Historic UFOs
Mystery Metal Dates Back to 1896!
From Frank Warren

Oroville Daily Register December 3, 1896
Is It Used in the Newly Discovered Air Ship.
It will be remembered that some years ago a man discovered a wonderful metal in Pine Nut, Nevada. This peculiar metal was contained in clay and the man discovered it by using some of the clay for a back to his stove. Some hours after building a fire in the stove he found that the back had disappeared and in place of it was a clear white metal with scarcely any weight to it.
Now the man who discovered and used that metal was in Oroville yesterday. In fact he has been here a number of days. He does not want his name published but we met him and talked with him for fifteen or twenty minutes. We do not know of course whether he has anything to do with this mysterious air ship or not, but if there was any truth in the report of the wonderful metal discovery it is possible that he has kept the secret and used the new metal in contructing this wonderful floating ship.


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