A Saucer Photo Hunt!
From Webmaster James Neff

Sometime in the mid 70s a series of strange UFO photographs were featured in several widely distributed UFO magazines, purported to be from Japan. Later the same images were featured in several other publications as having originated from Yugoslavia or Poland. If I recall, there were at least 4 images altogether of a large saucer shaped craft flying low to the ground. What made the saucer so distinctive was that in one shot the saucer tips up on its side revealing a strange, dark insignia on its underside (see inset illustration "B". This is as best as my memory can recollect regarding the insignia.)

"A" - Only known image from the series of photos

I am personally hunting these images as "A" appears to be the only photo of the series to be found anywhere on the net (this image was found in the great archives at listed as Date: June 1, 1967 / Location: Spain,San Jose de Valderas / Time: 8:00:00 PM.)

I have acquired dozens of old UFO magazines from the 70s hoping to run across it, but to no avail. Surely these photos exist...somewhere!

"B": Inset features Illustration of what one of the missing
photos in the series roughly looks like

I am certain others remember seeing this stunning and unusual photo, and anyone with information where it might be located on the net, or in books or publications would be greatly appreciated!

The insignia could also be something like this, but it's very hard to recall exactly.

LATEST INFO IN: What a network of people!!! Already I've received invaluable information revealing that this image is from a series of photos purported to be related to the UMMO contactee stories, and photos and/or info exists in Jacques Vallee's book Dimensions, Confrontations or Revelations as well as in other UFO books -- so far the "missing" insignia photo remains elusive, but the info is VERY helpful thus far!

The following was submitted by Allan Farrow.

I also wish to thank the dozens of others who instantly leaped on this with their great knowledge and resources.
I've been a dedicated listener of the Jeff Rense show for about the last two years. I really enjoy the show and contents of the site! The material there often provokes interesting debates among my friends and colleagues at work. 
Anyway, my heart almost jumped out of my chest when I saw your photo request! At the very young age of 7 years old I became interested in UFOs. I distinctly remember seeing the photo of the UFO with the markings you describe. I searched through my library and found the book with the photo in question. It also has the photo you show on the website, The photo you are looking for is in the center of the book called "Beyond Earth" by Ralph Blum and Judy Blum, Copyright 1974 by Bantam Books. The caption under the photo reads,
"In June 1967, more than 50 people saw this UFO, with its unusual marking, flying low over San Jose de Valderas, Spain. Landing marks were also seen." 
The picture indeed shows a white, disk shaped object hovering, turning out ahead slightly to reveal an "H" symbol on the bottom, with an additional line through the middle. I scanned the picture from the book (see attached JPG file).
The reason I remember this UFO so clearly is that I actually built a mobile of UFOs to hang from the ceiling of my room as a child, complete with the marking on the bottom. I've had many dreams about this UFO and its marking over the years...
I'm interested in knowing why you need this it in connection with a recent sighting? In any event, keep up the good work with the show and web site!
Allan Farrow


No, I am an obcessive compulsive when it comes to UFO images... it simply irritated me that I could not locate this image, or the series of images anywhere online... and that diverse information appeared across the web attributed to the images. It's also one of the UFO images from my teens that just got burned into my brain, an unforgetable image I'd never seen after that time. Thanks for coming through!



Photo submitted by Alan Farrow
The following text was provided by Trav Ward, along with another scan of the image above. Thanks Trav!!

The main text and appendices were originally published in spanish under the title UMMO: LA INCREIBLE VERDAD, Copyright 1985 by Sr. Antonio Ribera, and printed by Plaza & James, S.A., Editors, Virgen de Guadalupe 21-33, Esplugues de Llobregat (Barcelona), Spain, under ISBN 84-01-47201-6. The first edition was printed in may 1985.The accident started in the 1950's and was "Cult Active" still when I last checked in 1987.But some problems did exist around the continuity of the case and it's members. Strangely enough they claimed to have the science and technology to earth of describing DNA,RNA chains prior to 1967 at the point of academic discovery.Very enjoyable reading when I researched the core components in 1987.
The umerous photos were taken june 1 1967 20:00 by Antonio San Antonio in San Jose de Valderas, Spain 50 witnesses were present and landing marks were found
Please Credit Wendelle Stevens,Ralph & Judy Blum and FSR for their additional efforts.

