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George A. Filer
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Filer's Files #20

UFO SIGHTINGS in Pennsylvania lights, Virginia, Florida circular objects, Kentucky lights, Indiana radio report, Illinois abduction, Texas sphere, Canada daylight sighting, Cuba activity, Mexican UFOs, Argentina cigar, Chile objects and Australia lights. Thoughts on Roswell.
Last Saturday, I spoke at the Roswell Museum and had a wonderful time meeting the staff and volunteers who work there. . I encourage everyone to visit the museum which has had over a million visitors. The exhibits, library and gift shop are outstanding. Everyone was gracious and friendly and made me feel at home. The museum has wonderful displays and exhibits that need to be seen by everyone. The on going research into Roswell appears to gaining ground with new witnesses coming in regularly. I also was able to visit the Foster Ranch crash site. Although, I searched the field for several hours, I was unable to find any crash debris in the rocky ground filled with various holes of animals such as prairie dogs. There are a million hiding places for small bits of metal It was a warm day but surprisingly cold on the field I had the feeling that there must be some metal left and that underground radar may be able to detect its presence. It would cost about $20,000 to have an underground survey of the site. A tax exempt donation to pay for the survey of the debris site might be able to find the answer once and for all? Contact
PHOENIXVILLE -- On April 10, 2002, the witness reports, it was changing shapes and turning from a dull red to a bright white. At11:30 PM, it was moving slowly and just hovering over the houses. It was beautiful, so I called my stepdaughter to see what I was looking at, and asked her if she thought it could be an airplane? She said, "Its blinking on and off and changing colors from dull red to bright white. This is no joke!! Please help me to understand what I just saw. There were a four or five airplanes that flew right under it and someone must have seen it.
VIRGINIA BEACH --While admiring the planetary alignment that occurred on April 17, 2002, on an extremely clear night I noticed two bright lights completely parallel to each other east to west not north to south at 8:30 PM. I thought they were stars at first, but I noticed they were moving east at a rapid speed, with brightness about the magnitude of Venus. Then I noticed two more parallel lights that were north and south of each other moving ahead of the first set but slightly dimmer. The two dimmer set of lights then changed position criss crossing each other. I watched both sets as they disappeared into the haze of the city lights. ((NUFORC Note: ISS and Space Shuttle passed over Virginia Beach at 20:45 on this date. PD))
PENSACOLA -- Two stationary lights on the western horizon suddenly moved simultaneously upward then began to move southwesterly on April 17, 2002. Both were whitish lights that never "blinked", or flickered at 9:30 PM, seemed to be very far out in distance, and both moved simultaneously and at an angle to each other. After 10 to 15 seconds one light disappeared, then a couple of seconds later the second light disappeared. ((NUFORC Note: ISS and Space Shuttle passed over this area US at 20:21 on this date. Please see PD
DELAND -- A circular object with three different colors hovered over the trees on April 17, 2002, 12:34 AM making jerky motions. The circular object was sort of floating around above the trees in no repetitive motion but very erratic. Showing green, red and blue colors the object disappeared after hovering in that specific area for about three minutes.
TAMPA -- The witness reports, "I was coming out of the AMC Westshore Theater on April 8, 2002, on the top level at around 9:45 PM with my mother. I looked up to look at the night sky and when I did I thought what I saw was a meteorite coming down or skipping around on the atmosphere. So I kept looking but then in less than 3 seconds it turned and began to move very quickly. It was zig zaging like a person shining a pen light on a board and moving it quickly. That is why I thought it was a meteorite skipping off the atmosphere at first. Then I realized that it was going in and out and underneath and above the clouds. It moved toward the south all in the space of about 10-30 seconds. Nothing to my knowledge could have even endured the G forces. Also the speed was tremendous. It traveled at about 5 miles within 5 seconds. I had already pointed it to my mother who said, "She would never get over it." I too am as amazed. I have wanted to see something like this for 22 years and now it's happened. I would also like to make clear that it looked like a firefly (except no trails of light behind) and that it was not only going above and through clouds it would also be clearly seen from the backdrop of space. There was no light from the ground creating it also. This light was very clearly a UFO. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director of NUFORC
NEW ALBANY -- Kathleen Keith reports on a May 11, 2002, she was listening to a police scanner up north (still in Indiana) and heard that a UFO had come down and landed on the road and blew someone's car? or person? right off the road. That was all they heard. Later they checked out the news broadcasts and the papers and there was no mention of it. You would think that if it came down on the road there would be a lot of people who would have seen it. Thanks to Kathleen Keith.
