UFO Sightings Include Maine
And SC Cigars, And Triangles
Over IN, IL, And AR
George A. Filer
Director, Mutual UFO Network Eastern
MUFON Skywatch Investigations
Filer's Files #6

INCREASED UFO SIGHTINGS include: a Maine cigar, New Jersey lights, a Virginia disc, South Carolina Cigar, Ohio, Indiana Flying Triangle, Illinois three Flying Triangles, Arkansas Flying Triangle, California invisible craft and 19 UFOs in United Kingdom. New images from Mars indicate artificiality and intelligence at Cydonia. Commander Bethune's UFO photograph controversy.
From Kevin McClellan
I was shocked to read about what you saw. It parallels my experience so closely, I could have written that account. I didn't write, because I doubted what my own eyes had seen -- i've never seen an invisible aircraft before (ha ha).
Last week, I saw a northbound vapor trail being formed. I've had a lifetime fascination (obsession) with aircraft, so I stopped to notice it. Like your experience, the aircraft was invisible, yet the vapor trail still formed.
When I first saw the trail forming in the distance, I ran inside to get my wife's camera (and 500mm telephoto lens). Looking through that, I still saw no plane, just the vapor trail. I think I may have snapped a shot.
I then called my wife, who came outside just in time to see the plane appear right in front of our eyes. I took a couple of pictures. The plane had four engines, and was a white, standard jetliner/tanker/commercial aircraft. (Sorry for the none-too-technical description).
When I thought about why I didn't see the plane, I also wondered if the atmosphere could've somehow naturally masked the plane from my sight. I considered it doubtful, since it remained invisible from the horizon until it was straight over my head, and because of the immediate transition from invisible to visible.
So what about the active camouflage idea? I first read about that several years ago, in a cover story of 'Popular Mechanics' magazine. But why would (presumably) the military want to conceal an aircraft over a big city?
There's another twist that might go a long way towards answering the question. Someone with access to lots of white tanker aircraft has been systematically spraying something over densely populated areas, for the past few years. I didn't believe it at first, until one year ago, when I looked up to find an "X" in the sky that turned into a grid of white lines.
Because I have watched aircraft all my life, I was suprised to see that (unlike other contrails) this grid of vapor trails increased in size, until they spread into a wispy cloud cover, with a nice 'rainbow ring' around the sun.
For 28 years, I have lived near three international airports (OAK, SFO, San Jose), and Moffet Field (navy aviation, nasa ames). With my lifelong fascination for aircraft, I think I'm qualified to say that these vapor trails were not created along the usual flight routes.
After about a month, they stopped spraying in my (San Francisco Bay) area. Then last November, they began again, usually 2 or 3 days a week. I've taken several photos of them as they turn the spray on and off. After awhile, it became like sport, trying to catch them 'in the act'. That's why I grabbed the camera for this latest plane. (Amusing fact: normal vapor contrails don't "turn on or off").
By the way, the day of my "invisible plane sighting" was yet another "spray day". A couple of hours afterward, the sky was again covered with a grid of vapor trails.
After reading and observing, I've come up with a theory. I think it's merely a secret SDI program to place a catalyst in the air, to enhance the effectiveness of an electromagnetic 'boundary layer' in the upper atmosphere. Sounds kinda funny, but the science fits. You just have to dig to find the info.
For that matter, the politics fits too. China and Russia would be pissed if they knew we had an operational Star Wars system. Solution? Keep it secret, even from American citizens.
And that, my friend, explains the invisible aircraft. They have the technology. They have the motivation.
QED, and all that....
related pages: (separate wheat from chaff, when reading these) (this last is someone else's photos of the trails that convinced me)
And finally, look up this U.S. patent:
the company is APTI, "Dedicated To The Development Of Breakthrough Technologies, Systems And Products For U.S. Government and Commercial Customers."
breathe deeply,
Kevin McClellan Hayward, Ca.