Trav Ward.


Elaine Lucas submitted these excellent URLs featuring UMMO craft images. Thanks
Several photos of the, alleged, saucer which show the insignia on bottom.
Photo URL...

Another photo
The Photo series....
SO.... what do we have here, folks? Two styrofoam, oriental take-out containers glued together and sent aloft with a little helium? UMMO craft? Mixed info coming in on it being a great hoax or a great sighting. Opinions welcome!
Dear Mr. Neff,
I read with interest your article concerning the photographs of the "Ummo" saucer. The UFO group Ground Saucer Watch subjected one of the photos to computer enhancement and determined the saucer was a model suspended from a string. The specific photo examined is the full-page picture on the left side of the image you've identified as "Photo submitted by Alan Farrow." I remember seeing the enhanced picture on an episode of the PBS series "Nova" many years ago, and I can verify the string was readily apparent.
This case was particularly interesting because, as you and others have mentioned, numerous witnesses and even some physical evidence were claimed to support the sighting. Kind of makes one suspicious of the supporting "evidence" offered in other cases as well, doesn't it? (The Trinidad photos spring to mind as one example.) Other famous UFO photos which GSW analysis has exposed as hoaxes include Rex Heflin's Santa Ana highway photos, and the "Ohio barber's" photograph.
I enjoy your site. Keep up the good work.
Paul Corbo

Latest News:
More than 200 people replied to this hunt, all with helpful hints or possessing the images in a variety of books, magazines or knowledge of websites. Many interesting tidbits came too ... the insignia is apparently Chinese for "King" (hmmm, maybe it IS two take-out platters glued together!) .... it is also the symbol for Uranus. According to seveal sites devoted the UMMO story, it is the symbol the UMMOs use to describe themselves. If you've never read anything about the UMMO controversy, it's worth a gander. VERY strange stuff surrounding what appears to be hoaxed photos but disturbingly unexplainable UMMO knowledge distributed throughout Spain and France for more than 30 years (see )
Stereo Ummo?
From: Tim Shell
Just a little note about the UMMO saucer and photos.
I'm always interested to see multiple saucer photos that show foreground objects, because with a little effort these can sometimes be turned into stereo pairs that can provide additional information about the scene. In this case, because the photographer moved his camera slightly, many of the photos in the UMMO sequence can be seen in 3-D. Two of the UMMO craft photos in particular work to produce a pretty good stereo pair which can be "free viewed" to see the 3-D effect (see attachment). I've rearranged the photos to make them a bit easier to free view. If you pick a point in the center of the two images, then cross your eyes until a point of reference (the post, for instance) merges into one, central image, you'll see a nice, 3-D view of the field. It may take a little practice to see it, but once you can, you can enlarge the photo to better see the effect and you can start to judge distances and sizes, also. Anyway, in spite of the debunking, I find it curious that the saucer in the 3-D view does seem to have some depth information to it. To me, it appears to be a medium-sized object (size of a sedan, perhaps), approximately 100-125 yards distant from the photographer, just a bit further away than the first small bush on the left. It also appears to have an interesting glow around the top, although that might just be an artifact of the photos, which have been reproduced so many times. It would be nice to get a clearer set, since much better 3-D information could possibly be found.
I should probably also say that it could be possible to suspend a small object a short distance from the camera and then move it slightly to fake a greater size and distance in the 3-D effect. But it would be pretty difficult to get it just right, and if you weren't planning on these photos to be seen in 3-D in the first place, it wouldn't occur to you.
Tim Shell

Thanks Tim. A very interesting experiment!

Ummo Ala Jimi Hendrix?

Hello James Neff,

I've found your discussion of the Ummo photos interesting. There may be a link to Jimi Hendrix if a lapel badge he wore in 1967 is anything to go by. You can find the details on my website archive by clicking on 'Jimi Hendrix.'
(Hopefully all the pictures will come up OK)

Best wishes,
Daniel Transit.
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