SCOTT AIR FORCE BASE - K. Chadwick reports that on Monday, April 29, my daughter and I were traveling up towards St. Louis on I-57. About 10:00 PM, we spotted a bright light north of us, that behaved strangely, then seemed to hover which we lost from our line of sight. About an hour later, south of St. Louis on I-64 (north) we saw what looked like the same light (brighter than the brightest star) again and my daughter was looking right at it, perfect visibility, as it disappeared. We pulled off the interstate just past the Scott AFB exit and saw 3 craft very low to the ground, moving extremely slowly. They appeared to have 3 big lights at the front of the craft. As we came to a stop in a gas station lot, we got out and looked up at a triangular craft, (not raked-winged, perfectly triangular) approx. the size of a basketball held at arm's length. Its shape was very well outlined by the starry sky and it was totally stopped directly overhead. We heard what appeared to be jet aircraft sounds, although not as loud as you would expect by its proximity. I can't help but think all these sightings are related and wonder who are piloting these craft, which we know nothing about, in our skies. Thanks to Chadwick"
Paul S. reports, I learned about missing time and a position change on Carlyle Lake in Illinois that took place on October 28, 1999 with the help of a GPS trail. It took a long time but I finally found some one who could assist me in recovering the memories of this event. On Saturday, April 6, 2002, I went to Craig Lang a hypnotherapist and investigator and was able to recover the memories of the Carlyle incident with his help. I was pulled in my boat straight at the railroad bridge embankment just as the GPS showed. It was at a lower angle than I had thought so for a while I thought I would hit it, and then the flight curved up. The boat did not stay level as I had imagined, but tipped over and I floated out after trying to hang on. By the time I found myself going into the craft the boat was almost upside down. It seemed as if I went right through the floor of the craft with no door involved but I am not sure of this. I always figured I would look up at some time and see the UFO, but I was too scared to look.
A grey came over and escorted me to a table. I focused on his strange looking hand. I remember that the tips of his fingers had little balls or something on them. I did not want him to touch me. I don't remember being undressed, but when I wound up on the table, my clothes were gone. That was embarrassing. A bigger guy came, stuck his eyes in my face, and seemed to engulf me and suck something out of my mind. I guess that this was some kind of brain scan. When he left I swung myself off the table and went to where my clothes where. The next thing I know I am back on the table and again got off. Then they let me dress and maybe even helped me. Then they stuck me in my boat, opened a hatch of some kind and shoved me and the boat into the air about 900 feet over Carlyle Lake. I was so scared I stopped the regression and took a rest. I then was able to remember the boat splashing down and my reseating in it without harm. Maybe I made them mad.
There is more, of course, including an abduction that took place while I was walking in a park in Southern Illinois. Several years ago they took me straight off the ground up into the clouds and into a craft. I was unable to remember what happened on the craft that time. I kept saying, "Is this a view from an airplane?" However, all I could see was the toes of my shoes, no window, and no airplane. This had to be quite a few years ago. Craig had to work with me to break the memory blocks they use. He backed me up from the second position on the lake and had me repeatedly replay the events leading up to the abduction. Once I remembered the flight to the craft then things came easier. Nothing on the craft looked as I had visualized it. On the first day, I saw everything on the ship as clouds and not clear. On the second day, the images on the ship where quite clear. Thanks to Paul S
Peter Davenport called me in Roswell just as I started to check into the Budget Motel, that an interesting report had just came in from airline pilots on a Café Pacific flight from Kennedy Airport, New York to Vancouver on May 9, 2002, at 1:45 AM. They spotted a spectacular fireball entering the atmosphere about 70 miles south of Sault St. Marie. The object lit up the night sky Thanks ro Debbie.
