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Filer's Files #12-1999
CONGRESSIONAL HEARINGS - Thirty-three years ago on March 25, 1966, House Minority Leader Gerald Ford proposed to Congress that they investigate the rash of reported sightings of unidentified flying objects in Michigan and other parts of the country. Ford said, "I believe a congressional inquiry would be worthwhile because the American people are becoming alarmed by the UFO stories." His leadership helped make his name a household word and later he became Vice President and President. The UFOs are still flying and we are not much closer to a solution.
MILAN - Kenny Young reports that there have been reports of sightings in Milan for three nights in a row. The nights were March 14, 15, 16 very late at night around 1:00 or 2:00 AM in the morning. Allegedly the Milan police chased the UFOs all three nights. The report is being checked with the Milan Police. Thanks to Kenny Young UFO Research
MACON - Salesman Robert Hunnicutt, Age: 40, March 22, 1999, 19:05 PM. Robert and his spouse, and daughter saw a UFO just outside the city limits. It appeared in the northwestern sky above a shopping center. While driving home on Intrastate 75 North, my daughter spoke of a light in the western sky. My wife said she saw it too. Since I was driving, it took a couple of seconds for me to finally find it. What I saw appeared to be cylinder in shape pointing up and down like a letter 'I' . It was at an altitude of 2000 to 3000 feet, brightly lit with the setting sun behind and below it. There did not appear to be any aircraft, stars, or birds in the area. There was little or no movement until it either moved away or faded away. We watched it for approximately 5 to 8 minutes, and lost complete sight of it once we exited the highway. The object did not change shape and did not appear to change size until it either faded or moved away. Thanks to BUFOD-
FORT BRAGG - A few years ago, while a member of the 82nd Airborne Division, I was on a routine paratroop drop with 55 other troops. After the jump, we assembled and saw a strange object in the sky. It was cylindrical in shape with steady lights running the length, that may have been windows? The UFO had no visible wing structures or means of propulsion. We could hear a low hum. The next morning several individuals from the four towns surrounding Ft. Bragg called the local radio station to report seeing the same craft. Pope Air Force Base was called but denied any craft resembling a cylinder was being flown from there. This was obvious to us. We were trained in aircraft recognition and had never seen anything that came even close to looking like a huge paper towel tube. It did look similar to the craft in the Star Trek movie that had the whales in it. I wonder if there is any other record of individuals reporting this or any similar sighting. Editors Note: The Flying Cigars are being reported and photographed from New York to Georgia several times a month.
CAMDEN: Skywatch Sighting Report March 23, 1999, at 7:30 PM. A bright object traveling left to right, at a descending angle, appeared to be glowing from heat as an object entering our atmosphere at high speed. The object had a vapor trail or fire trail, much like a shooting star. The object moved much slower than a shooting star. Although it seemed to be burning from friction with atmosphere, it never got smaller or burned out. The color was blue white. The speed would have been comparable to that of a jet aircraft that might have been making a low pass. We thought it hit the ground 8 miles from our position near Elizabeth City, NC. Thanks to Skywatch International and
BATESVILLE - Unidentified flying objects were reported on March 3, 1999, at 8:45 PM. The witness observed two very bright objects about as large as an airplane heading north. The witness at first thought they were airplanes, but as they got closer he knew they were not planes. No sound was heard. The unidentified objects stopped and hovered for about 15 seconds and then just took off really fast. Total duration of sighting was one minute and thirty seconds. Thanks to J. R. Gillis, MS State Director The Asst. State Director in Northern MS (Wayne Morgan) is investigating the case. Thanks to MUFON-SSD in San Bernadino, CA for reporting the sighting.
MOUNT SAINT HELEN'S - The case was first reported to Peter Davenport of the National UFO Reporting Center. Peter and WA MUFON Director of Investigations have now interviewed three witnesses. I contacted Robert A. Fairfax and asked if he had some more details on the elk abduction by a UFO on February 25, 1999. Fairfax writes, "We are currently arranging interviews with more witnesses." Filer asked, "I'm particularly interested in the description of the craft itself? Fairfax answered, "So am I; this is one of the areas we will try to nail. So many people just have the hardest time describing or drawing what they have seen. There were two flashes described as the craft wobbled. A fluorescent magenta (top) and a white (bottom). These were apparently not lights but seemed to be areas on the surface. These were seen intermittently but again we will need to pin the details down along with many others."
Filer, "What was the direction of flight and the last known direction of travel." Fairfax answered, "It was first seen in the SE traveling toward the NNW. It departed slowly to the NE, and then made near vertical ascent into cloud cover." Filer asked, "Was there any insignia on the craft?" Fairfax responded that none was reported. Filer asks: "Did they notice any kind of a plasma, lighting, or electrical effects around the craft?" Fairfax answered, "Possibly, the two bright color areas. The craft seemed in increase in size as it was capturing the elk. We're trying to clarify that." Filer asked, Did the craft tilt as it changed direction? Fairfax stated, "Wobbling was reported that was more pronounced before direction changes, but we need to verify with more witnesses."
