Latest ET Photo Hoax Exposed
From Royce J. Myers III


Thought you'd like to know the 'alien' photo page posted by Iaria has now conveniently disappeared, just as had happened with the Reed UFO Fraud when that case was exposed.
As technology grows, we will have to be ever more vigilant of the complexity of hoaxers. This is a fine example of what can be achieved with digital technology and what a skilled digital artist such as James Neff can accomplish. James, GREAT work on the photo - it was absolutely flawless.
This should serve as a warning to all investigators and researchers to thoroughly document cases, to utilize professionals for analysis, demand proof and to not jump the gun in making absolute claims about a case without sufficient evidence to back it up.
I also think this latest round of fraud serves as a reminder of and testament to the incompetence of Jaime Maussan and Dan Iaria in investigating and evaluating UFO cases. They were apparently told fraud was detected in the photos, yet that information was completely ignored. In my opinion, Iaria and Maussan both are clowns and continue to do a great disservice to UFOlogy with their third rate investigative antics.
Another ho-ho-hoax for the holidays.
Merry Christmas to one and all from UFOWATCHDOG.COM.
Royce J. Myers III
"Don't Trip On Your Open Mind"
Below is the image as originally displayed with a second version beneath showing
how easy it is to digitally impose an image
How the Alien was placed into the image
Alien found using image search on Google
Alien image was reduced in size, color matched to the dark background, stamped in with Photoshop's
Stamp Tool and blurred. The statement above is incorrect: "If the creature had been added to the photo
as a digital manipulation, the edges surround it would not be smooth and gradual." The entire point
of digital manipulation is eliminating evidence of tamering for a smooth amalgamation.

Enlargement from final fake
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