AUSTIN -- The observer states, "I was headed for work on April 10, 2002, and was dropping off my trash at the dumpster and looked up and saw a Silver Sphere just hovering 4:35 PM. It never moved and just hung there motionless in the clear blue sky. At first I thought it was a balloon but it never drifted with the wind. The clouds were moving by it but it never changed position. I watched it for about 5 minutes curious at what it was and even looked for someone else around to show it to but of course no one was there. What struck me, as being unusual is it was a breezy day but it had no effect on it moving with the wind. I had to continue on to work so I never got to see it leave. It was shiny and looked silver to me because it did have a glare off it. It basically looked like a Silver Ball hanging in the air.
TELLURIDE -- On May 3, 2002, a large disc shaped craft with a dome on top was seen hovering over Telluride Airport. The craft was as large as a 747 jet aircraft. At 3:00 AM, locals there reported that supplies were arriving at the airport by transport and going up the highway by transport under heavy security. Black helicopters also flew in the area. He surmises that this was an ongoing supply operation for a Base nearby, most likely Idarado Mine? He said that that mine was purchased before public listing was made available, "off the market" several years ago by someone connected to Ford Motor Co. IDARADO MINE has 360 miles of tunnels under a mountain ridge with a western entrance located about 2 miles east of Telluride and the eastern portal about 11 miles south of Ouray. The Idarado mines and mill operated until 1978.
The witness reports, He thinks they are looking around all the time for high resonance individuals that they can tamper with, and that they are particularly focused on the Telluride culture. Possibly due to the base there. ".... He also mentioned an encounter reported to him by a woman who was talking with someone who was having a conversation with her and all of a sudden this person's hands started to become lizard-like." My girl friend who was on military duty saw an individual dressed in a military fatigues, change appearance to a Reptilian Humanoid while she was standing in the commissary at Ft. Sam Houston, TX BLM manages 8.3 million acres of public lands and 27.3 million subsurface acres. The first Colorado sighting of a UFO that was a metallic object was sighted hovering above Manitou Springs for several minutes on May 19th, 1947, that flew aerial acrobatics in the afternoon sky. Thanks to Christopher O'Brian, author of "Enter the Valley "(St. Martins Press),.
MARTINEZ LAKE -- Two witnesses went up on the river about fifteen miles and pulled into an inlet to swim on March 30, 2002. They heard a loud noise that sounded like a jet or some kind of plane at 2:30 PM. Two of the people we were with were saying, "look at that" while pointing to the sky. As I looked up there I saw 5 white spheres dancing around. They at first were dancing in a circle then all started heading out in a line where they all would disappear before my very eyes. A second report came in on March 30, 2002, at 2:30 PM, regarding a sighting of a daylight object. The five witnesses report seeing five spheres. The friends I was with decided to take their boat up river 10 to 15 miles and go swimming. I looked up and after focusing my eyes I saw 5 round white objects floating around. At first it looked like they had formed a circle and then they proceeded to float out into a line. I then lost track of them. Thanks to NUFORC
OTTAWA, ONTARIO -- Brian Vike reports that on Saturday April 17, 2002, on Montreal Road in Vanier across from a grave-yard there was a daylight sighting of a UFO. The witness reports, "I work in a convent as a chef and I am the only smoker in the building and I have to go out side. I was on my lunch brake 12:30 PM, when I looked up to see what looked like a small airplane coming from the northeast. As it got closer, I noticed that it was oval shaped and changing color from black to silver. The sighting lasted for about a minute and disappeared behind a large cloud. The size of the craft was about 25 to 30 feet long and about 15 to 20 feet wide at the front of the craft. The craft was black and silver and rocking side to side at about 300 feet high as it changed color. It flew behind a cloud and disappeared. Brian Vike writes, "Based on some of the reports I have received this year, there seems to be a pattern of very frightened people." Thanks to Brian Vike http://www.HBCC
