UFO Sightings Continue High

George A. Filer
Director, Mutual UFO Network
MUFON Skywatch Investigations
Filer's Files #9 2-26-3

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JERSEY CITY -- The witness reports, "I was riding my bike on Bergen Avenue coming from my second job at a video store on July 3, 1992, at 10:18 PM, when I saw what I thought was a meteor coming straight down at lightning speed. It was an orange fire ball speeding down, and when it got 200 feet from the ground, it suddenly stopped. It was a flying disc that was flying down on its edge. When it stopped it slowly began to turn right side up and that's when I saw that it was dark gray on top. Then it slowly turned on its edge and I saw the bottom that had five pentagon shaped lights which covered the whole under side. These were emerald in color and were arranged with one in the middle and the rest around it. Then, it just shot up and accelerated so fast that I could not follow it. There was no sound. I stood motionless and my tears started flow, because I felt no fear at all, just an overwhelming feeling of disbelief, and then admiration and love. One thing I can't explain is that, "I was suddenly holding my bike on Belmont Avenue, but I first saw the UFO on Bergen Avenue." I stood there for about half an hour after it left, just looking up, and my tears coming out. I had both memory lapse and paralysis during the event and sleep disorder later. I kept have my mouth shut, specially from my Dad about the sighting. Thanks to John Schuessler MUFON Director < >MUFON
PLYMOUTH MEETING -- As my mother was driving my friend and I to the mall on February 3, 2003, I looked to my right and saw a strange sight at about 8 PM. An egg shaped craft, slightly lighter than the night sky, was floating around. To prove this was indeed a UFO, I looked carefully and saw pin-shaped rods of light flying out of the craft before it disappeared. Thanks to Peter Davenport and webmaster Christian Stepien who has built a great website. Visit <>NUFORC
POWHATAN -- Three 14 year old male witnesses were outside talking at 7:10 PM and decided to get a book called the "The UFO Hunter's Handbook" on February 8, 2003. When David ran up to get the book. The observer reports, "I spotted a small, silver, slow moving dot or craft. I told Jim and David and we were astonished. We then agreed it was a gray type C shuttle. We filed this report to warn MUFON. The object was slow moving with a constant light source. We took a picture and it turned up blank except for a blurry cloud with a flash over it. We believe there was some sort of force field. We watched for thirty minutes not far from Richmond. We estimate the object was over 300 feet in size but appeared to us about the size of an aspirin. Thanks to John Schuessler, MUFON Director, WUFOD-I..2-422-V
Tom Sheets writes, MUFON Eastern Director George Filer received a call from a Georgia college student wishing to pass along information. George notified this writer on February 24, and I phoned the witness that day and found him to be a student at Georgia Southern in Statesboro. He stated that on Sunday night Feb. 23, he was up late working on a project in their four stories high Fine Arts Building. About 2 AM he went out onto the roof for some fresh air and was looking at the stars. One seemed to draw his attention as being especially bright and pretty. He thought it might be one of the currently visible planets. Then this bright "star" visibly moved very slowly as to appear almost stationary. He continued to watch as the "star" performed maneuvers up and down and other obvious unnatural movements at a slower, more moderate speed (as opposed to the oft reported faster darting lights). Being unfamiliar with such distant nocturnal lights, he began thinking of some sort of very high UFO and ran to the campus library to borrow a flashlight for signaling. 
Over the next few hours, the movements continued and the witness located several campus night workers who also witnessed the maneuvers. When he reached the library, he was sure that he observed a different light than that first observed. He was unhappy that this hours long episode put him far behind in the completion of his project! The length and number of observations made seems to rule out autokinesis i.e. there was constant movement for a long period as the witness changed locations and found other witnesses who allegedly observed the same actions. Thanks to Tom Sheets MUFON GA State Director.
