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George A. Filer
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Filer's Files #27 7-4-2

New York disc, Maryland parallelogram, Virginia flying triangle, Florida sphere, Mississippi daylight sphere,Indiana boomerang, California triangle, Washington sightings investigation, Canada lights, Argentina mutilations reach 170 +, China 5th UFO sighting, Australia UFO follows car, Norway UFO Center opens.
MASSENA -- On June 7, 2002, an object was seen in the sky above Route 37, at about 1,000 feet elevation with a silvery mirror-like appearance. The object was hovering at 12:58 AM, and then began moving quickly to the north-northwest, appearing then disappearing. The sky was clear but this object was almost too bright to look at when closer. It was a disc shaped object that began gaining altitude rapidly and finally disappeared. The witness felt compelled to report the sighting. This was not an airplane as far as I know. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director NUFORC
PASADENA - Bill reports that on June 25, 2002, it was a hot, humid, overcast, and hazy day and at 7:30 PM, I was driving east on Maryland Route 100, when, I spotted a large, slow-moving, parallelogram-shaped object low in the sky a mile or so away, ahead of me. Through the haze, the object appeared medium to dark gray. Before I reached Magothy Bridge Road., the object crossed over the road, and turned away from me, revealing a very slim, narrow end profile, slightly wider at the middle than at the top or bottom edges. It nosed slightly downward and began descending, at which point I lost sight of it behind the trees. I couldn't see any protrusions like wings, stabilizer fins, or rotors. I think I'd have seen any such prominent feature. The only visual detail I could pick out of the haze was a small silver/metallic colored spot at the top front tip -- suggestive of a windshield? There may have been a lengthwise ridge along the top of the object, but I couldn't really discern that clearly. I didn't hear anything, but I was driving in traffic at 55 mph, most of the time and it had no lights visible on it. The parallelogram profile was about 3 times as long as its width, flying longitudinally and level until it turned and descended. The visual length was about the diameter of a quarter at arm's length.
It was larger than a 747s fuselage. I followed trying to get another look at it and caught the light, I then proceeded about 2 miles ahead, past where Rt. 100 ends, but had poor views of the sky. I stopped at an open field, at Phelps Liquors where a couple of teenage guys were playing 2-man baseball and I asked them if they had seen the strange thing in the sky a few minutes earlier. They said they hadn't. Although this location is fairly close to Baltimore Washington International Airport, I don't think I've ever seen any large aircraft low in the sky in that particular area. It was flying atl under 1000 feet. It moved smoothly and slowly, and didn't wobble. Thanks to and Skywatch International
NORFOLK -- The witness who is in the Navy was walking from his car to the ship on June 12, 2002, and noticed an object in the sky. He states, "Being familiar to the air traffic on base, I thought it was just a plane passing by, but when I looked at the object, I noticed how the lights were positioned." Instead of the lights being on each end of the craft, they were lined up side by side in multiple colors such as red, green, yellow, and orange." The sailor said, "It was strange to me at first, but I kind of thought it was probably a Harrier aircraft that was entering some storm clouds, and suddenly it turned into a bright red oval like flash as I watched, and it did not come out the other side of the clouds." I would have seen it if it changed course, because the base is huge. "I didn't tell any higher ups about it, because I'm not crazy!" Editor's Note: The military loses hundreds of high quality reports due to ridicule.
Deerfield Beach -- The witness was going to his car when he happened to look up and noticed a sphere of light moving above the clouds in what at first looked like a circular pattern on June 24, 2001. My cell phone read 12:10 AM. What struck me as irregular is that the object illuminated the clouds below it as you would expect a flood light to do. But, a floodlight does this from the ground up. This was occurring from above the clouds down to the ground. There was no floodlight from the ground up that could be illuminating the clouds in what at first was a circular motion. I watched the object move repeatedly in a circular pattern for about five minutes. I was mesmerized that this object was not a plane, nor any object that I've ever seen in my experience. The sphere moved in a circular motion, and changed its path and began to zigzag. I had to keep my eyes carefully on the object because it was moving in and out from the cloud cover about 10,000-15000 feet altitued. It then proceeded in its irregular pattern for another 10 minutes. The object would move into and out of the clouds illuminated the area above and below the clouds.