**HAVANA--Mike Bird reports on his recent trip says, "An intense wave of UFO activity has taken place in Cuba in recent years." Havana-based researchers have made a series of documentaries and books. He was able to interview five UFO researchers who disclosed an intense wave of activity that the Cuban military has blamed on UFOs that are US aircraft used for reconnaissance. A Cuban farmer, Adolfo Zarate, saw a UFO in a rainstorm landing 60 meters away. "A being that looked human wearing a gas mask and dressed in camouflaged clothes climbed down a ladder that lowered out of the camouflaged grass-colored UFO. The pilot got down and inspected the craft. He spoke to someone in the cockpit. I think he was collecting some rice shoots or ripping out a "malanga" (coco-yam) plant. After climbing up a ladder, the UFO flew off in a burst of blue fire. The only thing I was the pressure of the air expelled through its exhaust." The craft was the size of a touring machine. There were no wings or propellers and it made no sound. It looked like a flattened egg or a turtle that landed on two legs, like shock absorbers. To me, the device had skates, because it left its wheels well marked. The beings face could not be seen, but he resembled a normal man. I didn't notice him bearing arms," he told the Sunday newspaper Juventud Rebelde de Cuba. Thanks to Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology and Yohanan Diaz Translation (C)
MOUNT POPOCATEPETL - reports UFOs are seen nearly every day near the volcano. There will be one or more hovering near the crater---and there has been one there just about EVERY night! It stays in position all night long----leaving at dawn and returning at dusk------They can be seen on the CENEPRED webcam, which monitors the volcano all the time, in case they have to warn the people of the need to evacuate. At night you can see some stars moving across the screen, but the UFO holds it's position---above and to the east of the crater as little bit In daylight, I have seen objects come an go---sometimes dark and sometimes illuminated-----but usually in the same position ! Believe it or not ( and I have print-outs to prove it ) One week, there were 3 UFOs forming a right triangle, then they were gone but the NEXT day, they came back and AGAIN formed a right triangle---each object back in it's original position !! You can hold up the printouts to a strong light and all 3 of them line up---even though each page is from different days ! An example of extreme intelligence and marvelous navigation! Fortunately, the time and date are on the printouts! Thanks to -Dr. Oren Swearingen MUFON State Section Director for SE Texas Region ployee) were sitting at Tuvalu's one and only hotel
CACHI -- Three motorcyclists from Cachi who were driving along National Hwy. 33 informed El Tribuno that they had witnessed "a fantastic sight in May 6, 2002 report." "We saw,"--said the bikers--" an enormous cigar-shaped unidentified flying object (UFO) measuring some 100 meters in length." Martin Oliver, Ruben Chihan and Antonio Rodo, young bikers well known throughout the area, claimed that their experience occurred on May 1st as they headed back from the capital. "We want our names to be included, because for a long time we've been hearing similar stories from fellow residents who out of a sense of shame or sheer cowardice do not want their names printed in the paper," stressed the sportsmen. "We were finishing the Tin Tin stretch when we saw a strange light from the east, in the vicinity of Payogasta. We stopped our rides and saw it: an enormous cylinder measuring some 100 meters in length, shining like a mirror in the reflected light of the setting sun. It was shaped like a giant cigarette and flew slowly some 200 meters from the ground. We couldn't believe it but it was real. It made no noise whatsoever and appeared to be made of a material similar to polished steel, " the cyclists reported. "Suddenly, it stopped and remained suspended in mid-air. A few seconds later, it began flying at an astonishing speed and lost itself in space."Thanks to (C) 1995-2002. El Tribuno Digital Translation (C) 2002. Institute of Hispanic Ufology.