Filer asked, "Did they notice a hum or whine sound?" Fairfax indicated, "There was no sound." I suggested," The sound would likely occur as the craft attempted to climb with the elk." Fairfax felt that distance may have to be factored in for low sound level. I suggested that, "The wobbling infers the craft did not have a particularly powerful propulsion system and may not be an interplanetary craft." Fairfax responds, "Probably, but larger craft have been reported wobbling in a similar manner. It may have to do with shape/size and function -- probably does -- but this is surmise."
Filer, "Did you notice the height of the trees or the approximate height and distance from picking up the elk to the top the trees?" Fairfax, "Yes, but no precise calculations have been done. It had plenty of room to maneuver and climb, see illustration on NUFORC site of UFO path." Filer, "Of course its possible the craft had plenty of power, but that it was flown too close to the trees" Fairfax: "This may have been an "unmanned" (unaliened?) remote that had less smarts." Filer, "Did they notice any windows?" Fairfax, "There were no windows." I asked, "Is it possible the craft came from a base some where in the vicinity and have there been other sightings?" Fairfax responded, "Anything is possible, however this is a remote area and so far we have not uncovered further reports of activity in this vicinity."
Filer stated, "Many witnesses describe UFOs entering and leaving mountainous terrain in Northern California. I have read similar reports in the St. Helen's area." Fairfax responds, "Yes, we have reports from the general Mt. St. Helen's area. Remember, a large mountain and surroundings covers quite a bit of territory. (Due to constraints by the company, we are not to release the exact coordinates and location of the incident.) I would suspect an area north of me -- Granite Falls area -- as a base site. There are reports of all kinds -- from Indian legends to present. No specific activity that would indicate a base in either case."
Filer asks, "I have also noticed a silvery powder, possibly sand or glass like near the bodies of some dead animals. Did you happen to notice any white or silvery powder when you found the elk on the ground?" Fairfax said, "None was seen." Filer, "Do you know if the elk had its blood drained or heated to a powdery form?" Fairfax responds, "We were not able (because of imposed constraints which I cannot go into) to cut into and examine the insides of the elk. There were no exterior signs of mutilation; no black light fluorescence found on hair samples. The only possible indicator was the fact that the elk had been lying there in the open for 5 days and there was no predation or scavenging. Also, the dog ticks had not left the body nor did they show movement when touched -- we presumed they were dead also. We have been told that when an animal dies, the ticks leave the 'sinking ship.' Thanks to Bob Fairfax for this e-mail interview and Peter Davenport for the original report. Editors Note: Apparently, the abduction of a thousand pound elk occurred on a large piece of privately owned land. The company wants the exact location, and their name kept confidential.
BELLEVUE, WASHINGTON - Steve reports, "I saw an unidentifiable flying object at 3:22 AM, Pacific Time Zone on March 22, 1999. I do not think this was aliens. However, I do have an idea that it was a very large meteor. I am trying to find others who may have seen it. It was very bright, a brilliant turquoise blue color, moving very fast in a south southwest direction. It had a pretty long tail, but not one that stuck around in the sky. The two things that make this so interesting is 1. It happened below the clouds, as it was overcast, and left a small hole in the clouds where it punched through. 2. I heard an explosion that was probably the result of a sonic boom. Thanks to
Evelyn Galson reports she has been in contact with a Nevada resident who writes: "One night, when my family was out of town, I was laying in bed listening to the neighbor's behind us having one of their frequent fights. Normally someone would be at our house besides me, but not that night. My grandma was at a class reunion in Santa Rosa, and my mother was with my brother in Reno, about 45 minutes away. My dad didn't live with us. It was about 1:30 in the morning and the neighbors woke me up because they were so loud. After they shut up, I was still awake.
I'm guessing it was around 2:00 AM when it happened. Something smacked me hard on the neck. Not a sharp smack like wood or metal, but more like someone hitting me with rubber, maybe like one of those things that doctors use to check your knee reflexes. I did not care about the pain--it was the fact that something else was in the house that should not have been there. I looked over to the side of my bed that it came from, and it was so dark that I could not see a thing. My bright red alarm clock was supposed to be there. I also felt as if there was something crowding me, like within one foot of me. Terrified, I ducked under my covers and hid. This was when I was about 13, so I wasn't just a little kid. For all I knew, I was looking right at someone and that was why I couldn't see very far. When I woke up in the morning, there was a bruise on my neck that was perfectly round. The bruise stayed for at least a week." Thanks to Evelyn Gaulson. Editors Note: People often report bruises on their bodies after a strange contact during the night. Often unseen visitors enter bedrooms and cause bruises and other scars on the body.
