Historic UFOs - An Apparition
Wandering Through The
Atmosphere -1896
From Frank Warren

Sacramento Record Union September 18th, 1896
What Was It?
An Apparition Wandering Through the Atmosphere
Several persons last evening, between 6 and 7 o'clock, saw a big ball of fire, like an electric light, pass over the city going in a southwesterly direction. It moved slowly and was in sight for more than a half-hour, finally disappearing in the mist and darkness.
More than one person was heard to declare that he distinguished human voices engaged in song and mirth coming from above , but could discover no out line of a balloon-nothing but a large ball of light.
One man in the suburbs declares he heard a voice warning "the man at the helm" to go higher, or they would collide with the church steeples, etc.
It is possible someone sent up an illuminated balloon, or that a stray meteor was hunting for the rest of the gang, but there really were persons who insisted that it was a new fanged airship lighted by electricity and traveling for San Francisco from-somewhere.


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