Recent Pennsylvania
UFO Reports

Several alleged UFO sightings have recently come to my attention from the Keystone state. The following is a brief summary of some of those reports.
03/26/00 - Ross Township (Pittsburgh, PA suburb) At about 10:45 P.M., two witnesses were standing outside when one of the them noticed an odd object moving across the sky at a high altitude. The object which was shaped like a triangle, "had to be huge" according to one of the observers, since it was very high up, but could clearly be seen as it blocked out a portion of the clear sky as it moved. The triangular shape was defined by a number of grayish-white lights that were non-blinking, and which all moved together. The object moved fast across the sky towards the northeast, and was observed for around 10 seconds. No sound was heard as the object passed overhead.
03/30/00 - Shadyside section of Pittsburgh. A man reported seeing a bright white light in the sky at about 8:23 P.M. The object which appeared to be possibly circular or semi-circular in shape appeared stationary. Suddenly the light moved straight up into the sky and "winked out." The sighting lasted only 5-10 seconds, and no sound was apparent.
03/30/00 - Gans, PA (Fayette County) The following report has been received from UFO researcher Jim Brown in Fayette County. Jim's website can be found at :
"Two seperate reports were received of a bright light very low over the Chestnut Ridge visible from the Gans area. Witnesses were interviewed, both put the time at around 10:30 P.M. They described a bright white light, stationary, very close to or possibly on the ground near the top of the ridge. One witness has an interest in astronomy and described it as much brighter than the planet Venus. Maps show no road in that area. Due to the distance from their vantage point (approx 2 mi.) no details were observed. The light was present for about 10 minutes then simply vanished. No movement was reported. No sounds heard."
"Investigator comments. Given the limited information from witnesses, it is impossible to rule out conventional sources such as someone in the woods with a light, off road vehicle, etc. Due to distances involved however, such a light source would have to be very strong. A flashlight would not be sufficient to account for the intensity."
Anyone with additional information on these reports, or other Pennsylvania UFO reports are asked to contact me.


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