Crop Circles Appear In
Quebec Barley Field


MONTREAL - A dairy farmer near Montreal is trying to figure out how a series of mysterious circles appeared in his barley crop.
John Peddie chuckles at all the attention his field is drawing. "I've no idea how they were made, but they're certainly well made. It's a mystery to me," he said.
Peddie says, however, that he doesn't believe anything extraterrestrial is responsible ­ like flying saucers. Neither does Andre Bordeleau, a lecturer at the Montreal planetarium. He says the circles are man-made, someone used a plank to flatten the grain.
It's the repetition of a hoax started decades ago by two artists in England. But Bordeleau admits there isn't a lot he can do to stop people from believing UFOs are responsible.
"That's why The X Files was nine years on TV. People are interested in that kind of stuff. They'd like to believe that there's unexplained events, that there's a paranormal aspect of their lives. It makes it exciting, I guess."
Bordeleau notes the crop circles have appeared suspiciously close to the release of a new Hollywood movie based on the practice.
Written by CBC News Online staff


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