Area 51 Possible UFO
Photographed On June 6
From Art Adams <>

We note the similarity to recent televised and published pictures of cylindrical UFOs
seen in broad daylight (and for many days) over Beijing, China - ed.
Here's the story in a nut -shell. I was driving from Groom Lake road outside of Area 51 torward Rachel Nevada, on my way to the Little Ale'Inn. It was approx 8:00 pm and I was driving North on Highway 375 (extraterestrial Highway). Any questions, or more
From Santiago Yturria
(Note - Our thanks to Santiago, one of Mexico's finest researchers, for sharing this information.)
Dear Jeff,
In comparison to the ufo photo taken in the Groom Lake road by Art Adams and also the ufo photo from Beijing, both published yesterday on your page: Here in Monterrey, we had a very similar sighting just last May 15th in which this object, with an orange glowing tail, appeared in the sky for almost half an hour.
Many witnesses saw this unknown at about 8:00 PM in a very clear sunset evening, and Mr. Raúl Garza, a local engineer, took several pictures. Seeing the photos anyone could say that it may be just a military turboreaction jet. However, and according to all the witnesses, the object remained static in the sky for more than ten minutes and no known airplane can make that maneuver. Besides, the size of the object was very large and the luminosity very bright. Some witnesses were able to see two little white cylindrical objects flying around the big object. One of the photos show this strange orb.

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