Historic UFOs
Airship At Forbestown
From Frank Warren

Oroville Daily Register 12-3-1896
Air Ship at Forbestown
Harry P. Stow was in town yesterday from Forbestown and said that one of his most reliable and trustworthy men at the Goldbank mine, Thos. E. Goyne, was positive that he saw the airship on Sunday evening.
It was a little after 7 o'clock when Mr. Goyne saw the bright light carried at the bow of the "aerial" and after watching it a moment observed that it to rose and fell and did not remain stationary like a star. He ran into his house and called Mrs. Anson, who came out to satisfy herself and she was so convinced that she called the Rev. Mr. Kiest, who studied the floating light attentively.
Then Mr. Goyne ran down into the town and in a few moments half the people in Forbestown were straining their eyes and craning their necks noting the position and the movements of the mysterious moving light. It seemed to have a wave-like or oscillating movement and this was observed by fully 100 people.
Mr. Stow did not see the light himself, but said the gentleman who first observed it felt confident that it was the mysterious visitor that has been floating over Sacramento Valley.


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