ST. PAUL -- Bill McNeff MUFON SD writes at, "About 2:00 AM on the morning of December 30, 2002, an independent truck contractor was heading west on I-94 around 47 miles east of St. Paul. Something made him look to the south and he saw an unidentified object at about 45 degrees elevation heading northwest. It appeared to pass between two airplanes. He said he felt energy coming from this object and received a message that he "should report this and that two other people had also seen it". It was not as bright as a star but was in the shape of two spheres pressed together to form a rough egg shape. The object glowed white with a little blue. It rose about 30 degrees before he lost sight of it in the northwest. It was about the size of a muzzleloader ball at arm's length. He left a message at CUFOS and Mark Rodeghier notified us. Thanks to Bill McNeff Minnesota MUFON SD
I've seen UFOs more than once in my life, was a Field Investigator for MUFON, and am convinced the phenomenon represents something beyond the normal activities of man. Whenever possible, I like to figure out explanations for those sightings. In Filer's Files #8, I believe I have a highly likely explanation for what the observer saw. A few years ago I too saw something very similar, off to the south side of the plane, I saw a dancing, flashing whitish light zipping around on the ground, apparently following the plane and appearing intermittently, like playful lightning or some sort of bizarre electrostatic earth-lights phenomenon. Several of us watched this light display for several minutes, but then I suddenly figured out what it was. The moon was high in the sky directly in line with the ground lights, but high enough I hadn't noticed it at first. Bodies of water, such as rivers, ponds, and lakes, were reflecting the moonlight towards my eyes. I ran a program I've created to calculate the appearance and location of the moon on January 8, 2003, at 8 PM, using latitude 36 N and longitude 97 W as the observation point on the earth. This location is very close to the almost due north flight path from Dallas to Wichita, and would be a little past the midpoint of the flight. The moon was 1/3 full at an azimuth of 243 degrees (WSW), and at an 27 degrees above the horizon. An observer looking out the left side of the plane, and slightly behind the wings (as described in the report) would be able to see the moon's reflection as they looked down. This all fits perfectly with my theory that the observer saw the moon reflecting on ground water bodies. It also explains why the lights quit over the town, partly because the plane changed its heading, and also because there are fewer bodies of water in town. Thanks to John Craig,   
GILBERT -- The observer February 09, 2003, reports, "About 10:45 AM I was taking some photos of my Sister-in Law's house when an object caught my eye at a very high altitude. It appeared to be oval of silver/white with blue skies as a background. This object was traveling very slow and left no contrail. I compared this object to surrounding air traffic which all were leaving contrails at 35k feet. I watched as the object for ten minutes, then it moved northeast, stopped then ascended upward until it vanished out of sight. I don't know of any aircraft that moves like this. I was able to capture some photos and upon zooming in, this was not an airplane. My guess is that this object was at a very high altitude because even using 9 x zoom, it was hard to make the shape out. I noticed on the zoomed photos was a defined shading on the bottom of the object. I work in the aerospace industry and I've seen many unexplained objects in the sky, mainly the reddish orange orbs. Thanks to Peter Davenport. <>NUFORC
GRANGEVILLE -- On February 11, 2003, three different lights were spotted at 6:15 PM, with the one in the south shooting straight up fast. A large yellow star began to move slightly at first and then moved to the left in a curved fashion, then curved to the right, down and then back to the left, much like making an S over and over. It would stop and hover. The third light started before the second was finished. It was very colorful changing colors and moving in an odd curving fashion that would slow almost to a stop and speed up again. It flew south and disappeared where the first one did. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC
MADERA, COUNTY -- The witness awakened around 4:30 AM, and could not sleep and went to the kitchen to get a drink of water. He reports, "I saw this glowing red green light real low hovering towards the foothills on February 21, 2003. When I went to get the camera it was gone, and then all of sudden it flashed right in my window. It was so fast, do not look at the flash of my camera, look what I circled. It made me a believer, just seeing what the thing did. I live right above the foot hills. Thanks to Darlene,
SPOKANE -- Kathleen writes, Regarding Judge Ed's last week's report in Filer's Files # 8, I spent the night up on a butte overlooking the Judge's area. Deer Park provides me a view of the north side of Tower Mountain, Felps Field and Mt. Spokane to the east. We sometimes see stationary lights, but nothing that would be going into Tower Mountain. We are near two medical helicopter approach beacons so we can see when they come thru from the north into Spokane. I'm not sure what Judge Ed is seeing. Granted there is always some unexplained sightings, but its hard for me to believe that one person has so many sightings in a well populated area. There was an unusual incident that occurred on February 1, 2003, when Peter Davenport got a report from an astronomer who was near the airport shooting the Northern lights to the north of Spokane. He witnessed a large black object thru his telephoto lens moving from west (over Deer Park) to Mt. Spokane. It had no lights. This was at 10:40 PM. At 10:48, another report came in from the east of the astronomer's location spotting a large object moving toward Mt. Spokane. The description was similar. Ironically I woke up about that time feeling very uncomfortable. My dog was very restless and wanted to go outside. This uneasy feeling held thru the night with me and the dog. A neighbor farmer said his cows were moving about alarmed the same night and Craig's horses were running pretty wild as if frightened. I guess some things can't always be explained. The feeling I had was not a pleasant one. Very disturbing. More to come. Thanks to Kathleen A.