WALDOBORO -- I was driving southbound on Route 1 at 4:30 PM, when I noticed a bright object in the sky straight ahead on January 10, 2001. I watched the object until returning to the farm where I drive a delivery truck. When I returned to the farm I told my bosses girlfriend to take a look at it. Her daughter and she and I looked at it out the back window. We got a pair of binoculars to try to get a better view of it as we could not tell what it was. On closer examination with the binoculars we still had no idea. It was red like it was on fire and a cigar shape to it. We did not see any blinking lights or anything that made it look like a plane. I thought it may be a plane with the sun setting reflecting off of it. The object was traveling horizontally in the southwest direction. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director NUFORC
BAYONNE -- On the night of January 21, 2001, I was on the Staten Island Ferry to Manhattan. From the window I noticed a bright, white light low in the sky over New Jersey. I went to the rear deck of the boat to get a better look. It appeared to be brighter than any planet I've ever seen in the night sky, and too low on the horizon to be a planet of such brightness. I got to the Manhattan side, and noticed the light had moved north and was now somewhere near Newark. It then changed in color to bright red, pulsed periodically, and moved Westward eventually fading. I returned the next night, at the same time, to the same vantage point at Battery Park. It was clear it was not any planet, as there was nothing in that part of the sky and at the time and the weather was quite clear. Thanks to MUFON WORLDWIDE UFO DATABASE
HALIFAX --Tom Ginther, VA MUFON reports that Susann and her engineer friend were driving back from getting hay for her horses on January 21, 2001. They were driving south on Red Bank Road towards Virgilina when they saw a silver disk shaped object moving north towards them. It was approximately 5,000 feet high, they at first thought it may be a jet, but there was no contrails, it was a clear blue sky day. They saw it moving north for about three seconds then it Vanished it appeared to be moving faster than a jet. They said if the sun would not have shined off of it they would not have seen it. Thanks to Tom Ginther
Bruce Maccabee writes, "I have comments on your NORTH CAROLINA report in Filer's Files #5 regarding "the mysterious booming noises that have shaken the Cape Fear coast from time to time returned last week. The National Earthquake Information Center in Boulder, Colo., detected no major earth movement in the area. Modern theories include that the booms are caused by jets breaking the sound barrier, the shifting of the continental shelf, or a volume of air suddenly becoming hotter than the air surrounding it and exploding like a balloon." I have difficulty in imagining the third suggested explanation: air being heated rapidly in some volume and then exploding. A shock wave or sonic boom requires that at the source of the sound the air be traveling faster than the speed of sound (shock wave means faster than low level sound). This requires that a considerable amount of energy be placed into the air to make a volume of it move rapidly. This can happen as a result of an explosion caused by chemicals very suddenly getting hot and pushing the air away as gases from the very rapidly burning chemicals, expand.
However, for a volume of air to become suddenly hotter than surrounding air, without the presence of a chemical (or nuclear) explosion would be impossible except under certain conditions: a lightning bolt passes through, creating a plasma which absorbs electrical energy and very rapidly heats the air around it (creating thunder) or there is a sudden concentration of electromagnetic radiation (light, "heat" rays, electromagnetic radiation in any case) such as when a powerful laser beam is focused into a small volume of air (causing heating by absorption of radiation by ions in the air). Assuming the above suggested explanation was not intended to mean thunder created by lightning, then very rapid heating of a small volume of air through radiation absorption would be as close as possible to the suggested explanation above: "a volume of air suddenly becoming hotter than the air surrounding it and exploding like a balloon." So far as I know this would be a non-natural occurrence (fortunately). (I assume that the above explanation was not intended to refer to thunder from lightning.)
Jon Persinger writes regarding this possible Seismic activity: Hasn't this activity also been reported when the Aurora flies over? It seems quite possible that classified hypersonic aircraft may be causing this too. Thanks to Jon Persinger
ANDERSON -- Bruce Maccabee writes regarding the January 4, 2001, sighting of a white large object without wings moving very slowly toward the northwest. The object was white, not a light, nor silver, nor reflecting sunlight. It (SNIP) moving very slowly. Eventually it went behind the view to the cirrus clouds. As a pilot I am familiar with judging altitude, etc., and this was above 30,000 feet. The object was over an inch as measured with my hand in front of my eyes. Maccabee writes: that an inch at 3 feet arm's length corresponds (by similar triangles) to 10,000 inches at 30,000 feet. But 10,000 inches is about 830 feet. Evidently this was an object of "some size"! Thanks to Dr. Bruce Maccabbee
