Chupa Attack On Chickens In Brazil?
From Anonymous

Hi Jeff, I am a big fan of your show and Since 97, I have been following with big interest all matters about ufos and all amazing mysteries that showed up in your site. I am Brazilian and I live in the southern area in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. Well, I never could imagine I will send to you a story like I am used to reading in
Today, June, 21th, I went to my farm located in Sarandi about 50 miles from the city where I live (Passo Fundo). There, I was informed by my foreman who lives on my farm that about 25 chickens of his family were slaughtered during the night between 19th and 20th. No one heard anything, not even the dogs barked, nothing out of normal was noticed by the two families who live there.
They found out what happened in the morning... two hens were eaten and about 21 were killed by bites on their necks, bites that the foreman told me resembled vampire classic bites, two tiny holes distant about one inch one another. Unhappily, I couldn't see the carcasses because they buried them the same day they were found. Anyway, I was lucky carrying with me my new digital camera. I took some shots of hen house where fowls were killed. I am not used to with my new camera and the shots aren't really good.
To complete this exciting day, I was informed, too, some days earlier my employees saw some tracks of a huge animal (feline?) bigger than an adult hand spread. Here in my area it is very rare huge wild animals that could leave such big marks. However, I don't believe both events could have any correlation between one another.


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