-rocket in the air.'
A few minutes later, he heard a heavy explosion, which jarred the earth perceptibly, and this was shortly followed by a rushing sound, like a tornado sweeping through the forest. A strong wind sprang up about the same time, but suddenly subsided. Filling the air with peculiar odors of a sulphurous nature. These incidents would make a slight impression on the mind of Mr. Lumley, but for the fact that on the ensuing day he discovered, at the distance of about two miles from his camping place, he could see in either direction a wide path had been cut through the forest. Giant trees uprooted and broke off near the ground. The tops of hills shaved off and the earth plowed up in many places. Great and widespread havoc is everywhere visible.
Following up this track of desolation, he soon ascertained the cause of it in the shape of an immense stone driven into the side of a mountain. The most remarkable part of the story is an examination of this stone and how it had been divided into compartments. In several places it was carved with hieroglyphics. Mr. Lumley also discovered fragments of a substance resembling glass, and here and there dark stains, as though caused by a liquid. He is confident that the hieroglyphics are the work of human hands, and the stone itself, is a fragment of an immense body, must have been used for some purpose by animated beings.
Strange as this story appears, Mr. Lumley relates it with so much sincerity that we are forced to accept it as true. It is evident that the stone which he discovered, is a fragment of the meteor which was visible in this section last September. The stone will be remembered in Leavenworth, Galena and in this city by Col. Bonneville. At Leavenworth the stone separated into particles and exploded.
Astronomers have long held that it is probable that the heavenly bodies are inhabited -- even the comets -- and it may be that the meteors are also. Meteors could be used as a conveyance by the inhabitants of other planets in exploring space, and it may be that hereafter some future Colombus, from Mercury or Uranus, may land on this planet by means of a meteoric conveyance, and take possession thereof -- as did the Spanish navigators of the New World in 1492, and eventually drive what is known as the "human race" into a condition of the most abject servitude. There must be a race superior to us, and this may at some future time be demonstrated in the manner we have indicated.
(End of article)
Upon evaluation of the facts in this particular case, I have found some very interesting details from that time frame could not have been misinterpreted. I believe I know the location of this craft when it met its demise.
I have purchased topographical maps of the area the crash took place, but I don't have the expertise needed to interpret the map's details. I have, however, pinpointed a fairly close location of where the craft crashed. The location is mis-reported on the internet. Cadotte Pass, Missouri does not exist. Although if you obtain the USGS map numbers TMT0343 and TMT1872 you will find that these are of Cadotte Creek and Rogers Pass area in Montana on the Continental Divide. The Cadotte Creek topographical map clearly shows Cadotte Pass where the crash took place. Mr. Lumley was camping out near Cadotte Pass and more than likely near Cadotte Creek which would be a close water source for a trapper. The old article clearly states that Mr. Lumley was in the Upper Missouri which is of course located in Montana, and that he was 75 to 100 miles up from the Great Falls. This area is exactly where Cadotte Pass is located so his recollection was very good as he reported it.
It is apparent that at the end of the article the reference to Leavenworth and Galena is a misinterpretation of an unrelated meteor that was spotted in Kansas and Missouri and tied it to the story that Mr. Lumley was giving.
It would really be interesting if people would get the word out and locate this object via the private sector without government involvement, and for once let the UFO community and scientists examine this evidence first hand. I believe that this would be a truly scientific and historic event. I have seen cover-ups in the past and it seems the serious investigators never get the chance to evaluate the evidence. It seems all traces just get whisked off to a government facility somewhere...never to be seen again.
I don't see any special needs that the researchers would require other than a small handheld GPS and some good metal detectors or Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and, of course, the time to pursue it.
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