Enormous Cigar-Shaped
UFO In Argentina
From Scott Corrales
Source: El Tribuno Digital (Argentina)

Cigar-Shaped UFO Spotted Along Route 33 Near Cachi
Sighting occurred near the Tin-Tin stretch
Three motorcyclists from Cachi who were driving along National Hwy. 33 informed El Tribuno that they had witnessed "a fantastic sight."
"We saw," --said the bikers-- "an enormous cigar-shaped unidentified flying object (UFO) measuring some 100 meters in length." Martin Oliver, Ruben Chihan and Antonio Rodo, young bikers well-known throughout the area, claimed that their experience occurred on May 1st as they headed back from the capital. "We want our names to be included, because for a long time we've been hearing similar stories from fellow residents who out of a sense of shame or sheer cowardice do not want their names printed in the paper," stressed the sportsmen.
"We were finishing the Tin Tin stretch when we saw a strange light >from the east, in the vicinity of Payogasta. We stopped our rides and saw it: an enormous cylinder measuring some 100 meters in length, shining like a mirror in the reflected light of the setting sun. It was shaped like a giant cigarette and flew slowly some 200 meters from the ground. We couldn't believe it but it was real. It made no noise whatsoever and appeared to be made of a material similar to polished steel," the cyclists reported.
"Suddenly, it stopped and remained suspended in mid-air. A few seconds later, it began flying at an astonishing speed and lost itself in space."
(C) 1995-2002. El Tribuno Digital Translation (C) 2002 Institute of Hispanic Ufology Special Thanks to Mercedes Casas. >


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