1991 Gulf War UFO
Mass Sighting By
American Troops
From Jim Miller
I am a former Paratrooper, who, while in the Gulf during Operation Provide Comfort, was part of a mass sighting of an unidentified flying object. It was only just that, "unidentifiable". I'm not saying that I think it was extraterrestial, but it was not part of anything that anyone in my unit had heard of or seen in our arsenal.
It was a warm summer night in the town of Zahku Iraq. The 3/325 ABCT had set up their Ops center in a blown-out shell of a building located in the central part of the city. It was so warm in the evenings that we would sleep outside on the roof of the structure to try and get some additianal air and comfort. One evening, while myself and other members of my unit were unwinding after a long day of patrols, I decided to look for a satellite in the star-filled Middle Eastern sky. I soon found what I had thought I was looking for.
I watched this supposed satellite traverse across the sky when, suddenly, it stopped in 'mid-orbit.' I thought I had been staring at the stars so long that my vision had potentially become blurred. I shook off the confusion and got my visual of the object back. It was traversing the sky again. I thought to myself, "my eyes were just disoriented." As soon as I thought that...BAM!!! It stopped again. I got the attention of a squad member and asked him to watch the object. I pointed it out to him and it was traversing the sky again. He commented, "You mean that satellite"? After he said that, it stopped yet again!
For the next several minutes we watched the object move north, sporadically stopping for short periods of time. While seemingly motionless the object would get brighter than the brightest star in the sky and immediately afterwards it would become dim, almost to the point of losing site of it. My team member pointed out that it seemed as if it was losing and gaining elevation rapidly. He was not very interested in the object though. His comment was, "R&D is at it again or it's a damn flying saucer. Either way, I don't really care because it doesn't have anything to do with my mission."
I on the other hand was a little more intrigued. I took a chance and yelled across the building to see if anyone else was watching the object. The roof errupted in conversation concerning the object that everyone thought no one else was watching. For approximately 20 minutes, 25-30 plus men with varying degrees of military experience watched this object do slow deliberate circles, figure eights, and hovering manoeuvers. The sighting ended with the object pausing during a figure eight and then rocketing North East faster than the eye could track it. We talked jokingly about the sighting for a few days and then chalked it up to the boys back in R&D. If that really is or was the answer..... who knows.
Thought you might be interested in the story.
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