Abductees With Urge To 'Build Spaceships' And Saucers
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The following will be a little screwed up, but I would like to know what the list thinks of this, and if they have heard of similar cases.
Yesterday when I was over at my sisters, she was going through business papers and we were chatting away as she was throwing stuff out. Suddenly she said: "Remember how I've told you about Robin [her husband] and how he will sometimes tell me in great detail how to build a space ship?" and indeed Mary has mentioned that to me before. She said: "Well, here is one of his drawings. What do you think of it? I don't understand him when he goes on about it!"
So she handed me this piece of paper, and it had three detailed drawings on it about how a space ship would be simple to build. Now, I am no engineer but found the piece of paper fascinating.
Then Mary looked at me, and said: "Do you think his sporadic obsession with building a space ship is related to what happened to him when he was young?"
"Yes, probably," I said.
Now, Robin is a musician - one of the rare one who actually makes a living at it - and in no way an engineer. For a musician, and an artist, he is very pragmatic or business oriented. So that is his background.
When he was young - a teenager - he was at his parents house on a lake here - it is isolated and on a huge piece of land, and is a huge house. He told me that - well, the details are fuzzy now, and I don't want to put words into his mouth, so this is all I can remember now. He was alone, and suddenly the atmosphere totally changed, and I think he told me he was worried if a tornado was about to strike. He was wide awake. But he was young and afraid, and so went into his bedroom and got in bed. He said a huge ball of light entered his room, and he was terrified. That is the story, basically.
I remember asking him - this was years ago - if he thought it was a religious revelation. He said at the time he thought so because he didn't know how else to interpret what had happened to him. He said that the event had such a profound effect on him that for months he wondered if God had signaled him out for something. Then the memory faded, or the urgency.
So now 20 years later he occasionally tells my sister how easy it would be to construct a space ship.
Now, neither my sister or Robin read about UFOs or know anything about them - not like you people do.
I was just wondering how many people there are out there, who have had strange experiences and don't really talk about it. Mary asked me to never tell Robin that she showed me one of his drawings. So I won't, but truly find it intriguing.
Have other people heard of similar stories?
Kelly _____
From Gilles Milot < From UFO UpDates-Toronto < 6-2-00
Very interresting story, It will be interresting also to see the drawings but of course we understand the situation.
One of my close friend had a very ludicrous business, he was quite a rich guy and enjoyed the life with a very positive atitude. He had a lovely wife and two beautifull boy. One day, and that's happened 25 years ago, my friend told me that something very strange happened to him while he was fishing up north Quebec.
He saw a flying saucer (His own words) that hovered over him for a while and after a couple of minutes, a beam of light went on him and that's the only thing he remember. He found himself standing up on the shore of the lake with a missing time of more than an hour.
At that time I was at my first step in ufology and the abductions hypothesis by ET were not as known as they are today.
What happened next is very sad and tragic, my friend attitude changed progressively. He started giving his money to almost everybody who need it, giving his jewels and home furniture. He stop working and lost his business saying that he was in mission and that he had to built a flying saucer, beginning first with small prototype like toys.
He tried to meet with school authority in order to give at each class room a model of his F.S. Of course his request has been rejected in he had to face the justice because of his insistance and harassement toward various teaching institution.
He lost his wife, his house and his two kids. He's been fooled by bad opportunist people who robbed him to his last penny. During that period, I was out of the country for my work and when I came back I found my friend who was in an institution for mental health. He attempted suicide at two occasion.
When I went to visit him, he told me that his mission was to build a flying saucer and tell peoples that THEY exist. And when he found out that it was not possible for him to succeed, he thought that his life was now useless.
Today, he's back to some kind of a natural life, he can't work and he live on the Social Welfare Program. One of his sons killed himself with a shot gun at the age of 15 years old and I took the other one under my protection. He worked for me many years and he's doing very well in life.
This is a very real sad story caused by a very stange sighting. How many others experienced this kind of unhappiness. We will never know.....
Gilles Milot AQU-QUA
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