The object would slow down, then accelerate and again slow down. It was a white sphere bigger than the moon illuminating the area around itself with a tremendous amount of white light. It continued to move erratically in and out of the clouds and decsending closer to the ground. It then stopped in the air for about thirty seconds, the sphere light went out, and then the sphere lit up with pure bright white light like a flash bulb for about 15 seconds. Just before it moved away at a fantastic acceleration. The bright light went out, but I could still see the dark shape of the outline of a sphere. After about 5 seconds, it zipped up and moved away in a southerly direction and in a second, you could not see it any more. It was now 12:30 AM. Thanks to NUFORC
TUPELO -- On June 7, 2002, I was waiting at a traffic light on South Gloster Street, south of Tupelo, about 1230 hours CDT when I glanced above the light at a large "Chemtrail." As I observed the trail, just below it appeared a very bright sphere or disc. At first it was stationary, then moved a short distance to the east, changing to a darker shade as it moved, then just disappeared. I continued to my home where I reported the event to my husband. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC,
MARTINSVILLE -- Lee writes, "I live in a small town in central Indiana, just south of Indianapolis by about 30 miles. On the evening of June 24, 2002, around 8:45 PM. While fishing I saw a boomerang shaped object white in color at an altitude around 45,000 to 60,000 feet. The stars could not be seen, but the craft was very visible. It was white in color moving at super sonic speeds because it covered the entire sky in less than a second. Yet there wasn't any sonic boom, sound or chemtrails left behind. It was traveling from west to east. Thanks to Lee.
CAMP PENDLETON -- A trained observer spotted a suspicious object around the camp's air space on June 10, 2002, at three minutes after sunset. The object emitted a light at a magnitude equivalent with that of Venus and WNW of mcas. The object remained stationary for 30 seconds then nose-dived for the deck traveling 20 degrees in three seconds. The object distance was 12 to 15 miles from the observer. The distance was determined by using cloud distances on radar.
GILROY -- At 1:48 AM three fuzzy soft white lights with transparent centers in a triangle formation were traveling west in a small valley at a speed of about 600 mph on June 8, 2002. The lights increasing their speed to above mach with an altitude of about 150' then climbing to around 2000 feet. The object was below 1200 feet when it first came into view, and gradually climbed to clear the 1200 foot mountains 8 miles to the west of my location. The lights were spaced about 15 feet apart and held a fixed formation while having no visible structure between them. It is quite possible that the three lights were not connected at all. the object seemed to reflect a very small amount of light when it was above the main part of the city as the three lights became more distinguishable from each other as they reached the darker edges of the city. The object passed directly overhead and the whole thing seemed to have a soft warm off white fuzzy glow to it. I would compare the brightness and look of the lights to three barn owls flying through the dark sky. My friend claims that when I ran to get my video camera the steady lights changed to a pulsing jumping light as it accelerated. The object did not move in a steady continuous motion but in a leaping jumping way with a swoosh! rush of air sound. I do not recall any sound except for the air rushing past my ears as I ran. I regret making the decision to go get my camera. I sacrificed observing this object make these jumps. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC,
TACOMA -- At about 3:00 PM on June 9, 2002, two friends were laying on their back doing crossword puzzle and I just looked up into the sky. A bright, clear, blue sky, and saw what appeared to be stars. I thought this was very strange -- could they be birds, seed pods, planes, and kept asking my friend if he could see them. He could not see anything. There were probably 40 or 50 "stars" moving slowly toward the east -- they were forming different patterns as they moved (circles, chevrons, Orion). At one point a plane flew across the sky below them so they were pretty high. The movement of these objects was sideways and backwards and circular and they formed patterns. I don't know of any birds that fly that way or seedpods that would be visible at such a high altitude. I have very good vision, have flown quite a bit and have never seen anything like this before. I am also a skeptic but I was totally blown away by this. After I watched these "stars" for about 5-10 minutes they simply faded up into the sky as if they were moving away and upward. Has anyone seen anything like this?
