Argentine Fireman And Police
Officer Hit By Beams Of UFO Light

From Scott Corrales

Source: Servicio Informativo Ovnilogico (Rio Cuarto)
August 22, 2002
RIO CUARTO -- While no names were mentioned, it was learned from researchers in Rio Cuarto itself that the eyewitness account of Sergeant Guillermo Arias, involving his strange encounter with a 200-meter long triangular device before midnight on Sunday, July 21, 2002 near Chajn, some 60 km SE of Rio Cuarto, is gaining credibility by the moment. Researchers of the C.O.R (Centro Ovnilogico Riocuartense) told this service that in spite of certain delays in research due to health reasons among some of the researchers, it has been possible to collect evidence consisting of other eyewitness accounts, visual evidence, "in situ" measurements and an "in visu" survey of the sectors related to the events in question. This evidence is being analyzed in detail in order not to overlook any aspect.
Within the new evidence provided by the researchers there stands out an episode which, according to the researchers, "surpasses even the Arias experience", given that a policeman and a fireman were "beseiged by a luminous, unidentified flying object with a powerful violet beam." The same source declined identifying the parties involved, arguing "professional secrecy." They did add that the event occured moments before Arias's episode and almost in a straight line in a North-South direction. They noted that personal contact had already been made with the protagonists of this event, from whom reports had been received, and progress is being made toward the first investigative phase of this event in particular. Meanwhile, a commission shall work in an area near [the towns] of Chajn and Suco respectively in gathering evidence.
Translation (C) 2002. Institute of Hispanic Ufology.
Special thanks to Mario Luis Bracamonte.


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