BLOOMINGTON -- I saw a very unusual dark aircraft on my way home from work in the evening on January 4, 2001. From a distance, driving east on Indiana 45, I saw a bright yellow light with a white light, not as bright, next to it on the same craft hovering in the sky. There were tiny red lights on top, none on the belly. As I rounded a bend between Bloomington and New Unionville, Indiana I saw that the craft was about 50 feet above treetop and crossing the road right to left, directly overhead. I pulled off to watch and noticed other vehicles behind me had also done so. There was no noise - I rolled down my window to listen - nothing. As the craft passed over my car, I got a good look at it against 'night sky light pollution' from Bloomington - it was triangle-shaped, with a white light in each of the three wing tips and appeared to be black in color. A mile or so down the road, the snow looked blown across the road like drifting. The rest of the roadway was clear. I thought copter at first, until I saw the thing. Not like any I had ever seen. It seemed like when motorists had pulled off to watch it flew away to the west. Thanks to MUFON WORLDWIDE UFO DATABASE
CLEVELAND -- Michigan MUFON reports, "On January 27, 2001, a 60 yr. old retired firefighter, paramedic, fire inspector was on Continental flight #1298 from Denver to Cleveland, talking to her seatmate by the window. The pilot had just stated that we would be at our gate at 7:25 PM. As we looked out, my seatmate asked if she was looking at the Lake Erie Shoreline less than 5 miles out on the lake. I responded, yes. As we approached the shoreline at 7:15 PM. I remarked excitedly, "Oh look, a falling star." My seatmate said, yes, it does look like one. It was such a bright light with rays of light on the outside of the round central portion of the light, or it might be a plane going down nearby. I then said, it can't be, because it is going back up. It then went in a perfectly straight line North, parallel to us, turned sharply upward and disappeared. The speed with which this all happened was really surprising. The man behind me said at the same time I did, No, it can't be a falling star, because it made a sudden horseshoe turn upward for a couple hundred feet, then abruptly made a sharp right hand turn, flew perfectly straight for several hundred feet, made another sharp turn straight upward and promptly disappeared. All three of us were totally baffled. We did not see a shape or object, just a very large, very bright light. The woman beside me was a 45 year old teacher from Denver. Thanks to Michigan MUFON.Todd Lemire Michigan UFO CENTRAL
OHIO TV DOCUMENTARY NOW SLATED FOR PRODUCTION Video production is now underway for an important television documentary entitled "Flying Saucer Crashes." Cincinnati-based Television producer Bob Leibold of Natural Light Productions, working with researcher Kenny Young has compiled a provocative database of UFO crash-cases that have been previously lost to history. Leibold states: "This one-hour program will explore historical cases of reported UFO crashes from the mid-to-late 1800s. While many have heard of the alleged Roswell 1947 incident, very few are aware of similar crashes before 1947, in some instances almost 100-years before. We are going to explore these incredible events. Thanks to Kenny Young U F O R e s e a r c h
MACHESNEY PARK -- On January 2, 2001, the witness reports seeing three high intensity lights two miles away. They were too high to be street lights and too low to be an airplane. A Flying Triangle was observed with a white light on each point, with an elongated rectangle shaped red light on the back center almost covering half of object. The object was hovering over the area and moved slowly in a southeastern direction. I was traveling in the same direction as the object and could see it was dark in color, and the lights were intense. I turned west and traveled about a mile and saw a #2 traveling in a southwestern direction with the same intense lighting, at the same height in sky. I then turned north and #3 came out above my sub division slowly and hovered over Machesney Mall which was right next to me. I stopped and watched for a couple minutes and proceeded around the corner to my home. Watching from my drive I could see the object slowly moving south. All three objects looked identical, but I could not see any detail on them. Their noise was like a loud steady hum like from a huge electric motor. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC
Editor's Note: In January of 2000, several policeman observed a Flying Triangle in Southern Illinois. A sighting of three Flying Triangles is rather remarkable. They are described as the size of a 747 or larger than a football field. It would seem more likely that these are secret craft than visitors from other worlds.
