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CAPE KENNEDY - A recent visitor to the Space Center attended the IMAX theater movie being shown to the public. One scene shows the US Space Shuttle near the Russian MIR space station. The NASA footage shows three disc shaped UFOs approaching MIR. Two UFOs fly slowly past and the third UFO stops and appears to observe the space station. The UFOs do not appear to be ice crystals. They appear to be space ships that either belong to a nation of this Earth or from some where else in the universe. Editors Note: Can anyone else confirm seeing UFOs in this film? NASA Administrator Daniel S. Goldin may be trying to let the public know there is something else out there so the public will help prevent Congress from cutting NASA's budget again. Astronaut Eugene Cernan was commander of Apollo 17. In a Los Angeles Times article in 1973, he stated, "I've been asked (about UFOs) and I've said publicly I thought they (UFOs) were somebody else, some other civilization."
WOOSOCKET - MUFON Assistant State Director (ASD), Janet Bucci reports that in the early evening on August 16, 1999, several witnesses, including four law enforcement personnel, watched as an UFO displaying lights, put on a fantastic aerial show. As the unidentified object roamed the sky, it flew above or near neighboring towns. At around the same time, a woman in a near by town also saw a strange lighted object in the sky while she was in her car on the way home. She reports she also experienced missing time. State Section Director for Northern RI Bill Masuck, and Assistant State Director Janet Bucci have asked, "If you think you may have seen this same object, please call MUFON's hotline number (401) 736-8680 and leave your full name, home telephone number, and briefly describe what you saw. Thanks to Janet Bucci at
LAKE GEORGE - Linda reports that on Friday, October 1, 1999, I saw two very bright flashing white lights in the treeline. The lights were heading directly north. They gained altitude and shot up zigzagging into the northwestern sky at 6:01 PM. When the white lights were very high up a second object with a red light came from the west and lined up right behind the white lights. They both continued northwest. The complete sighting took five minutes. Thanks to Linda, Glens Falls, NY 12801
BEL AIR - A nurse writes, "We had an unusual sighting on Friday night October 8, 1999. I do emergency medical aid at the Bel Air High School football games. I was standing on the sidelines watching for injured players when I saw two lights about an inch apart over the school building at 8:30 PM. They were too far apart for airplane landing lights and too high to be attached to the building. The UFO's lights were white and very bright almost as bright as the stadium lights The two lights hovered for about 5 minutes or so. Two students came over to me and said "Hey you see that UFO?" I then started to look for the red and green wing tip lights but there was none. The craft started to move towards us and into an east wind. It moved very slowly then turned to the right and flipped over on its side and flew slowly south on its side. I could see it was a large triangular shaped craft. The undercarriage had a strobe light in line with the nose and two white lights on the tip. It flew to the south on its side speed estimate would be less than 20 mph and we heard no noise. Distance from us was about 1000 feet and its altitude was less than 1000 feet. It flew the length of the school then completed the roll and flew to the east and disappeared rather quickly behind the trees. Conditions were cloudy and humid, temperature was 50 F. A number of planes flew over providing a good comparison of size. You could have lined up about 5 single engine planes to equal the width of the unknown craft. The kids asked me "Was that a real UFO?" I told them it was not a plane or helicopter. Only a few witnesses saw the UFOs, because most people were watching the game. I wonder what THEY think of high school football? Thanks to Runningpony
FORT MOUNTAIN - MUFON State Director Tom Sheets reports that an unusual craft was observed hovering over Fort Mountain at about 9:30 PM, on Tuesday, September 28.1999. The craft was glowing a bright white, and was octagon shaped, with more octagon like shapes within it's diameter, giving the appearance of a honeycomb. It was estimated to be about the size of a softball held at arm's length. Event duration was several seconds, as craft was observed by the approaching motorist/witness on Ft. Mountain. Altitude of the craft over the top of the 2800 feet mountain was about 1/4 mile off the top. Other well-documented reports of UFO activity and objects have been investigated in this vicinity, including observations by MUFONGA personnel during the last year.
EAST ELIJAY - Assistant State Director Mark Ausmus has been setting up an investigation into an event that occurred on September 26, 1999, over this small mountain town 13 miles east of Fort Mountain. The witness was interviewed Ausmus and Olivia Newton. The witness awoke during the early AM and found a bright, intense white light with a pointed bottom hovering about 40 degrees off the horizon. The size 1 1/2 times of the moon. During the 15 minute observation it moved to about 80 degrees and was observed to eject 15 or 20 small "sparkly prism like objects" downward at about a 45 degree angle. Later, the friend of the witness indicated that similar events had been witnessed during the past 6 months in the area. Two days later, he witnessed an intense bright white light in the night sky, in the distance. This would be September 28, the same date as the Fort Mountain sighting. The Ausmus/Newton team is continuing to investigate. An unidentified thick purple substance was discovered on the property.
