UK Pilot Films UFO In
Near-Miss Above Mohave Desert
The Daily Star - London
From Gerry <>
What English pilot David Hastings saw as he flew his Cessna plane over the Mojave Desert in America came within a few feet of a mid-air collision.
David quicky snapped two colour photos as he and an ex American military pilot dove frantically to avoid the oval-shaped spaceship.
The first print, passed over to the United States Navy, showed an empty sky, but the second revealed a huge object with black rings around its top and bottom passing feet away from a wing.
The Navy admits that it is completely baffled.
The near-miss is recounted for the first time in today's Pilot magazine. David said: "As we neared the Mojave Desert under radar control it happened. We both suddenly realised that we had fast traffic in our 12 o'clock.
"We pushed the control panel and ducked. A shadow flashed over us but there was absolutely no sound. We slowly raised our heads and asked: 'What the heck?'
"We called the radar control tower to check if they had another aircraft and the answer was no.
"We took the film to a one-hour photo shop and there it was.
"One shot had nothing, but the second had the blurred image of the UFO."

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