Aurora, Texas Mystery Medallion
Initial Study Results

By Jim Marrs

On Thursday. August 15, 2002, the crude medallion found near the site of a reported spaceship crash in Aurora, Texas, back in 1897 was given a cursory examination by Cyndi Fernihough, a jeweler in Decatur, Texas.
Fernihough, while professing she does not believe in "aliens," nevertheless pronounced the medallion as "puzzling". She said the piece had the characteristics of oxidized copper.
"I don't believe it is brass because there is no smell of brass," she explained. "I think it is copper but weathered after being in the ground so long.
Fernihough also noted that the eight punch holes in the small metal disk were square, indicating the use of square nails. This observation fits well with the account of the medallion's finder, Robert Brown of Newark, Texas. Brown said he found the piece near the site of the reported 1897 UFO crash but added that a blacksmith shop had been in that same location.
Study of both the medallion and the circumstances of its discovery will continue.
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