COLUMBUS - MUFON GA's Jim Steen of Columbus Georgia reports that he has established initial contact with a male witness that reports observing triangle shaped objects on three occasions since May of this year. One fly over was observed by a second witness. The witness has provided Jim with a written account and excellent sketches, but interviews have not as yet been conducted to establish witness' credibility. Jim agreed to re-contact the witness for a more in-depth investigation. The sketches indicate an isosceles triangle shape, with large amber/white lights at each point. There appears to be a protrusion attached to the underside of what would be considered the 'tail' of the craft, a sort of 'rectangle' looking protrusion. COMMENT ñ Other Georgia cases are developing at this time. We may be in for another active autumn season this year! Semper Fi, Tom Sheets, SD MUFONGA
BURKESVILLE - This was really weird, as I was lying in my pickup truck bed just studying the sky and pondering the full moon around 8:30 PM on September 23, 1999. Although there was not a structured object visible, there was a strange pattern "probing" light. It started to the NW and came to the SW...first making an upward dart...then completing this pattern, coming back to an imaginary midline, then it would go up again. Surprisingly, at times even drop beneath the midline. Altogether, making maybe 6 to 8 peaks, as it took only a minute, perhaps, but left me breathless! It moved in an up and down zigzag pattern that reminded me of Chinese writing. Quickly darting upward and back to midline in no particular sequence. The colors of this particular line pattern were gold's, reds, blues, greens, shimmering variously as it "drew" it the sky. When I turned around, I saw the rising Full Moon. Thanks to Herbwmn2
DUNDEE - On September 29, 1999, four witnesses saw a white saucer lit up almost like a crystal, but as big as a large house. They were driving westbound on Route 72 at 8:00 PM and saw a huge lit shape in the sky moving less than 10 mph. Further investigation indicates that the object observed was most likely a blimp with an electronic advertising apparatus that made it appear like a UFO from distance. Thanks to Morgan Clements, Director World Wide UFO Reporting Center. Editors Note: These advertising blimps have often been mistaken for UFOs when a person is unable to make out the writing.
PARKDALE - On October 2, 1999, while driving home two friends driving separate cars on Dee Highway witnessed very bright lights with flashing colors at 11:35 PM. They both felt it was no ordinary aircraft. It hovered for 35 to 40 seconds with different colored lights flashing when it suddenly disappeared. Thanks to WWUFORC,
EDWARDS AFB - William Hamilton wrote, "Yesterday, my wife and I attended Edwards Air Force Base, 50th air show." One of the best ever. We saw one of the last flights of the SR-71 Blackbird that flew high over our heads at 78,000 feet at Mach 3.2. The double sonic boom from the leading and trailing edges of the plane set off car alarms. The Blackbird came in for a low pass near the awestruck crowd. The X-15 experimental airplane holds the speed record when Sen. Pete Knight flew her at Mach 6.7+ back in the sixties. It also attained an altitude of over 370,000 ft. Another first, the F-22 Raptor and F-16 chase plane went around for some touch and goes. We also saw over flights of the B-2 stealth bomber with a height of only 17 feet and a wingspan of 172 feet. It looks like a thin black line when it comes in. In contrast, the B-1 engines are very noisy, the B-2 is quiet in comparison. The F-117 stealth fighter also made quiet passes. It was a fantastic air show, but was someone watching from above? Just as one of the aerobatics planes was doing loops, I looked straight up beyond his smoke trail to see what looked like a shiny cylindrical object sitting motionless at a very high altitude. Using the smoke trails as a reference, it seemed to sit there and then turned and moved off rapidly as I tried to train my video on it. Alas, it was gone faster than the smoke! Was it a UFO? I could not identify it. It just left me wondering. Thanks to Bill Hamilton, Director Skywatch International, Inc. Website:
EDMONTON - There are new crop formations near Edmonton, Alberta as of September 28, 1999. Another crop circle was reported near Midale, Saskatchewan on September 28. Farmers also report sighting UFOs in the general area. The complete reports, links, analysis and commentaries are posted at: Thanks to CAUS. Peter A. Gersten Director
STEPHENVILLE - On July 10, 1999, reports he obtained a siting report of a fast moving object. It was a bright yellow light and made no sound. The witness states, "I had just exited my house at 8:15 PM when I saw a very bright light directly in front of him about a distance of one kilometer." He watched it for about 20 seconds that disappeared very rapidly in the scattered clouds. The object was about the size of a full-sized van I then continued to meet with my friends. Thanks to Jeroen Wierda at
HONOLULU - My name is Nicholas Cone and I would like to report a sighting. It was on Friday, October 1, 1999. It was a round silver ball that moved slowly across the sky and disappeared. Thanks to Nicholas Cone, NConesk8r
LOVINA, BALI - On September 17, 1999, Allison Williams was vacationing in Indonesia walking on the beach with a friend at 1:00 AM. They sighted an immense triangular shape craft with pulsing lights hovering above. The sky is exceptionally clear there and the stars are very brilliant so it was difficult to tell the altitude of the triangle. They continued to watch from the beach and a smaller object with lights departed from the triangle moving south towards Australia. The huge triangle continued to hover in the sky for more than hour when they decided to leave the UFO was still there. The friend seemed more interested in romance, but did admit seeing the UFO. Thanks to Allison Williams.