Angol -- Restlessness and commotion gripped residents of Angol and its environs as a result of a wave of UFOs recorded in the past few hours, in the downtown area of the capital city on May 6, 2002. Only yesterday afternoon, about 15 residents of the town of Cornelio Saavedra were witnesses to three nearly simultaneous sightings of strange devices that moved swiftly through the sky, issuing flashes of multi-hued light, accordng to the Diario Austral de Araucania Newspaper. The phenomenon was caught on video by ufologist Raul Gajardo. It is perhaps worth noting that experts consider the area as a "hot spot" for UFOs given the repeated sighitngs which occur every so often and the large number of witnesses who claim having seen unconventional craft crossing the heavens over the area. According to the information furnished by Gajardo, the first sighting came about around 19:00 hours when a UFO moving from north to south made an abrupt dive from an altitude of some 1000 feet, only to lose itself in the horizon. Only minutes after the event took place--says the ufologist--anothern reddish object appeared from the Nahuelbuta Range in the vicinity of the sector known as Aguas Santas, becoming lost in the clouds while a third device remained motionless in the sky. The multicolored craft began moving some 60 degrees in a straight line over the mountain range, without making a sound. Subsequently, it increased its brightness in 5 second intervals and subsequently continued its trajectory toward the north until it vanished completely," explained the researcher. Several similar events occurred only days ago in the capital of Malleco province witnessed by five students who recorded the phenomenon, and a group of fishermen. Thanks to Diario Las Ultimas Noticias and the Institute of Hispanic Ufology
CROYDON VICTORIA -- Jaqui who was dozing around 2:00 AM, was awakened by a very bright light which came in through her window, she said it was strange because there was no noise, and the brightness of the light was such that it looked like daytime outside. It went away, and came back again. She then stated that 3 years ago she saw something with four lights that looked so unusual that she stopped the car to get a better look. She noticed other drivers had also stopped to look. She was on Dorset road. Thanks to George Simpson AUFORN Vic and Diane Harrison National Director The Australian UFO Research Network and Australian Skywatch Director
Going to Roswell and talking to some of the key people as helped clarify the incident in my mind. I came to the conclusion that virtually everyone involved was intelligent, honest, patriotic and was attempting to do their duty. Each person was telling their story from their point of view. Based on conversations with Lorretta Proctor, Walter Hault, Tom Carey, Jessie Marcel Jr, Dave Swinks, watching Bob Durant's excellent video tape, and touring the key sites with Dennis Balhaser and Bruce Rhodes, and photographer James Bond Johnson, I came to some conclusions that will probably cause some controversy. Neil Morris has also made many additions and suggestions to this paper.
After being notified there was strange wreckage at the Foster Ranch near Roswell in July of 1947, CIC Captain Sheridan Cavitt and Major Jessie Marcel were lead there by rancher MacK Brazel, but apparently drove in separate cars to investigate. Captain Cavitt claims to have picked up a weather balloon and probably a RAWIN radar reflector. Mean while Major Marcel was picking up an unknown type of metallic debris with strange markings and unusual strength given to him by Mack Brazel. Cavitt, when first questioned by researchers initially denied being even stationed at the base at the time, but when this was later proved to be untrue he then changed his story to the debris only being that of a weather balloon and radar target. He stuck to that story even when questioned for the AF Roswell report. The feeling in most circles is that Cavitt was heavily involved in the recovery after Marcel left for Fort Worth and was ordered never to speak about what actually happened. .
Ricketts was at the time a Sgt under Cavitt and accompanied Cavitt back to the debris field on the 8th July as Marcel was flying debris to Fort Worth. Ricketts does tell us that some time later he spent some weeks with Dr. Lincoln La Paz a specialist in meteorites was interviewing ranchers ln NM who might have seen any unusual activity. Ricketts claims LaPaz came to the conclusion some form of vehicle had got into trouble over NM, landed some way from the Foster ranch debris site to effect repairs. He claims LaPaz found a site some way from the debris field where the desert sand had been turned to glass by heat) it then got itself airborne but exploded over the Foster Ranch creating the debris field Mack Brazel found.