GLENOMA -- The witness was outside looking at the stars sitting next to a fire with a friend and relaxing 3:00 AM on June 9, 2002. We were noticing that the birds in the trees were acting up and that his hybrid wolves were acting agitated when we caught a white flash of light moving from west to east. The sighting lasted maybe 20 seconds and we followed the course of the object till it faded from site. Approximately 1/2 hour after that we saw it again but this time it was traveling from south and was more intense this time. Thanks to NUFORC. The International Space Station passed over the state of Washington at 22:26 hours. See 3:00 PM on June 9,
SPOKANE INVESTIGATION -- MUFON's Jeffrey Sainio reports the judge has sent me several photos since the initial submission through Filer's Files and although the frequency of sightings is unusual, typically indicating misidentifications of airplanes, I've not seen any photographic evidence these are airplanes. Any legal airplane, from any direction, has at least 1 strobe blinking once/second visible. These would appear as a bright white spot, with no motion-smearing, on a long exposure. None have appeared. Nor have red/green lights been apparent. Several appear to show nonstandard lighting. A few appear to show color changes. Photo sequences appear to show a path impossible for an airplane. I suspect these objects (alien or otherwise) are at such low altitude they are literally 'below the radar' and are rejected as ground clutter. I can only judge based on the photo and witness evidence. "The Judge makes conclusions based on evidence and speculates and admits this. There is evidence embedded in his photos, that are not apparent to a non-expert that matches his testimony. His photographic knowledge appears a little better than any other telescopic photographer and the photos sent to me have streetlights/tower lights which I used for reference points. These were quite adequate. I've asked for reference shots to check film response (which he sent me, not quite understanding my need, that sufficed in ways he didn't understand). The anomalous features I find are: 1. Erratic path (easily done with a windborne balloon or kite, not easy for planes/helicopters) 2. Anomalous fast color changes (tough to do with any light source) 3. Unknown lighting configuration. I'm no expert on every plane's lighting, but the usual commercial craft appears to be eliminated. An interesting case of this is at: See photos at
SIMCOE, ONTARIO -- After reading this issue of the Filer's Files, I submitted my experience to MUFON tonight because my experience happened at almost the same time as one of the other sightings (near Aurora) and is also in Ontario. I live in Simcoe, Ontario just north of Lake Erie, which is about a 40 minute drive from Brantford where the other report happened. About 11:10 p.m. on June 6, 2002, I stepped out onto my balcony facing west-and looked up into the night sky. A very bright streak of greenish light moved across the sky in silence and disappeared in a second. The ribbon of light moved west at 30 degrees above the horizon. Just shortly after this I saw a plane whose lights very tiny compared to the size of the ribbon of light. Last summer I also saw a white light move slowly o south while on the north shore of Lake Erie. I described it to a neighbor who flies for American Airlines and he said it didn't seem like any plane he knew about. I really appreciate the effort you put into your newsletter. Keep up the great work! Linda Schulhoff
The mystery in Argentina grows with a wild boar added the list of cows, horses, guanaco and sheep being mutilated. The wild boar is highly distrustful and detects -- through their sharp olfactory system--the presence of strangers. An eight month old boar was found mutilated. While the mutilation count is now reaching 170 and the cases recorded extend to nine Argentinean provinces. This is the 6th species found with mutilations, lack of blood and with geometrically perfect incisions and missing the anus, tongue and jaw. To the surprise of the rancher and the farmhand escorting him, the animal was still soft in spite of the-14 C temperature. "It's impossible that an animal could remain in this condition after dead and after the cold. A mysterious situation also occurred to the north of the Pampan town of Rancul at the "Los Caldenes" ranch, where a cow had died of natural causes in the afternoon only to be found with incisions on its jaw and missing its tongue the next day. The province of Entre Rios has also the epicenter of these events: in a field, a rancher found a 170 kg heifer and a 500 kg., milk cow some 800 meters from each other, both presenting the notorious incision marks.
Strange dwarf like midgets have been reported wandering the backyards of many neighborhoods in General Acha. A short, green entity which runs away with haste when detected has been reported. These reports tied with UFO reports and mutilations have the area in an uproar. The stories have been reported in the news and on radio stations. Red intense lights, as though from a laser, moving very quickly across the countryside are being reported. Veterinarian Omar Fernando Lopez also observed a new case that involved a pregnant cow found in the fields of Juan Carlos Robilotte, showing the same incisions, with the difference that the cow was about to give birth. "There was a circle [on the left flank, above the udder] through which half of the calf's body was protruding. A racehorse belonging to the Quarter Horse breed, belonging to stables near the town of Choele Choel, was found dead with strange mutilations. "It was as though it had been hollowed out from within," reported police sources in describing the stud horse, of considerable economic value. Veterinarian Carlos Montobbio, who certified the case, reported that the horse was missing an eye and tongue, but no incisions on the maxillary had been performed. It had also been castrated and a significant part of its small intestine and rectum had been removed.