The September issue of Popular Mechanics carries an article "Skunk Works Magic" by Jim Wilson. The article includes an illustration by Mark McCandlish of an alleged Stealth Blimp. It thought the craft may be operated by the United States Air Force and built by Lockheed-Martin. These craft may be responsible for many large triangular sightings frequently reported.
A British astronomer appears to have discovered a new planet orbiting the Sun, 1,000 times further away than Pluto. The new planet may not be an original part of our solar system and may have been captured on the outskirts of our own solar system. Thanks to Chris Evers HUFOS/FTL
John Locker provides a list of excellent decay prediction calculations from Alan Pickup for use over the next few months. Alan provides information on each piece of debris, including reentry position, time, etc. Many re-entries occur over water, but as with the September incident, are often visible from land.
24168 94- 29 HT STEP-2 Pegasus deb. October 15
25507 98- 60 C SCD-2 Pegasus deb. October 17
25680 99- 19 E Glblstar 19 Soyuz r1 October 18
24235 94- 29 LJ STEP-2 Pegasus deb. October 19
25500 98- 25 F C 2350 aux motor October 21
21379 75- 52 CZ Nimbus 6 Delta 1 deb October 23
25917 99- 48 E Foton 12 deb. October 25
25921 99- 51 C Ikonos Athena deb. October 26
5093 70- 91 AQ Cosmos 375 deb. October 27
24744 97- 10 A Zeya October 30
25550 98- 69 B SAC-A October 30
24349 94- 29 PA STEP-2 Pegasus deb October 31
24993 94- 29 ADA STEP-2 Pegasus deb. October 31
23563 91- 47 E PAM-D deb November 2
24632 94- 29 AAL STEP-2 Pegasus deb November 2
13738 82-118 C DMSP F6 deb November 4
12134 81- 2 B Molniya 3-14 r2 November 5?
24832 97- 28 E C 2344 SOZ ullage r November 8
24590 94- 29 YS STEP-2 Pegasus deb November 11
25494 98- 56 D Eutelsat W2 Spelda November 11
5533 71- 15 BX Cosmos 397 deb November 12
24972 97- 57 B IRS-1D r November 12
24586 94- 29 YN STEP-2 Pegasus deb November 13
23995 94- 29 AQ STEP-2 Pegasus deb November 15
4222 69- 97 B AZUR Scout r November 25
22016 92- 39 C GPS 2-14 Delta r2 December 4
24291 96- 50 A Microsat December 4
19377 88- 69 A Molniya 1-73 December ?
25551 98- 69 C MightySat December ?
Thanks to John locker" < G7MIZ Satellite and
Communications Consultant at
W. Owens writes, I read your article on the Falun Gong "take" on ET's. I'm certainly all for religious freedom. I think it's terrible that these people are being harassed. But do we really need this type of paranoia right now? This group is Buddhist. Buddhists are fine, nice people; like the rest of us in this vast, mysterious universe, they don't have all the answers. Their philosophy, while original, is a confusing + contradictory melange of agnosticism + Eastern /philosophy/superstition. And, to be quite candid, it seems rather empty + pointless. As for this wonderful gentleman who has all the answers about space aliens (and everything else)? -- "Yea, sure." Editor's Note: My point is that 100 million Chinese believe in extraterrestrials and UFOs. The US has 275 million people, China has 1 Billion 250 million people and the worlds largest Army. "China claims to be a military superpower and recently announced it can fire ballistic missiles from nuclear submarines. The Falun Gong are the only large organized group other than the Communists in the country. The future of the world may be effected by the Falun Gong who believe UFOs are visiting us. Now they are being arrested by the thousands. Most UFO investigators consider themselves a small minority, but with Falun Gong we have one hundred 100 million believers. That's roughly the population of Japan.
WRIGHT PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE - See URL below for images and drawings used to support the "Underground Vault" theory at Wright-Patterson AFB:. This web site has interesting engineering plans of the various buildings on base. These images and drawings are supportive data and there are no explicative texts
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