Varginha UFO Crash -
Brazilian Army Claims
3 Girls Saw 'Deformed Human'
By Vittorio Pacaccini <>

Going ahead with the Varginha research, I would like to present you now , the person that ESA - Sergeant Army School from Três Corações - MG -Brazil has alleged to have been who the 3 girls: Kátia, Liliane and Valquíria, sighted on January 20, 1996.
In their latest depositions to the press, ESA has been insisting on saying that the 3 girls saw in reality: " a deformed human being".
I had the opportunity to locate this "deformed human being's" family as well as, himself. I would say that, comparing him to what those 3 girls saw is an offense to our intelligence. I had already seen him there in Varginha for several times, I was always working in other things and therefore, I was satisfied in observing him[on the sidewalks]. Now, I could have a very close contact with him and with the permission of his family, I photographed him.



The person in subject is called Luis Antonio de Paula, he is 34 years old and he is deaf and dumb. He has some mental retardation but, he is not deformed. He knows how to eat all by himself, to sleep on his bed[never sleeps on the streets], he knows how to take baths, how to use the toilet, he knows how to ask - through gestures - a series of things, has sense of humor. He stays stooping/crouched in many moments, admiring insects[sometimes he takes some of it to the mouth] - although he can stand up and walk to wherever he wants[sometimes, he passes hours walking around inside the neighborhood Santana and Jardim Andere - both, in Varginha city].
He and his family live at 129 A Sweden Street - in the neighborhood Jardim Andere, about three blocks away from where the 3 girls sighted the strange creature.
All in his family have white complexion, including himself. Luis is commonly known as: "Mudinho"[little dumb]. The oldest brother, Fungencio, has blue eyes; other, Morvan, has green eyes; his younger brother, Marcos, has clear chestnut eyes just like Luis[Mudinho].

Luis Antonio de Paula[Mudinho] is an absolutely inoffensive person; sometimes he can be a little grumpy but, he never attacks other people. The people in that neighborhood know him for many years and they like him; some neighbors very often offer him food, chocolate, coke, cookies and etc....
He doesn't like to be inside of his house all the time without having nothing to do therefore, he prefers to be the streets/sidewalks, observing people, the movement of the cars and distracting himself with that. Even walking around alone, he always returns at lunchtime and at dinnertime - for then, to take a shower and to be home to sleep, in his own bed.
His family is poor and they don't have resources to pay for treatments or even, specialized private clinics. His family got him retired through the WELFARE DEPARTMENT and he receives a minimum wage a month.
The family feels very offended with the fact that Luis has being used by the militaries as "escape goat", in the episode of January 20, 1996 - on the 3 girls sighting. The family doesn't know where exactly he was on that day but they are absolutely sure, that it was not him who the 3 girls sighted and left running totally frightened, on that famous afternoon, thinking they had found the devil.
The girls say the same thing. They were already more than accustomed with Luis[Mudinho], they used to meet him on their way home almost every day, into Santana district. They already had seen him several and several times. Kátia, who was a smoker at that time, had already given a cigarette to Luis - in hands.
In certain occasion, Luisa[mother of Liliane and Valquíria], was returning home together with her daughters; as they passed next to the house where Luis lives, they saw him there on the sidewalk, stopped and with a very sad glance on his face. Luisa felt so much pity for him, that she went before him and started a little conversation, trying to cheer him up; she even allowed him to caress her face twice.
In other words, if Luis was the one out there, crunched in that place where the 3 girls sighted that hideous creature, certainly the 3 girls would have recognized him and had not left the place running scared and terrified. They already knew him.
It would be important to point out, that military witnesses who have participated of the operations in Varginha, have already given me their respective depositions, confirming this creature's appearance. These informations match up perfectly well with what the 3 girls have reported so far[and Mrs.Terezinha Clepf too].
Wanting to use Luis[Mudinho] to explain what had been sighted by the 3 girls, was something providential however, without the smallest sustenance - because of everything I have told above. ESA may think that they are deceiving some imprudent ones here and there however, the lie has short legs - they have already entangled themselves in contradictions[not for only once].
First, they said that it was a misunderstanding caused by a "couple of dwarfs"!! Later on, they said that was it was a huge misunderstanding caused by a "deformed human being". Not to mention, that they always denied had been in Varginha between the 20th to 22snd of January - 1996; but Captain Valentim has confirmed these ESA visits to Varginha, recently in an interview.
Luis is not deformed nor crippled! He is just deaf and dumb plus, he has mental deficiencies. His body is normal. He stands about 1,70 ms tall and his feet are size 10. He doesn't have any disproportional elements on his body [head, hands, feet and etc...]; perhaps, his ears are kind of "Dumbo like" but a lot of people are - flap-eared.
ESA thought this story would convince the public - I think it doesn't convince anybody, as well as the 3 girls and Luisa don't think either. The military sources that are helping me think this is laughable.
Only those who have talked to militaries involved with the Varginha occurence, can really feel "closely", the fear that emanates from all of them, when the subject: " Extraterrestrials Captured in Varginha " is mentioned. It is something that sometimes irritates me. "Adult" men "shaking like chicken" every time I mention this subject - it is very impressive.
Gentlemen, ESA continues lying. The physical characteristics of Luis Antonio de Paula[Mudinho]have nothing to do[by far], to the profile of the creatures captured in Varginha - Brazil.
Best wishes,

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