Vivid UFO Sightings Increase
Across The US And UK
By George A. Filer
Director - Mutual UFO Network Eastern
MUFON Skywatch Investigations
Filer's Files #7 2-13-1

PORTERVILLE -- I watched a UFO cruise by my house at low altitude, noiselessly with Ferris wheel lights and a strange saucer shape. It was between 8:45-9:00 PM on January 25, 2001. It was a cloudy night with rain falling sporadically, I was letting my cat out when I noticed a Saucer shaped vehicle moving very slowly with no noise whatsoever. It was about 200 feet altitude and it was close enough that I could tell it to be about the size of an 18-wheeler truck. At arm's length the craft would be the size of your thumb from nail to knuckle. My best guess is that it was about 300 yards out. I was looking west from my porch, and the vehicle was traveling south at five miles per hour, coming to full stops occasionally for 1 or 2 seconds then continuing on till it disappeared from my sight. It had spinning lights red, blue, white and green and looked like a circus Ferris wheel. The sighting took place within a 2-3 minute period. I realized that I was standing in my front yard with nothing but my underwear and I returned to my home . Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC
ENCINO -The witness was driving home from Encino on the Ventura Freeway 101 on January 21, 2001, and saw a helicopter with a spot light on. He thought this could mean there is a police chase going on in the nearby vicinity. The witness stated, "I kept my eye on the craft as I drove and I began to notice that the spot wasn't actually on but the helicopter was hovering very slowly and smoothly around 7:30 PM. I then noticed that what I had mistaken for a spotlight was simply one very large white light and the craft had NO BLADES." The altitude of the craft was twice that of what a normal helicopter would be navigating at, yet the craft was large enough to where my perspective of it's altitude was skewed due to it's size. Alarmed, I began driving directly underneath the craft and looked up to see that it APPEARED to be triangular and had a series of ODDLY-COLORED lights flashing on it's underside. I am a skeptic now as I was prior to last night's events. Nonetheless, I'm entirely certain there were/are others who saw what I did since the freeway was fairly busy. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC
POUGHQUAG, DUTCHESS COUNTY - Peter Davenport reports a witness saw an object which appeared to be red in color from the bottom and was moving from a north westerly direction heading southeast on January 20, 2001. The object was moving very fast at 9:53 AM and was shaped like a saucer. The object was moving very fast and suddenly took off with such speed it vanished from sight within an instant. I have seen aircraft and used to be a pilot and have never seen anything like this nor have I ever seen an object just vanish from sight just as quickly as it appeared. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director NUFORC
TRENTON -- Astronomer Scott Forrest told us during our monthly MUFON Meeting that he made his first sighting of an unidentified flying object on February 1, 2001, over the capital at 4:45 PM. A green object flying at high speed estimated at 18,000 mph flew over traveling from south to north in the late afternoon sunset. The object was the size of a dime at arm's length. The light was -5 and brighter than Venus in the sky. Thanks to Scott Forrest. Monthly MUFON meetings directed by Pat Marcatillio are held at the Hamilton Library the first Wednesday of each month at 7:30 PM, in Hamilton, New Jersey. Everyone is invited.
CHERRY HILL --- Eric Almen writes, "I was about 10 years old and sitting in the 'TV-room' watching the Adam's Family with my mom when my sister and father yelled from the front yard, ''quick come out and see this. I went out to see a saucer shaped UFO with colors around the edges. It silently hovered and after about a minute the lights around the edges went dim and the saucer took off in a blur again without a sound. We couldn't see where it gone but the next day there was an article in the local news section about several sightings around the Cherry Hill Barclay Farm area. One friend of the families was a higher up in the Air Force and he saw it too. His comment was, "We have nothing in our technology to maneuver or take off with that kind of accuracy and speed all at once." I would like to find that newspaper article. Thanks to Eric Almen
DELMARVA - George Reynolds the Director of NE Maryland MUFON writes that the Assistant State Director of Delaware Carl Feindt has been searching the Wilmington, "Morning News". On October 6, 1881, the news 120 years ago stated, "Peninsula people have been seeing ghosts and supernatural objects with alarming frequency during the last three weeks." The first instances of these heavenly sightings comes from Royal Oak, Maryland, a small village near the Atlantic ocean. A little girl saw after nightfall, before the moon was up, whole platoons of angels slowly marching to and fro in the clouds, their white robes and helmets glistening with a weird light. At intervals, the heavenly visitors would dance mournfully to the sound of unheard music. She rushed in to her parents telling them of the heavenly sight and fell down in fright. Her father rushed outside and was rewarded with a sight of the unearthly spectacle. The news was passed around the community by word of mouth and in an incredibly short space of time the inhabitants were out in masses gazing in open-mouth astonishment, while the white-robed host, seemingly offended at the immense amount of genuine astonishment and wonder they were creating, slowly faded from sight leaving the people of Royal Oak firm believers.
