Levitation Physicist
John Hutchison Raided At
Gunpoint By Canadian Police
From Mark A. Solis <>
Webmaster for John Hutchison
Reporting From Shreveport, Louisiana
Word has been received this morning, Saturday, 18 March 2000, that John Hutchison has been raided at gunpoint by Canadian Police. John's apartment in New Westminster, British Columbia, was raided at 2 PM Friday, 17 March 2000, by gun-wielding police searching for firearms. An antique gun collection owned by Hutchison was confiscated in its entirety.
According to Hutchison, a phone call was received at about 2 PM Friday, stating that it was the police, and asking John to answer his door. Hutchison states that there were 8 to 10 individuals pointing weapons at him, only two or three of whom were in uniform. The rest were dressed in dark clothing.
Hutchison was handcuffed and placed on the outside steps while police searched the apartment. No warrant was claimed or shown at any time. Police stated only that there had been an anonymous complaint that firearms were being brought into the apartment.
Police also called in an "electrical inspector" to examine John's lab equipment. This is the famous "Hutchison apparatus" with which John produces the renowned "Hutchison Effect."
Additional individuals dressed in suits were brought in who took extensive photographs of the Hutchison apparatus. Hutchison indicates that these persons had an "official air" about them, and that they might be Government agents, especially given the confiscation of the original Hutchison lab, which took place while John was out of the country in 1990. None of these persons showed any identification. Those who have followed John's career of invention and innovation will recall that his first laboratory was forcibly seized by the Canadian Government on 24 February 1990 by the direct order of former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney. The Government has retained the lab in spite of a court order by Judge Paris of the Supreme Court of British Columbia to return it.
A previous raid on John Hutchison's apartment involving his collection of antique firearms occurred in 1978, and processing took two years. The confiscated antiques were returned at the order of Judge Cronin. These events occurred under the administration of former PM Pierre Trudeau. Former PM Joe Clark, who took over in the 1980s following the Trudeau administration, wrote to Hutchison offering help and support.
The present raid follows close on the heels of a recent successful levitation performed 11 October 1999 which was videotaped by John. The effect was achieved after six days worth of attempts.
However, neighbours called local police to complain about Hutchison's experiment. It is unclear whether something in their apartment levitated, although there is no other way known at this time that they could have been aware of the levitation experiment that was in progress. The neighbours in question live across the street from Hutchison.
The sound of approaching sirens was recorded on the video soundtrack of Hutchison's camcorder during the experiment, and video of some emergency vehicles and personnel was obtained.
Further updates on the situation will be posted promptly on this website.
Mark A. Solis <> Shreveport, LA USA Webmaster for John Hutchison
To anyone who has seen the incredible footage revealing John Hutchison's amazing anti-gravity discovery from several years ago, this truly smacks of major conspiracy. Hutchison clearly stumbled upon one of the most tremendous secrets in physics, one which is likely well known (and has been for many years) to black ops government scientists and researchers who routinely conduct similar antigravitic experiments with craft in the deserts of the U.S., as documented by the many UFO researchers in the past 20 years who have dedicated themselves to watching Area 51 and Groom Lake. Making certain that someone outside of the military industrial establishment does not stumble onto this discovery is no doubt foremost in the activities of the secret government. This antigravitational power is obviously being witheld and harnessed for future destructive uses by forces seasoned in the art of mass murder, genocide and world conquest.
-James Neff
From Lea MacDonald <
Sadly, the story of John Hutchison's encounter with Canadian Police seems to becoming more the norm these days. Heavy-handed, arm-bending tactics, are being used on those people who would pursue, or conduct, a search for truth. Peaceful or not, it seems to make no difference.
From physics, to UFOs, and political agendas, researchers are now falling under significant scrutiny from their collective governments. Why?
I don't recall anyone forfeiting their right to peacefully and legally conduct research. Nor do I recall anyone stating, "I only want to know 'part' of the truth." And I certainly did not hear anyone appoint the government as the "Gatekeeper" of their paradigm no matter the direction their search for truth, takes. I'm just as sure that Mr Hutchison does not recall appointing them either.
I have been told that, "Far greater men than you or I, make these decisions." If keeping truth from people is a prerequisite for being "great," I do not wish to be great. I find no comfort in understanding the government can (under the guise of an anonymous tip) seize material not pertinent to the "original tip," or, that they cannot be compelled to return "that material" after inappropriate confiscation has been determined.
Of course, in the interests of personal safety, I feel compelled to "clarify" certain things. Before you read the following, place your tongue firmly against your cheek.
I can neither confirm nor deny that Mr Hutchison's levitation work is half of a two-part puzzle. I can neither confirm nor deny that the second part is propulsion. I can neither confirm nor deny that the drive is little bigger than a match box. I can neither confirm nor deny that I have a working prototype. I can neither confirm nor deny that it bends space/time. I can neither confirm nor deny that a byproduct of the coronal discharge is significant amounts of 03. I can neither confirm nor deny that I am in receipt of a Blue Fly, "Field Intelligence Packet." I can neither confirm nor deny any of this is true.
Hmm, after reading that, perhaps it is not tongue-in-cheek.
But I can neither confirm nor deny that.
A Rebuttal To James Neff's comments:

From: Jack
(name and email on file)
I think Bill Church, a former US Army Intelligence Agent and now an independent intelligence consultant for multinational corporations and several governments put it nicely. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police are hardly the Stalinist KGB or the Gestapo or Pol Pot ... One should investigate what really happened first. I do not know what Stanton Friedman may or may not have said and I do not care [ note: this is in reference to something said offline, not part of the previous commentary. Ie, that I was not saying anything any more inflamatory than Stanton Freidman has almost daily, that is, to cry conspiracy ]. I am speaking from my own direct experience with the Powers that Be. What I can say is that we are in contact with powerful players in the UFO phenomenon, real progress is being made and there is no reason to upset people that their governments are out to do them ill. There are actually very good ecologically sound reasons for secrecy. Would you like Saddam Hussein, or Milsovec, or a few others you can think of to have powerful ET weapons technology off a public Web Page? Same goes for the release of zero point energy which makes nuclear energy seem like a small Chinese firecracker. Imagine some amateur making a zero point energy over unity machine in his garage. Sorceror's Apprentice, see Disney's Fantasia, not only there goes the neighborhood, but there goes the solar system, puff! Bye, bye we will be playing harps in Heaven or doing the other thing down there. If Hutchison has the real think he can blow away Vancouver by mistake - not meaning to. So the Mounties may have had a very excellent reason to intervene to save many hundreds of thousands of lives.
> > As the saying goes, 'Right now your government is doing things you think > only OTHER governments do."
What's new? The US Government is the worst government in the world, except for every other. (to paraphrase Winston Churchill on "Democracy"). We get the goverment we deserve. Life it complex, it's hard to know what to do next as anyone playing the stock market knows. In any case, we are in the process of having a major voice on what the governments will do about the UFO and ET CONTACT issue. So everyone keep cool. As FDR said, "We have nothing to fear but fear itself." Trust me. :-)

Would You Buy A Used Flying Saucer From This Man?
(Photo and caption provided by "Jack")
I'd sure like to see evidence of this progress, Jack. I really would. I only see more and more cover-up, evasion and skullduggery, year after year. Meanwhile innocent people like Betty Cash drop dead from exposure to experimental government craft without any recourse. I don't recall hearing anything about unexplained deaths around Mr. Hutchison. But it's like me to have a great deal more confidence in independent scientists like Mr. Hutchison, than in the Confederacy of Dunces -- whatever 'governing authority' that may be.
- James Neff


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