BRINNON -- About 3:55 AM, on February 10, 2003, I looked into the southern sky and saw pulsating lights that continued pulsating over different places in the sky and not always in the same way. There was no noise and I have never seen anything like it. I contacted a couple of local TV stations and one did say they contacted the FAA, but there was no record of anything. These lights lasted about 40 minutes and I am curious if anyone else saw them.
SEATTLE -- The witness was just standing on his porch on February 11, 2003, having a cigarette at 1:20 AM, when he looked to the sky and got a flash directly in the face with 2 quick pulses of blue light. He looked where the light source came from and saw an object outlined with about twelve yellowish lights dropping down behind some trees. I live near Boeing field....but have never seen anything like it. It was engine or prop noise. ((NUFORC Note: Several reports to the FAA and local media about this event. Thanks to Peter Davenport
WINNIPEG (CP) - Scott Edmonds of the Canadian Press reports, "In 2002 we had the largest number of separate events for a single year in the history of collecting UFO data for Canada," Chris Rutkowski of Ufology Research of Manitoba said Wednesday. "We have some extraordinary cases in Canada last year reported literally from one end of the country to the other." Since 1989 his group has been compiling reports from across Canada. There were 483 UFO sightings reported in 2002 - almost 30 per cent more than in 2001 and a 250 per cent increase since 1998. That's a record if 1993 is excluded when one celestial fireball contributed to a high of 489 reports that year, explained Rutkowski, who added that 154 of them were easily explained because of the fireball. "Overall it's fascinating to see that the number of cases in Canada rose so dramatically last year," he said. There is no easy explanation for the increase, he added.
Rutkowski said one of the strangest unexplained sightings occurred in January 2002 near the tiny community of Inkerman, N.B. "A large object with flashing lights and brightly lit windows flew slowly and fairly silently over a highway," he said. "A couple stopped their car and watched it as it moved down behind some trees." Overall, British Columbia was once again the place to be in 2002 to see a UFO. The province produced 176 sightings, more than Ontario and Quebec combined and up from 123 in 2001. The Yukon produced 20 reports last year and has consistently produced about that many or more since 1998. Ontario produced 128 reports last year, Alberta 51, Manitoba 36, Quebec 34, Nova Scotia 23, Saskatchewan 6, New Brunswick 4, Newfoundland 3 and Nunavut 2. More UFOs were reported in late summer and February than any other time of the year. Thanks to Scott Edmonds
SELKIRK, MANITOBA -- The witness took the dog outside for a walk at 10:30 PM, and noticed an orange colored ball with a short tail on February 12, 2003. After watching it for about 4 seconds; the one ball broke into two. It was only a second or two after seeing it break up that both objects disappeared. Thanks to Brian Vikes HBCC UFO Research
SMITHERS, B.C. -- Brian Vike reports, I had a woman who was up with her baby at 2:40 AM, on February 20, 2003. Her home is at the base of Hudson Bay Mountain and the ski runs. She saw a bright light crossing the mountain from east to west for several miles, and then coming to a complete stop over Cold Smoke Ski-run. The light was dead center of the run, and she wondered if it was just hovering or landing. She heard a clicking sound from the direction of the object. Brian remarks, "Many sounds bounce off the mountain which allows everyone to hear noises much clearer." She says, It was an extremely bright white, with an orange light coming from the center that moved quicker than any helicopter or plane. After five minutes she heard a train in the distance and the object disappeared. One hour later, the object once again showed up in the same spot but lasted only a couple of minutes. Her cat perked it's ears up looking in the direction of the object. The light was half the size of her thumb nail and round in shape.