The phenomena seems to have been especially manifest in Sussex County, Delaware. "William West, a farmer living near Georgetown saw almost an identical appearance of the vision seen. He saw bands of soldiers of great size , in dazzling uniforms, their muskets quivering and shimmering in the pale weird light that seemed to be everywhere, marching with military precision and presenting arms to the sound of unheard commands. The vision was startling and lasted long enough to be seen by several of his neighbors. A man named Coverdale, who was driving through the country on a lonely road, to his astonishment saw the same band of soldiers. Many people living near Laurel, saw the same extraordinary phenomenon at the same time. They felt they saw in the midst of the soldiers, conspicuous by reason of his size and commanding presence, the hero and martyred President Garfield. These strange and supernatural appearances were seen by many people, among them the superstitious who have circulate the belief that the world will speedily come to an end. Thanks to George Reynolds MUFON Newsletter NE Maryland.
LYNCHBURG -- Andy & Robin Hodge report there was a UFO sighting videotaped by a resident in Lynchburg, Virginia on the last day of January. It was reported on the news by the weatherman. He said he was not sure what the object was and that he was not an expert in the field. I saw the video and would have guessed it to be a meteor, but this fellow said that it wasn't, implying that it was unidentifiable. Thanks to Andy & Robin Hodge
ROCKFORD -- Todd Livengood reports that on February 10, 2001, "I just had the most remarkable event happen to me at exactly 10:30 PM on Saturday. I finally saw the strange glowing orange orbs over Rockford, Illinois. It was witnessed by my brother Rick, his girlfriend Carrie, myself and five other witnesses on Alpine. There were nine orbs with the same intensity and producing a glowing orange light. Then at random individual ones would flash off then turn back on. At one point all off them flashed off except for three. That formed a triangle. Then the light intensity shot up very brightly then dimmed back to normal then the other orbs flashed back on . They swirled around one another moving slowly. I estimate the sighting lasted 15 minutes. It was very remarkable.
The multiple sightings here don't seem to be so random. I have dates and times and most of all where they seem to always be spotted. It always seems to be around the Mulford, State St. and Alpine St. area of Rockford. And it always seems to be any where around the time of 8:00 to 10:00 PM. My brother and I are investing in some Telescopic night time photography equipment. Were going to try to get a close up photo of these orbs. The sighing we saw last night was very close. My brother and I are x-military. We have done night time combat maneuvers. We have seen ball lightning and just about anything else most people would think as very extraordinary. Now my brother Rick has seen combat in Panama and the middle east and he has witnessed a lot of new technology in warfare, and he was the first to say (Todd, I have never seen anything like this before in my life). And we are now more open to talk about it with the locals, because as we were watching the event we were pulled over along the side of the street and I would glance over to see lines of cars. There had to be at least 10 or more cars pulled over as we were. Thanks to Todd Livengood.
LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND -- Bill Bimson reports from the Merseyside Anomalies Research Association (MARA) that on the 8th of February 2001, the witness observed an incredible sighting of unidentified craft. I live in Aigburth (Liverpool) in back of St Michaels and my flat faces towards Sefton Park where I had a clear daylight sighting nearly 3 years ago. Recently, at the time of the moon eclipse I saw small bright flashing lights which seemed to be hovering or moving swiftly in circular flight paths towards the park. Tonight was much more astounding. I saw a green flash of light outside my window around 7.45 PM so I went to look. It was another full moon evening, and the sky was quite light. Underneath the moon, I noticed a large extremely straight vapor trail, that looked most unlike the trails planes leave, being much wider and thicker. I then noticed there were lights hovering over the park again. I called my mother, and she said she could see the vapor trail, but nothing else. I went back to the window, and I saw many white lights and one red gathered together.
