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Montreal, Quebec
Date: August 10, 2001
Time: 10:10 p.m.
Number of witnesses: 2
Number of objects observed: 1
Shape of object: Spherical
Complete description of event: I was done with painting inside the house and I went outside to breathe some fresh air. It was around 10:06 pm. I was laying down outside when I saw a big airplane, it seemed like an Airbus. It flew over my
head much lower than the usual 2000 feet. I got up and looked. I was wondering about that when I saw a sphere appear behind it. It was following the same trajectory perfectly, as if it were connected to the aircrafts's computers. It was following the plane less than 50 feet away. It was about the size of a small car but perfectly round and silvery. I even saw it spin on itself. This all took 10 to 15 seconds. I really saw it and I understood then that it was not of our world. I didn't sleep for 3
days. I tried to contact the Dorval airport and the RCMP offices, etc.
For all the skeptics, look out at the sky. Something is going on. I saw it.
Thank you to the witness for the report.
Key West, Florida
Date: December. 19, 2002
Time: Between 5:30 & 5:45 p.m.
I never reported this to anyone officially. I have discussed & shown the object I accidentally captured in a photo December a year ago with family members & some co-workers. Some were intrigued, some very skeptical. In my mind, it's a UFO, no doubt about it.
My husband, my sister-in-law, & myself were on a 4 day cruise in the Caribbean. On the evening of Thursday, Dec. 19, 2002 getting ready to depart Key West, FL we were on the uppermost deck of the ship watching the sunset to our West. The time was between 5:30 & 5:45 p.m.
The sun sets very quickly this far South, so I was intently watching the sun go down thru the view finder of a simple Kodak 35mm disposable camera. Music was playing but not loudly. There was no noise coming from overhead and no motion to take our attention away from getting the sunset on film. There were lots of people on the starboard side of the ship doing the same thing. I took only two shots, just a few seconds apart.
I had the film developed at a local Wolfe Camera Shop. I looked at the photos before I left & when I saw the object in the sunset photo, I asked their rep if there was a scratch on the negative or any trash on it.
He looked at the negative closely with a magnifying eye piece and said no there wasn\'t. He thought, like I did, it was a very curious photo and even jokingly said that "you may have captured a UFO without even knowing it\". The object is gone in the photo taken almost immediately after the first one.
I mailed the negative to the Kodak Picture Center @ 901 Ctr Pk Dr, Charlotte, NC it enlarged to an 8" X 10". The enlargement definitely showed it to be a solid object.
Someone at work had a magnifying device that we put right over the two ends of the object & when you shine a pin light flashlight into the part provided for that, the end toward the sun is a reddish yellow, reflectant of the sun I believe. The end away from the sun is definitely green. Also, there are distant ridges to the parts that slant downward to the Gulf of Mexico.
I have no way of determining the distance this object was from us, or the actual size of it in relation to the other ship that was leaving the harbor at Key West during this sunset. Since you are a research site, maybe there is someway you might could figure this out.
I want to send you the original two photos & the enlargement as attachments using my scanner, but I don't know how to do this.
If you can send me instructions via this e-mail, I will attempt it.
I sure hope I to hear back from you as to what you think once you're able to see the pictures for yourself.
Additional Information Below:
They attached, but when you open them everything doesn't show, so hit the key with a (- inside the small magnifying glass) at the top of the screen, you can also widen the photo , & scroll up/down it. It scanned sort of dark. The square white spot @ the bottom of the picture was a light on the deck of the ship. As you can see, the ship in the distance had barely moved when I took the 2nd photo, but the sun had gone down further in the horizon, which was only in a matter of seconds & the object is gone in the 2nd photo.
The 2nd attachment is the enlargement. I turned it horizontally on the scanner so you wouldn't have to look at it sideways. The small white patch up in the sky above the ship in the distance is a scratch that's been made since I've had the picture.
The scanner did a fair job I guess, the originals of course are clearer. I'd be interested in what you think though as to what this could have been.
Thank you to for your time & interest.
Thank you to the witness for the report.
Vernon, B.C. - Over Lake Okanagan
Date: Varies
Time: Varies
Hello Brian
I am updating further on my reported sightings of last week. I am seeing the first ones around 10:30 pm. in the same area of the western sky. approx. 45 degrees above the horizon. They "appear " to be somewhere high over the Lake Okanagan and already moving toward the north. They are at or above cloud level. They move at small plane speed. The gold globes brighten uniformly to look like "Jupiter" and one continues to fly low over Vernon from the west toward the south east,still bright.
