Historic UFO's

 Saw The Mystic Flying Light

 Historic UFOs - Unique Pre-1947 UFO Photographs

 1954 'Sir' Magazine Letters

 Historic UFOs - Anti-Aircraft Guns Blast Mystery LA Invader

  Historic UFOs - Flying Saucers: Serious Business -1966

 Historic UFOs - The Air Ship of 1896 - Part 1

  Historic UFOs - Metal Found In UFO Probe On Fatal Plane Crash -1947
  Historic UFOs - Pilot Sees Mystery 'Aircraft' Over Coast Range
  Historic UFOs - "Flying Disc" Arnold Unhurt In Crash
  Historic UFOs - Mystery UFO Metal Dates Back To 1896!
  Historic UFOs - Airship At Forbestown

  Historic UFOs - Alien Spacecraft Crashing In MO -1865

 Historic UFOs - Disk Mystery Still Unsolved, 1947
Plane Crash Linked to Flying Disc Inquiry

An Apparition Wandering Through The Atmosphere -1896

CIA Papers Detail UFO Surveillance
More Of A Hoax Than An Air Ship 
Trying To Solve The Problem Of How Men Will Fly Soon -1896

Truckee, CA Man Sees 'A Big Ship' -1896

Air Ship, Or What?

Aerial Ship, Ghost Story, Or Meteor? -1896

Air Force Launches Major Coverup Effort In 1952

Flying Disc 'Bigger Than Car' Photographed By Youth

Mile Wide UFO Encountered In 1930s Washington State

Flying Discs Are At It Again In Virginia -1949

 Historic UFOs - Disc Zooms Down Snake River Canyon

What Radar Tells Us About Flying Saucers - Keyhoe

Jet Fighters Outdistanced By "Flying Saucers" Over Mt. Vernon & Potomac
UFOs Through The Ages - A TimeLine
UFOs Pictured In Historical Artworks

Photos Of Legendary Early UFO Contactees
The Flying Saucer Menace - 1967 UFO Magazine In Digital Format
 Truth Is Still Out There In Shag Harbour

1967 Magazine Feature - Strange Ring Cloud Disguises UFO?
Canada Researcher Chronicles A Century Of UFO Reports
UFOs Flew Directlly Over Washington DC For Six HOURS In July, 1952
Capt. Mantell's Death Chasing A UFO
Tesla's 'Death Ray' In 1940 NY Times
Flying Saucers Seen In 36 States - July 7th, 1947
Veteran Pilot Sees 10 Discs In Formation

 Look Magazine Special Edition - Flying Saucers - 1967
US Planes Hunting Discs - Russian Tells Of 'Atom Saucers'
'Enemy Planes' Over SF Just After Pearl Harbor
Strange Planes Approach Golden Gate 1941
Pre-1942 'Battle Of LA' WWII Blackout

1942 'Battle Of Los Angeles'
Traveling Salesman Attacked BySaucers Along Highway
Entire Northeast Alert Over 'Enemy Planes' - 1941
Radar Operators Track 12 UFOs Around DC In 1952
The Birth of The CIA - And Flying Saucers
Disc Zooms Down Snake River Canyon

 German Secret Technology
WWII German Flying Disk Schematic Drawing Found

The 509th Bomb Wing's History - From Flying Disks To Flying Wings

Three Year Old Encounters, Draws UFO In 1946 - Before Roswell

From 'True Report on Flying Saucers Magazine'
About Major Donald E. Keyhoe
What Air Force Secrecy?
"Someone's Watching Over Us" by Maj. Donald E. Keyhoe, USMC (Ret.)
Who was that 6-Inch hig, animated tin can I saw you with last night? by John A. Keel 
Down Down Down with Censorship by Maj. Donald E. Keyhoe, USMC (Ret.)
Flollow the Bouncing Ball by Maj. Donald E. Keyhoe, USMC (Ret.) 
Spheres of Influence 
The Exeter Puzzle
Saucer's Secret - Antigravity
 Saucers On the Hotline
Why Don't The Damn Things Swim So We Can Turn Them Over To The Navy?
 All Shapes and Sizes
We Flew Above the Flying Saucers
 Radar Tracks Blips and Blobs by Maj. Donald Keyhoe, USMC (ret.)
What's Wrong With These Saucers?
What Radar Tells About Flying Saucers by Maj. Donald E. Keyhoe 
 I Know the Secret of The Flying Saucers by Maj. Donald E. Keyhoe, USMC (Ret).

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