Unique "Notched" Saucer Shape
Captured From Dozens of Sources
Including the Infamous STS-75 Shuttle Footage


The following links shed more light on this specific craft type, with intriguing images:

Thanks to Steve Sager for bringing these to our attention!

From "Kathy"

I know you get A LOT of email everyday, and I do not claim anything about what this photo is,and I do not want my name published.But I took several pictures of a VERY BRIGHT "star" over my city of Amarillo, on different nights. I did not think it to be a star , although I did not see it move, it hung in the same spot for a long time, and after a while it I looked at it again it was futher away. I zoomed in on it when it was closet to me, and it looks to me very much like the Nasa photos. I used a Sony 1.6 mega pixels digital camera. You can print it if you thin it is something. I have several more from different nights, at different distances.

Photo by "Kathy" of star-like object over Amarillo

Blow up of Kathy's "object"

The massive miles-wide disc from the STS-75 Shuttle footage, which passed within range of
the Shuttle tether providing a measuring stick for analysis
(More images here)

Artist's Rendering: Apparent craft shape/structure

STS Video Analysis

A Response To The Above STS Video Analysis

Several Readers Have Suggested The 'Dropa Stone' Connection


From Michael Portaro


Hi Jeff

Was looking at the bright star-like object over Amarillo TX photographed by Kathy. As soon as I saw it I recongized it as an out of focus star (probably the planet Venus). Her descriptions of it also fit the description of Venus which currently shines brightly in the west just after sundown. Just tonight I went outside and took a picture of a strange hexagonal UFO (Venus out of focus) and enclosed them for your examination.




Take care and keep up the great work Jeff



I put together this composit. Thought you might enjoy it. - Greg Swank
Upper Left Corner - STS-75 image of alledged UFO
Upper Right Corner - Drop Stone found 10 - 12,000 years ago
Middle Left - Star(?) Over Amarillo
Middle Right - Enlargement of alleged UFO STS-80
Lower Left - Computer enhancement of STS-80 object
Lower Right - painting by Carlo Crivelli (1430-1495)
Greg Swank - Rudolph, WI


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