CARHUÉ -- Several residents claimed to have seen strange lights related to the presence of UFOs. The reported a letter from Argentina stating, "We have great fields and a lot of cattle in Patagonia. In April gauchos found some cows dead with perfect mutilations with eyes, jugular vein, nipples and genitals removed. Virtually the same parts were cut and cauterized in a perfect way. The mutilated animals seem to be dropped from the air. Cults were ruled out because the bodies do not have any cult marks or symbols. There are no footprints and carrion do not eat the dead body? Perhaps even more astounding is the sudden disappearance of water from reservoirs and tanks during the night. Frogs were found dead in reservoirs where one hundred thousand liters of water disappeared over night. Obviously frogs can live for long periods without water, so their death may be a clue to the mystery. Argentina does not have sophisticated tools or advanced equipment to do research.
LA PLATA -- Argentinean health authorities concluded that a small carnivorous mouse known as "red muzzle (hocicudo rojizo, in Spanish) was responsible for the mysterious mutilations found in recent months in over a hundred cow carcasses in different rural sectors of the country. The lifeless bovine bodies, which were largely found without anuses and missing parts of the mouth and genitals, and around which no tracks or traces could be found, gave rise to a wide array of speculations ranging from Satanic rites and UFOs to little green men. Bernardo Cané, president of the National Health and Agroalimentary Quality Service (SENASA), brought the mystery to a close today and pointed out that the party responsible for the mutilations is a mouse that dwells in rural areas and whose nutritional habits have changed due to the scarcity of worms and insects it normally feeds on, turning into a scavenger. This was the conclusion reached by scientists from the Universidad Nacional del Centro. The study promotes the belief that the animals died from malnourishment and Magnesium deficiencies, with the presence of parasites and metabolic shortcomings. Thanks to Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic
Editors Note: Many of the mutilated animals were found facing east, had all their blood removed and appear as if dropped from altitude. Apparently they are taking thousands of gallons of water and killing animals such as boars, horses, frogs and cattle. These red mice are really tricky.
SHENZHEN -- I am not the first to see it that night. A newspaper reporter reported first seeing an elliptical object that was size as 1,500 meters tall. He followed it south from the airport where police and other people had gathered. Photographs were taken by the reporter. It was observed from 7:45 to 9:00 PM by several witnesses. At 8:00 PM, I left my home to visit the store and I observed a "star" 10 x larger than a magnitude 1. I went home and didn't put too much attention as to what I saw. At 8:20 PM, I arrived home to observe the full moon that had rose out of the west and now was quite high in the sky. In the lower left hand side near the ground, I saw a bright flash of an elliptical object, one eighth the size of the full moon take off at a tremendous speed. Two helicopters were following, unable to keep up. The next day, the full story was printed in Shenzhen's local newspaper, The Daily Sunshine.
VICTORIA -- On Wednesday, June 12, 2002, Emilie P. and a woman companion were driving from Leongatha to Mirboo North when they encountered a UFO. "My friend and I were traveling to our work," Emilie reported, "That Wednesday we sighted something in the sky, but I put it off as a jet. It appeared long and silver-looking. One week later, however, on June 19, 2002, the silver object returned at the same time and I took some interest in it. It seemed to be getting closer. As it got closer, it appeared to be at a 45-degree angle and of a silver color." "While my friend continued driving, I was watching and came down to our right-hand side and appeared to be hovering above 200 meters away. The next thing, it was gone. Then I looked up and it was in front of us again. It seemed to get closer and then further away before it vanished over the horizon. Thanks to UFO ROUNDUP, Vol. 7, # 26, 6/25/02, Editor: Joseph Trainor
On June 27, 2002, the "Norsk UFO Senter" opened in Alen. The UFO Center shows pictures, describe sightings and shows films from the Hessdalen sightings. It has also a lot more. It is open daily and is located in the main center in Holtalen, the nearest village is Hessdalen in the famous UFO valley in Norway. The nearest town is Roros, 33 km south of the center, Trondheim the nearest city is 120 km north. The center also has a UFO safari to Hessdalen. Thanks to, Ostfold College,.
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