Actual CNN Transcript
Of Gov. Bush Promising
UFO Disclosure
From Charles Huffer <>
To Randy Kitchur <>
(Please send this to all persons who may be interested. There seems to be a great deal of confusion about what really transpired.)
I am the UNIDENTIFIED CITIZEN on the CNN transcript and the 5TH MAN on the Nightline transcript. The Washington Post article has my name as it appears on my card, which I gave to the reporter who interviewed me immediately after I had my first exchange with Gov.Bush.
The websites are still up and running as I write this. Here they are:
On the CNN transcript is the following:
KARL: "...Along the way, someone thought Cheney's impressive resume would help Bush tell the truth about UFOs." (This was pure speculation on Karl's part and was wrong. CAH)
UNIDENTIFIED CITIZEN: (That is me, Charles A. Huffer, MUFON State Section Director) "Half the public believes that they are real. Would you finally tell us what the hell is going on?" (The full exchange of words with Gov. Bush was evidently not recorded. I had a recorder on but it was too far away for clarity. I did get Bush's reply, however.)
"Sure, I will. This man knows. He was Secretary of Defense and was a great one."
CNN has made a serious error here. They have attributed some of my words to Gov. Bush. Here is the way it was:
Bush: "Sure. I will."
Charles A. Huffer: (Cheney had in the meantime walked over to us and extended his hand to me.) "This man knows. He was Secretary of Defense."
Bush: "And was a great one."
Several minutes later, I again saw Gov. Bush in the hall. He recognized me immediately and unsolicited said approximately the following:
Gov. Bush: "It will be the first thing he (pointing to Cheney) will do. He'll get right on it."
Charles A. Huffer: "Will, will you really?"
Gov. Bush or Mr. Cheney: Yes Sir.
I have this exchange on audio tape. As far as I am aware, no news organization recorded it.
So, Bush DID promise to tell us what the hell is going on, if he gets to be president.
Please pass this around so that people will know what actually was said on 28 July 2000 by Gov. George W. Bush in Springdale, AR. Now we must help Gov. Bush be elected president.
Charles A. Huffer

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