Incontrovertible Proof Of
UFO Landings Claimed
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Sceptics who dismiss reports of UFOs and ridicule the testimony of experienced observers like military aviators, airline pilots, radar operators and air traffic controllers, and say that it is impossible for visitations from alien spacecraft to occur, should consider the following incontrovertible proof and recant from their outright disbelief!
I ask them to ponder on these two following - documented - examples of visitation by alien spacecraft.
During the first sighting in 1969 the craft was observed to make several passes before descending and landing. From a panel at the base of the craft a creature emerged. The 'head' was larger than that of a human and the body had a shiny, silver look. After walking close to the craft it was seen to, apparently, 'sample' the terrain, before returning to the craft and shooting off again into space at a considerable speed.
The other documented encounter was in 1975 where, after the craft had landed, what appeared to be a 'probe' emerged and, again, seemed to be searching for life-forms. Though no 'human-like' form was seen.
In both instances, photographic and electronic evidence exists that has been confirmed by the US Government. (**Further details are available at the foot of this column)
'You Can't Tell The People' There should be a subhead to this title: "because they won't believe you." I have just read GEORGINA BRUNI's book that takes its title from Baroness Thatcher's statement to her "UFO's? You must get your facts right, and you can't tell the people." Dealing with the only UFO sighting in the United Kingdom to be officially acknowledged by the Ministry of Defence (MOD), it recounts - in meticulous detail - the remarkable events that took place twenty years ago in Rendlesham Forest, adjacent to the US airbases at Woodbridge in Suffolk.
From the 'grunts' patrolling the security perimeter of the airbase up to the commanding USAF Major General GORDON WILLIAMS and the British Chief of Defence Staff, LORD HILL-NORTON, there are extraordinary confirmations of what has, for years, been always been denied by the MOD as having any "defence significance."
Georgina, exhibiting the journalistic traits of a cross between a terrier and a rotweiler, has relentlessly pursued witnesses to the events. In many cases she has managed to get them to talk - on the record - for the first time, about what an official US Air Force document describes as: "mysterious sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects." Fascinating stuff.
I have more than a passing interest in such events. During my service as an RAF pilot at RAF Oakington, I was base liaison officer with USAF Mildenhall and also flew, on occasion, into USAF Bentwaters and I am therefore familiar with the aerodromes involved. Subsequently, when living in the United States in 1965, I became an active member of NICAP - the National Investigation Committee on Aerial Phenomena. With Rear Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter (the CIA's Director of Central Intelligence) and Colonel JOSEPH BRYAN III Chief of the CIA's Psychological Warfare Staff (and former Special Assistant to the Secretary for the Air Force) as key executives of NICAP, and many CIA Intelligence Officers as overt or covert members, NICAP was a serious organisation.
Learning of my latent interest, TIMOTHY GOOD, the acclaimed author on UFO matters, sent me a copy of his recently published book: 'Beyond Top Secret'. This well-documented tome publishes material from declassified reports he has obtained from the world's intelligence agencies. He presents a powerful argument that over the years there has been a massive cover-up of UFO sightings or reports of "structured aerial phenomena" and that much material continues to be classified at a level beyond 'Top Secret.'
The detailed reports by military and civilian aircrew, radar operators and air traffic controllers make fascinating reading. I have never encountered any unusual aerial activity in my flying career. However I have spoken with other pilots who "know what they have seen" but are too leery of ridicule to recount their experiences in public.
To those who say, "it couldn't possibly happen" I refer you again to the opening paragraph of this column.

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