As it moved towards my house I realized it was a huge triangular shaped craft: The white lights ran along each side and there was a red line of light down the center, the apex at the front as it moved right over my house, where I lost vision of it. Four minutes later another huge triangular shape came over the roof top and flew towards the park, but this one had many different colored lights (orange, green, red, white as I recall) which alternated. This moved rapidly towards the lake-end of the park behind the trees where it hovered and then moved out of sight. The smaller lights and another larger cluster of lights were still moving around distantly in the same area over the park for 10 to 15 minutes. My mother was told her friends son also saw a very large craft flying towards the park last night. Despite the enormous size/closeness of the two craft that went directly over my house , there was no engine noise. A jumbo jet of that size would be so close as to shake the house and be quite deafening! Any further reports of this sighting to be sent to Bill Bimson MARA
MANCHESTER - Steve Mara reports that a UFO was spotted on February 11, 2001, by numerous witnesses who claim the bits of its tail was falling off. Most UFO researchers refer to this as 'splintering.' Some witnesses stated it shot off at a high speed, others say it winked out. The Manchester International Airport said they had picked up nothing unusual, but were aware of the sighting and contributed it to meteor activity. However, the Manchester Astronomical Society were aware of no meteor activity at all. The BBC later reported that the Jodrell Bank observatory confirmed it to be a meteor, which explained the initial portion of the sighting, but possibly not the later reports which stated the object shot off at a high rate of speed. Thanks to Steve Mara =
GLOUCESTER -- Cosmic Conspiracies received a report of a strange green object flew over on February 8, 2001. The witness stated, "My extremely sensible son was watching a police helicopter around 7:15 PM when a "large green ball" suddenly flew low across the sky and directly underneath the helicopter that was hovering above Painswick Road roundabout." It was heading roughly toward Cheltenham then it vanished. From the direction it seemed to have appeared from a flock of Pigeons were flying; he wondered if it had disturbed their roost as they do not fly in the dark? I would guess the direction to have been South West to North East. Thanks to Dave at Cosmic Conspiracies UFORCE International Director(UK)
LONG ISLAND -- Robert Roy Britt SPACE.COM reports, An international team of researchers announced Thursday findings in the subatomic world that, if proven accurate, could upset a basic set of laws that scientists use to describe the physical world. The potential change in thinking would force cosmologists to reconsider the origin, and daily operation of the universe. THE DISCOVERY involves the study tiny particles called muons. The data, generated at Brookhaven National Laboratory, conflicts with previous measurements that explained the behavior of the subatomic particles. A muon is a subatomic particle, something like an electron but heavier. They are so tiny that they aren't made of smaller particles, yet they play an outsized role in shaping the physical world. Brad Keister, director of the nuclear physics program at the National Science Foundation, said the finding, if it holds up, will change how cosmologists view the evolution of the universe back to and including the Big Bang. The work, will also put researchers on the trail of new theories to explain missing matter in the universe, Keister said. Scientists have only accounted for some 10 percent or less of the mass known to exist. The rest, noted by how its gravity affects visible objects, is sometimes called dark matter. These studies may help explain gravity. Thanks to -- Robert Roy Britt at SPACE.COM
Editor's Note: Scientists are making new discoveries on a regular basis potentially upsetting the laws of physics. What hasn't reached the news is that mankind's DNA appears to have undergone major manipulation in the past suggesting that outside forces managed our genes and human development. God, angels or aliens may have interfered with our gene pool. Fifty new planets have been found outside our solar system. Let's assume we find small living organisms on Mars, it would seem likely we would attempt to improve the Martian life forms like someone apparently did with ours.
Tim Cooper writes, "I have identified all the major national news and information media in the U.S. that have not, and will not, cover the chemtrail mystery, investigate the JFK assassination conspiracy, and the Clinton-Mena connection to drug operations in Arkansas. Most, if not all, are influenced and have been controlled by the Pentagon, US Intelligence, since 1963. I have provided the list, and who ever wants to find out who owns them, they'll have to do their own homework. You will note that most are in New York, the political power base of the United States and are dominated by just four media empires. Anyone associated with intelligence can verify what I said. There is no such thing as freedom of the press in this country. All major news stories are dictated in New York and from the White House..Please see
Editors Note: My experience is that neither the intelligence agencies nor the news media are that well organized to be able to control all outlets. If you can provide convincing evidence the story will get out.
Donald Ratsch writes, according to a Larry King Show, Shirley Maclaine revealed that former President Carter told her about UFO crashes and alien bodies. The transcript of this exchange started with a caller from Cocoa, Florida. Larry King says, "Cocoa Florida with Shirley Maclaine, hello. Caller responds, "Hello, Good evening Larry and Shirley, About two weeks ago, Nicholas Cage was on the Letterman Show and said Shirley had told him that President Carter had told her he had seen recovered alien spacecraft and aliens in a hanger. Can you tell me exactly what President Carter said?" Shirley Maclaine replied, "He didn't tell me that, but he told me many times that when I first wrote "Out On A Limb" that he would support me, that it was true, that there were crafts, that he believed there were occupants, why should we be the only people in the universe. He wanted to shine the sunshine laws on intelligence, to expose it, to see how the people would react, but he didn't and wouldn't and couldn't, as he explained to me." King: back with our remaining moments with Shirley Maclaine right after this. (Larry King Show, May 1995)
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