PONCA -- January 2, 2001, I was backpacking way down in the Buffalo River basin with a friend, and we set up camp, and went to sleep early. I woke up at about 11:00 PM to go the bathroom, and I witnessed a very shocking sigh. A triangle shaped craft flew over about 500 feet high with lights at the corners and a bright light shining from the center. I estimated it to be about as large as a big jet airliner and the strange thing was it was completely silent. The light in the center seemed to be searching for something, and I screamed at it defiantly! It shined the light on me, then suddenly went dark and bolted into the sky at an extremely high rate of speed. I tried waking up my friend, but he didn't seem to believe me. As I climbed back into my bag, the only comfort that I had was that at least I wasn't alone in this valley, and we weren't alone in the universe? Needless to say I didn't sleep and it has bothered me ever since. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC
RODEO -- On January 6, 2001, MUFON member Jim Filippi reports, "I saw a vapor trail in the east as I have many times. This time the trails appeared very high and were very visible, but I could not see the plane. I watch these planes all the time and this time I just could not see the plane at all. It was invisible. I called my girl friend out to see if she could see the plane and she could not either. I got my binoculars and still no plane, just the vapor trails coming from nothing visible. The sky was very clear and bright 11:00 AM. Then as I was watching the trails the jet suddenly appeared. It was a large 4 engine jet, clear as a bell and off it went. Has anyone had any similar experiences or are we just going crazy here. I am a helicopter pilot and know for a fact that this was a very strange occurrence. Thanks to Jim Filippi
Editor's Note: Atmospheric conditions could have been such as to obscure the view of the craft. Some military aircraft have camouflage making them more difficult to see. We can speculate that this system may include panels similar to computer monitors, the sky behind the craft is video- taped and the computer monitor shows the same color as the sky, making the craft virtually invisible
THE DALES -- Over the last few months, "Mercury" readers have reported seeing flying saucers, balls of fire and wedge-shaped craft in the skies over the Dales and Peaks. A large triangular UFO was seen January 17, 2001, by 44-year-old Anne Saunders who saw a spaceship hovering over Crich." She said, 'I saw a massive triangle in the sky. The retired local government official and her husband studied the craft for three minutes." The triangle was full of pulsating colored lights with a black center and made no noise." "Then the front-end bit broke away, continued Mrs. Saunders, and flew across the sky at tremendous speed. Another UFO shaped like a bowler hat was seen by two people hovering over Curbar Gap near Calver. A 46-year-old Youlgrave man, said the object was jet black and had a diameter of 100 feet. He and a friend saw the UFO at sunset on January 6. It was 300 yards away from them and 1,000 feet high. "We watched it for ten minutes, then it just disappeared into thin air," he said. "It wasn't a normal aircraft -- there were no wings or an obvious power source or jet stream. There were no lights or portalls. It was huge. Last Friday, Bakewell woman Heather Shuttleworth looked out of her car window over Beeley Moor at 5:40 AM. She and her husband saw two bright lights and looked skywards through a pair of binoculars. The lights were the shape of what flying saucers look like in documentaries. Seventeen other sightings have been reported since September. Editor Andy Darlington on (01629) 582432. Published: 31.1.01 (c) Wilfred Edmunds Newspapers Thanks to Louise A. Lowry~ :
Mac Tonnies reports preliminary analysis of Malin Space Science Systems has once again provided us with a more detailed collection of Mars Cydonia imagery. Though marred with several telltale black strips indicating loss of spacecraft data, the new images are fascinating. The Fort boasts a ruler-straight defile elevated on top of a sort of flat, tapered mesa. This straight feature is either an unprecedented fluke of geology or else the handiwork of intelligence. The mystifying lack of impact ejecta should have reduced this feature to rubble. Instead, we see a precise feature apparently undamaged by the adjacent meteor collision. Simply, there is no known geomorphological mechanism that could have produced this remarkable feature. The Cliff presents us with a uniquely demanding scientific puzzle because it is architectural-looking and constitutes compelling evidence in favor of the Artificiality Hypothesis.
While only the extreme western portion of the Mar's Face has been captured in the new image, the features thought to represent an eye and pupil are clearly visible (though degraded, as expected). Mysterious fine lines along the "headdress" are also visible, as are the "lips" and "teardrop" identified on previous images. The facial resemblance remains striking and consistent with claims of artificiality. An image of the Face's eastern half, never photographed under ideal conditions, is necessary to accurately assess the Face's bisymmetry. Meanwhile, the available photographs imply artificiality: the Face looks like a massive, windblown sculpture of a humanoid head, complete with enigmatic ornamentation. Whether this uncanny resemblance is the result of spurious geometry or conscious design remains unconfirmed. The Face's proximity to other anomalies, such as the aforementioned Cliff, increase its chances of representing what has long been suspected: hard evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence. Other anomalous features photographed include "Mound P" and its attendant hexagonal formation and the "Egyptian" pyramid located on the SW City landmass. Thanks to The Cydonian Imperative and Mac Tonnies (
Randy writes there is a debate over USN Commander (ret.) Graham E. Bethune's images that can be seen on Filer's website. I sent you detailed information last week, having personally observed a similar craft from only a short distance in 1981, which had been extensively documented by researchers going back at least ten years. Its fascinating to read the disinformation being spread about them by supposedly dedicated "truth seekers." Note that none of the critics have supplied any evidence whatsoever to the contrary that they are not of a real UFO; nor will they be ever able to. It is an instructive exercise in why so many eyewitnesses such as myself stay clear of the limelight, and instead choose to operate behind the scenes. Its a pit of vipers out there. Thankfully, I have Sgt. Stone's corroboration. As I know Commander Bethune personally. He is an elderly, dignified former Naval officer and Southern gentleman, as well as a very nice man who doesn't deserve the malicious slander coming from some sources. If it gets too out of control I'll have to seriously consider wading in, either publicly or privately, in order to defend him. Thanks to Randy.
