Historic UFOs - Truckee, CA
Man Sees 'A Big Ship' -1896
From Frank Warren

Truckee Has 'Em Again
Sacramento Evening Bee November 19, 1896
A Correspondent Imagines That He Saw A Big Ship
The following communication, if the writer was not under the influence of that terrible whiskey at Truckee, should stop all speculation about the strange spectacle of last Tuesday night. It will prove to old topers who gazed into the sky and saw the mysterious light moving over the city that they did not have the delirium tremens. It will prove to religious fanatics that the ball of fire was not a forerunner of the conflagration to come, and it should convince doubting Thomases that the wild dreams of Darlus Green has come true:
TRUCKEE, Nov, 18 - Considerable amusement was created here when the papers arrived here and told of the consternation which prevailed in Sacramento over the flight of a ball of fire across the city. That supposed ball of fire was an immense glass globe lighted by electricity, and was really the "wheel house" of a great air ship.
About 4 o'clock Tuesday afternoon the people of this place were astonished to see a wonderful machine sailing through the air from an easterly direction. After hovering above the town for a few moments, the machine circled around and gracefully descended to the earth, lighting in the Plaza alongside of the Ice Palace. In a short time it was surrounded by hundreds of men, women and children. The Indians who saw the thing ran howling in fright towards the woods. On the sides of the affair were painted the words "meteors," and while it resembled a ship, it had great wings similar to those of a bird. They are operated by means of machinery worked by an electric storage battery, and the entire apparatus, which is twenty five feet in length, is constructed of aluminum.
In the strange craft was the distinguished Phineas Fogg, who is attempting to beat his around-the-world record of eighty days. He was accompanied by three friends, who started with him from New York on Monday morning. They landed at this place to send a telegram home to friends, announcing they had decided to avoid San Francisco. Mr Fogg said he and his friends enjoyed themselves by day in gazing at the country, and at night they played poker for drinks, after setting the screws of the machine to keep high enough up to escape church spires and mountain peaks. After remaining here for fifteen or twenty minutes, the aerial navigators stepped into the ship, a button was pressed, and the wonderful thing arose into the air, glided swiftly toward the west, and barely missed McGlashan's Museum building which is perched up on top of the big rocking stone.


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