HBCC UFO Note: Brian called the Smither's Ski Hill. I was told work was being done on four runs throughout the early morning, and would be continuing throughout this week and over the weekend in the wee hours. This sighting may be the result of grooming equipment working on the ski hill, "but," what puzzles me is that the object was spotted traveling three kilometers along the mountain before it came to a stop. Thanks to Brian Vike HBCC UFO
BARRIO PERÓN -- Three residents living on the city's periphery claim to have seen a strange two-meter tall biped, who has terrified the area. The new reports were from Demetrio Villalba, 43; Eleuteria del Carmen Alvarez, 72; and Nelida del Valle Matarena, 53: who in spite of living in different parts of the residential subdivision and not knowing each other, made almost identical descriptions about the creature they had seen at around the same time in the morning hours of January 13, 2003. They all agreed on having been reluctant to speak out "for fear of mockery" and stressed that their decision to come forward stemmed from the case having acquired public notoriety. Rancher Rogelio Martinez made initial reports two years ago describing a fierce plantigrade of large size and humanoid mien, that has regularly devoured his animals since then.
El Tribuno reports sightings and traumatic encounters with the animal intensified in recent days. Pedro Villalba, said, "I was alarmed by the barking of my dogs early morning, and looked out the window and saw an enormous hairy animal walking on two legs that waddled from one side, waving its arms which ended in thick, curved claws." The dogs growled, barked and howled, but did not dare attack as it ran away." A mother and daughter state, "It was 3 AM, our dog was howling in sheer fright, so we went outside to see what was happening and we saw this horrible, enormous creature, with clawed hands and covered in hair from head to toe. It turned its head toward us but, it kept on walking away." Thanks to Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology for the Translation (C) 2003 and PLANETAUFO.
Editor's Note: UFO sightings are very high in South America, these sightings are often accompanied by sightings of large hairy humanoids.
LIVERPOOL -- Merseyside Anomalies Research Association, MARA has obtained some excellent UFO footage from a train station time-lapse security camera. The video runs about 4 times faster than real time speed when played on a normal video recorder but there is a digital clock on the video for timing purposes. The video shows 9 lights in the sky in South Liverpool. You can see a frame from the video on our website taken on November 9, 2002 around 2 AM, although the single frame doesn't do it justice. We are not making any rash claims about the footage, in fact we don't think it is extra-terrestrial. I suspect it is a rare atmospheric phenomenon. I am having difficulty in getting UK academic institutions interested in the video at the moment. I still believe an academic involvement is crucial to help solve this case, so if you know of any USA University departments that study such phenomena, please let me know. Thanks to Bill Bimson Merseyside Anomalies Research Association
GEELONG, VICTORIA -- The witness was up early on February 7, 2003, and saw a UFO hovering over the hills at 6:45 AM. The observer states, "I saw a lot of detail on the craft, it was black and had a bright blue indigo color coming from the cracks. It looked a lot like a sieve on the surface with the light illuminating from the cracks." It was fast and moved, like as if it were a speeding bullet. Left to right, upside down, it would even go around and around like a dog chasing his tail. It was shaped like a teardrop and made a high pitched sound for twelve minutes.
Scientists simulating meteorite impacts on the frozen oceans of Europa have made an electrifying discovery, which raises the chances of finding life on Jupiter's moon. Jerome Borucki, at the NASA Ames Research Center fired aluminum bullets into a block of ice. They found that when the bullet impacted, sensors embedded in the ice detected an electric shock. A second, and much larger, electrical discharge was observed a few moments later. A shell of ice many kilometers thick encases the surface of Europa and scientists speculate that liquid water -- and therefore life -- might lie beneath. Evidence for the presence of the molecular building blocks for life comes from the yellow-brown stains seen on the ice by the Galileo probe. "Europa is a high priority target for exploration because the key ingredients for life seem to be there. But even if you have the ingredients, the question is, is there a spark that creates the first organic molecules?" Says Ron Greeley, a planetary scientist at the Arizona State University. Borucki's bullet experiments suggest meteorite impacts might have provided that spark. 
The electric shock had gone undetected because no-one had put sensors below an impact crater before. The team thinks the current is caused by the movement of protons as the ice cracks. Methane and ammonia are likely to be present in Europa's ice and the energy pumped into the ice by a meteorite impact will melt it. Shock this mixture with electricity, says Borucki, and complex molecules should form. "We do see a handful of very large craters on Europa, and there would have been a lot of energy associated with those," comments Greeley. A lander may be sent to the surface of the Europa to look for organic matter. Greenley estimates the earliest launch date for the mission to be 2011. Journal of Geophysical Research - Planets (Vol 107, p 24) Thanks to Tom Deuley
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