Major Marcel took the strange debris home and showed his wife and son who was almost twelve. The son who is now a physician corroborates this part of the story, but also adds what he saw was only a small part of the debris his father brought back that night and that was only a fraction of what was out at the site. Cavitt was driving a "carryall", which was also filled with debris. Dr Marcel testifies to seeing "larger" debris still in the trunk of his father's car, that was not brought into the house. Major Marcel kept pointing out strange alien writing on the metallic beams to his superiors who apparently agreed there was something strange about it. Col. William Blanchard ordered Lt. Walter Haut to make the announcement of the recovery of a disc and had the debris flown to Fort Worth, Texas. Blanchard ordered several aircraft to fly both to Fort Worth and Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio with debris. He must have had some evidence that the debris was unusual and potentially important. The large debris field indicated an explosion or high speed crash took place. Certainly Blanchard and his staff from the top bomber unit in the US had seen weather balloons and the radar reflectors. He must of determined the debris was something extraordinary and important enough tto order these flights and to release the data. But was Blanchard's hand forced to issue the press release? The story of Mack Brazel's find would have been doing the rounds since he walked into Sheriff Wilcox's office on the Sunday, and Frank Joyce was broadcasting the story on his radio show? In a small town the story spread fast so Blanchard had to issue some form of statement. He probably expected the story to stay local but it spread throughout the world. Previously nothing had gone outside of Roswell even after Frank Joyce's Sunday radio spot, but it seems that the Army Air Force's "official" sanction of the story by Blanchard made all the difference.
The two types of debris were flown aboard a B-29 to 8th Air Force Headquarters at Fort Worth under Balnchard's orders. The debris could have easily been mixed together at any point. We don't know the exact mix of the debris but there WAS quite a bit of it, an independent witness to the loading mentions the boxes carried on board with Marcel and Deputy Base Commander Jennings who accompanied Marcel but of whom we hear nothing else, but our witness also mentions other packages being loaded into the B29 out on the runway.
When displayed on the 8th Air Force Commander General Ramey's floor the RAWIN Radar Reflector appears to make up some of the debris, but there is good evidence that other debris was on the floor. This debris appears to match some of the qualities attested to by many of the witnesses. The message held in Ramey's hand also reveals that a disc and bodies were being brought to Fort Worth. The story indicates, General Ramey didn't know for sure what was on the floor when photographed by Bond Johnson. This is confirmed by the Reuters news release where Major Kirton quotes General Ramey who states no one at FWAAF could identify the debris as Air Force material. Some of the debris is loaded aboard the *th Air Force B-26 and flown to Washington DC and General McMullen. I interviewed his son who denied all knowledge of the incident.
We know from a sworn statement by Warrant Officer Irving Newton that he was on duty alone at the base weather office, when he got a call asking him to come over to General Ramey's office. He informed the caller he was the only forecaster on duty and could not leave. A few minutes later he got a call from General Ramey himself, who told him, "Get your ass over here, if you don't have a car take the first one with a key!" Assuming Newton's story is true, General Ramey felt there was something exceptionally important about the debris, that would justify taking a car. We can assume Newton rushed over flustered and he says he was met by an officer who said, the General had some debris in his office that "he thought was a weather balloon" and he wanted Newton to confirm this. Newton testifies that when he entered the room, "I was immediately asked by General Ramey to identify what was on the floor." Newton took a quick look and identified the debris as a RAWIN radar reflector. The debris in the photos appears like a crumbled RAWIN would look, and we can assume Newton would not contradict his commanding General to his face after the above briefing. In Irving Newton's sworn statement to the Air Force he says, "While I was examining the debris, Major Marcel was picking up pieces of the target sticks and trying to convince me that some notations on the sticks were alien writings. There were figures on the sticks lavender or pink in color that appeared to be weather faded markings with no rhyme or reason. He did not convince me these were alien writings."
There does appear to be markings on a beam at Newton's feet in the Newton photo and these are similar to the markings Newton described to an artist who produced a drawing of the symbols in the 1980's. Both Major Marcel and his son Dr. Marcel claim they saw strange alien writing within small metallic beams. The RAWIN radar reflector is made like a kite with balsa wood sticks and paper backed aluminum foil, twine, Scotch tape. It is quite possible the light weight of the strange metal could be mistaken for the aluminum foil like material that makes up most of the ML307 RAWIN radar reflector. These materials had stenciled markings, asking them to be returned to the Army. The radar reflector certainly did not contain metallic beams as described by numerous witnesses. The actions of the commanders indicate the debris was not just mundane balloons and radar reflectors, that it was something extraordinary. Thanks to the Roswell researchers and everyone at the museum.
To be continued.
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