Editor's Note: I put Commander Bethune's photos on my web site because they were very similar to a UFO I personally saw in November of 1980, in Medford, New Jersey. They had spectacular lighting effects that could not be duplicated by the normal lights I have seen anywhere on stage or on aircraft. I'm quite aware that a mockup copy costing tens of thousands of dollars was built to produce a Nashville Opreeland Stage Show. Commander Bethune has spent a great deal of time getting the plans and evaluating the tape. The confusion occurs because photos of the mock up have surfaced. Commander Bethune's photos and the mockup photos are very similar, but they do not appear to be the same object. With enough money excellent photos of UFOs can be produced as we now regularly see in the movies. Commander Bethune has repeatedly given me his word that his photos taken by a close friend are real. I ask any of the doubters to come up with photos any whereas good. Whenever excellent photos or videos are released, certain groups often claim they are not real. These photos were so spectacular that Commander Bethune wanted as many people as possible to see them and put them in a booklet. The $10 cost barely covers printing and mailing that I have provided to those who desired them. The validity of the photographs is at this time an irresolvable issue because so far the photographer refuses to come forward and allow a full investigation and duplication of the event. Anyone who wishes their money back, please return the booklet and I will happily refund their money. I'm aware of many similar photos that are not released because of similar attacks. I place the photos on my web site and offer them for sale so that those who wish to study them may do so. Each person can make up their own mind whether they believe the photos are real. I have spent months attempting to investigate these photos and each step brings more questions. Probably an interesting book could be written about these photos. I cannot prove these photos are real nor can I prove they are not an unidentified flying object.
(note: We alerted George to our examination of the photos several years ago, which can be seen at
George was kind enough to respond:
Commander Bethune's Photos
From George Filer
Dear Jeff,
I put Commander Bethune's photos on my web site because they were very similar to a UFO I saw in November of 1980. They had spectacular lighting effects that could not be duplicated by the normal lights I have seen anywhere on stage or in aircraft. I'm quite aware that a mock-up copy was built to produce at a Nashville Oprahland Stage Show costing thousands of dollars. In fact, I have a copy of the video tape from the show. Commander Bethune spent a great deal of time getting the plans and evaluating the tape.
The photos of the two UFOs are similar, but they do not appear to be the same object. With enough money excellent photos of UFOs can be produced as we now regularly see in the movies. Commander Bethune has given me his word they are real. I ask any of the doubters to come up with photos anywhere as good. When ever good photos or videos are released, a great deal of time and effort is put into proving they are not real. These photos were so spectacular that Commander Bethune put them in a booklet. The $10 cost barely covers printing and mailing. Anyone who wishes their money back, please return the booklet and I will happily refund their money.
The validity of the photographs is at this time an irresolvable issue because so far the photographer refuses to come forward and allow a full investigation and duplication of the event. I'm aware of many similar photos that are not bought forward because of the attacks by various investigators. I provide various photos sent to me to bring them to the public's attention so each person can make up their own mind. I have spent months attempting to investigate these photos and each step brings more questions. Probably an interesting book could be written about them.
George Filer ]]]
CD OF FILER'S FILES for the last four years 1997 through 2000 is available for $25.00. PHOTOGRAPH BOOKLET of some of the best UFO photographs available and data on their propulsion systems by US Navy Commander Graham Bethune. $10.00. Send check or money order to G. Filer 222 Jackson Road, Medford, NJ 08055. Both the CD and booklet cost $30.00.
Jeff Challender has prepared a new tape of various UFOs that were caught on recent Shuttle video footage. Jeff has over an hour long tape of UFOs shot in space. Jeff spends hundreds of hours watching the shuttle broadcasts from space and is now an expert. Using Jeff's directions you will be able to learn the difference between space junk, ice crystals and real UFOs. One segment has 24 UFOs watching the shuttle from space. Send $25 to: Jeff Challender 2768 Mendel Way - Sacramento, California 95833-2011
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