ISSO Appoints NASA Veteran
Creon Levit As Director Of Research
17-year NASA veteran joins ISSO to pursue breakthrough physics research
SANTA CLARA, CA - The International Space Sciences Organization (ISSO), a newly formed advanced science research and education institute, announced today the appointment of Creon Levit as Director of Research for ISSO Science.
"With a professional background touching computational science, nanotechnology, and physics, Creon is a perfect interdisciplinary leader for the direction of our various research projects," said Joe Firmage, Chairman of ISSO.
Levit has been an employee of NASA since 1982. He started in computer systems engineering and developed computer graphics software for the visualization of computational aerodynamic flows. Then he moved into the field of computational fluid dynamics (CFD), and developed three dimensional aerodynamic flow simulation programs for parallel computers such as the Connection Machine. He later worked in computational gravitational astrophysics, studying problems like the gravitational evolution of the solar system and the rings of Saturn.
He was a founder of the NASA Ames Research Center molecular nanotechnology group, and was a recipient of the 1997 Richard P. Feynman award for molecular nanotechnology. In the nanotechnology group, he worked on molecular dynamics simulations and on the development immersive virtual reality force-feedback systems for nanoscale engineering.
For the last few years, while working on the quantum chemistry of molecular systems he continued to apply geometrical, topological, and computer graphics techniques to the analysis of aerodynamic flowfields. He used these techniques to design nanoelectronic circuitry and to understand chemical reactivity, molecular quantum mechanics and electromagnetic fields.
ABOUT ISSO The International Space Sciences Organization ( is a cutting-edge research institute dedicated to advancing human knowledge of the science of being. ISSO Science organizes and funds theoretical and experimental research into advanced propulsion, energy generation, and consciousness studies.
ISSO is headquartered in the Bay Area of California, and can be reached at (408)395-4378. Correspondence should be sent to ISSO, 1556 Halford Avenue, PMB 110, Santa Clara, CA 95051.
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