WALES -- On Saturday, March 6, 1999, law professor Tim Richards, 46, and a fellow instructor were driving north between Quaker Yard and Merther Tydfil, when they saw a huge green light descend towards the ground. "We saw something large, about a sixth the size of the moon," Richard's reported." We saw it only for a second, but it was definitely not like anything we have seen before." It was bright green and disappeared behind a bank of cloud toward the north-northwest. As there were no street lights, it actually lit up the cloud from behind. It was not a reflection from car lights. It was too large to be a shooting star, and it was definitely not an airplane." Thanks Ben Field of BUFOD.
BOLOGNA - On Saturday, February 27, 1999, a dark, cigar-shaped object was seen hovering above a shopping mall, the Euromercado di Casalecchio di Reno, in Bologna, a large city 200 miles north of Rome. "The object revolved around its axis and moved across the sky with a 'falling leaf' motion. The object was the shape of a cigar and rotated on its stem. It was first seen by a woman who looked up and realized it was not a conventional aircraft. Within five minutes, it was seen by many other witnesses in the shopping center parking lot. It had two lights, one on each end. One light was an eye- searing brilliant white, the other was less bright and considerably smaller. The object traversed three-quarters of the sky in about 10 seconds, at a considerable velocity." Thanks to Gianfranco Degli Esposi di Centro Ufologici Nazionale.
ROME - On March 8, 1999, Mr. Alfredo Di Prinzio saw a UFO at 10:00 AM, directly above the St. Agnese Church in Navona Square. The object was silver and oval shaped and had a jerky movement in the sky. Many people saw the object because in that hour the square was busy with tourists. One person got a photo and we are trying to find him. The object suddenly disappeared. Thanks to Adriano Forgione, Head Journalist Notiziario UFO and UFO Roundup Vol. 3 #11, 3/14/99, Joe Trainor Editor.
PERM - Nikolay V. Subbotin, reported about UFO's sighting above Perm. On February 23, 1999, the local TV channel 'Riphey' aired a UFO's video footage on its evening news. The UFO flew slowly above city for a couple hours. It seemed like two bright fires located some distance one from other. On February 24, "I got call from my friend and he excitedly stated that, He was again observing the object." I managed to capture on my camcorder about ten minutes of this incident. The video shows lights that flare and die away and light up again alternatively with an interval of approximately 30 seconds. The video shows the moving lights. Translated especially by Anatoly Kutovoy for Filer's Files. Director of RUFORS (Russian UFO Research Station) []
Investigator Max Burns believes there may be a connection between "Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.)" generally known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and the alien abduction scenario. For the first time there may be some evidence of what causes abductions. Max states: "It has come to light through my own research into the subject of UFO's & alien abduction, it would appear at first glance that there may well be a link with "Myalgic Encephalomyelitis" the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and the Alien Abduction scenario." Over the last two years he has obtained information from a thirty-two year old female abductee from the UK. She has had a long history of medical problems and has been diagnosed with M.E. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Even more interesting is that she is a member of an abductee group who meet once a month in London, this group has, 20 members who attend regular. These people are a fair cross section of the populace, who travel from all around the country to the meetings. They are also from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. All have different doctors. Although I am good friends with the person mentioned above I also know other members of this group. About three months ago I was interested to learn that out of the 20 members of the group, 14 members of the group have all been medically diagnosed with "Myalgic Encephalomyelitis" (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). I have it confirmed from B.R.A.M.E, (Blue Ribbon Association Myalgic Encephalomyelitis). The B.R.A.M.E group has a World wide network for this illness with groups in 18 countries and estimates 500,000 to 1 million sufferers in the UK (1-2% of the population). Out of the total figure about 25% of sufferers are house bound. I have discovered that The ME/CFS Charities Alliance considers this to be a vast overestimate of the true situation. The data used included studies of patients with chronic fatigue, rather than just Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Editor's Note: I encourage that all suspected abductees have regular physicals and extensive blood work accomplished. This will aid in determining the exact nature of the abduction scenario. Copies of blood work and physicals should be provided to and MUFON physicians and investigators for analysis.
The Roswell Photo Analysis Team continues to study the photographs taken of the alleged Roswell crash debris and the message in General Ramey's hand in 1947. Neil Morris reports from England, "I think I've turned up just what the 'emblem' on the top left corner of the message is. It seems to be a round 'seal' type emblem like the official DOD seal of around the same time. The 'seal' has a very distinctive double rim like a circular train track! This feature shows up well in this first image. There appears to be an eagle with spread wings at 12 o'clock, the triangle or arrowhead at 9 o'clock. Inside the double rim at the 3 to 6 o'clock position is the word 'COMBAT.' I 'm hoping that the military historians among the UFO community might be able to pin this emblem down. If they can it points the way to the identity of the message. There are a few more features that need further research. Just below the 6 o'clock position on the seal there seem to be a few indistinct letters and/or numbers that read S1, S2, SI or even 52. These too could help point to the origin of the message. Thanks to Neil Morris. The image of this and others on the web sites at: Neil Morris Univ. of Manchester Roswell Archive Dave Willetts Home Page-
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