On Friday night it was below cloud level. On Thursday night May 20 one gold globe (looking like a dim street light) flew to the north in the small plane lanes over the lake. The gold globes, about the size of a large pin head, are flying overhead routinely in either north or south direction. They turn orange before they dim and vanish.
The strobes I am learning are different from the globes. They too appear from the same area of the sky when I notice them first. They strobe like fireflys in the sky which means that every few miles a bright flash can be seen. It only happens maybe four times max. They also are the ones with the bright spikey light as on Thursday I saw a mix of spikey light,flashing color light and strobing, of something flying low toward the north. I will keep you posted.
(I don't know if you want to post this one below but it does seem coincidental especially with the sightings and what happened in Trail.) On Friday night I saw a huge flash from the Kelowna way as the southwestern sky lit up uniformly. I waited for the thunder but heard nothing. As it turned out Kelowna had a blackout and they were saying on the news how weird it was for lightning to hit the main connecter conjunction ( I think they said twice). It took a while to get power back on line before the hockey game could continue.
Take care Brian.
Thank you to the person for the report.
Trail, British Columbia
Date: May 20, 2004
Time: 10:15 p.m.
A fellow called to file a report over something he thought was unusual. He said the weather condition weren't that great and it was very overcast. The witness poured himself and cup of coffee and went and sat outside. While watching the sky with a limited view he saw in the northeast a dimly lit green light which was just below the cloud cover. It was funny as he said he rubbed his eyes to make sure what he was observing was really there, plus he ran quickly back into the house to get his glasses. When he came back out there was the same green light and another one following slowly behind approximately 2 to 3 kilometers in distance from the first.
The two green lights were moving very slow and even though the lights were not extremely bright the witness said he was still able to see the texture of the clouds as the green objects lit up the clouds as they flew along. Also the man noticed that when the objects passed over head his short wave radio started acting up as he was able to hear it. Once the lights had moved from his general area the radio seemed to be fine.
The witness said he was able to view the lights for approximately a couple of minutes. keeping in mind this was a long time to watch this event due to his limited view of the sky. The lights traveled on a straight line not making any unusual maneuvers. There was no sound heard. Also what is interesting is that a few calls had come into the Trail RCMP over the sightings that had taken place on May 19, 2004.
Thank you to the witness for the report.
Texas, U.S.A.
Date: May 26, 2004
Time: 9:40 p.m.
Number of witnesses: 1
Number of objects: 2
Shape of objects: Silver Orbs ?
Full Description of event/sighting: I was coming home from church on a rural highway and it was a clear night. I pulled off of the highway to check my headlights as I thought one of them had went out..Both were fine, I found out. I happened to look up in the eastern sky and what I presumed at first was a planet or bright star, I soon discovered it was moving toward the west. Suddenly, it stopped. Then from the north came this other bright object and it seemed to pull close to the other object...from it came this, what looked like a broad band of red toward the other stationary object...both objects were stationary for about 5 minutes...all of a sudden the red band retracted and the first object started moving slowly and then burst into a high rate of speed and disappeared. The second object started moving slowly and then it suddenly moved at a high rate of speed back toward the north from where it came. I do not know what these objects were, but both were very interesting to curiosity was heightened, by this red band...whether it was transferring something to the other object or not it definitely had a purpose...thank you for your time
Thank you to the person for their report.
HBCC UFO Note: I have the video footage here of what does appear to be a Triangular craft. What is really strange is there was a helicopter that passed directly below the object. I will be placing this footage to my website also.
Update: This is incredible footage: I just posted an updated version to my site.
Sonora, California
Date: May 31, 2004
Time: 10:08 p.m.
Location of Sighting: Lyons Bald Mountain in Sonora, CA
Number of witnesses: 2
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Triangular with three lights
Full Description of event/sighting: I was sitting outside listening to my radio with a friend of mine when I noticed a light over Lyons Bald Mountain in Sonora. It was traveling east and then turned south. I turned on my video camera and noticed in the viewfinder that there were now two lights. NO FAA LIGHTS on this craft. IT WAS HUGE! While we were watching, a plane flew so close to it, it looked like they were going to collide. My friend and I saw three white lights in a triangular formation and watched it fly for about 5 minutes. But when we reviewed the recording, we noticed that there were two red lights on the outside and the middle light was green. I'm still shaking!! This object appeared to be about 2 or 3 times the size
of the airplane. It flew very slowly southward, video tape to be sent soon.
Thank you to the witness for the report.
Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research
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