New Oz Files UFO Sightings
From Diane Harrison
Director AUFORN <>
New Oz Files UFO Sightings

From Diane Harrison
Director AUFORN <

The Australian UFO Research Network UFO Hotline is now into it's third
year. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has
contributed to the success of Australia's one and only National UFO
Freecall Hotline number.  1800 77 22 88

 A great Big thank you to Duncan Roads of NEXUS magazine and Robert Frola
of The Australasian UFOlogist magazine for their support in getting the
UFO number known.  Thank you to all the OZ UFO Clubs and investigators for
the endless amount of time you have put into making the OZ UFO Hotline a
successful research tool. A big thank you to our 6 UFO Hotline volunteer
operators they have done a great job though out the year.

 There are just far to many names to mention but thank you to all of you.
 Lets hope next year we get the big one :)

 Regards, Diane

 UFO Sightings OZ Files 21.12.2000

 Follow up UFORUM 1800 Callin Code: 00957 16.10.00 WA

 Hi Di - Seems this one was not a UFO as such. Two brothers Steven and
Terry had been playing golf. Returning home along the Wanneroo Road (North
of Perth). Terry heard a whoooshing sound . Turned round. Saw a huge white
ball of light travelling from East to West the size of a full moon. The
meteor or whatever it was, suddenly broke into a thousand pieces which
showered down. It seems no reports of this object were made by the media.

 Regards, Brian Richards
 ASPR/UFORUM  Perth West Australia

Follow up 1800 Call-in Code:  00969

 Date:           26th October 2000
 Day:           Thursday
 Time Reported:  9:46 am
 Location:        Kramback, NSW
 Reportee:  Mrs Wright
 Investigator: Karen Burden
 Tel:                On file

 This lady stated that she was in bed when she heard her dogs barking and
decided to get up to see what all the fuss was. This was around 12.05 am,
she hadn't actually fallen asleep before this anyway as her husband was
not feeling well. As she went to look out of her lounge room window she
 a loud noise, she said it was far louder than a helicopter and was
definitely not a plane as she has planes going over her house all the
time. She lives 35 km South/West of Taree.  Mrs Wright then said she saw
what looked like two oblong shaped windows in the sky with the inside
lights on, she could make out the shape of the craft around it. At the
time she walked off to the kitchen and thought it's just a plane, by the
time she got to the kitchen she couldn't understand why she thought that,
so she proceeded to go back to the window.  By the time she got there it
was gone and the noise had stopped.  She stated the noise didn't even fade
out, it just stopped.  There are only three farms in her area, no
lighting. One of her neighbours heard the noise, but was in bed at the

 Regards, Karen AUFORN NSW

 Follow up 1800 Call-in Code:  000974

 Date:  28th October 2000
 Day: Saturday
 Time Reported:  6:55 am
 Location:  Greenpoint, NSW
 Reportee:  Kevin
 Investigator:  Karen Burden
 Tel:  On file

 At around 9:30 pm to 9:45 pm on Friday the 27th October Kevin and his
wife and her friend observed one giant round orange light 45 degrees
coming from the North-West moving across the sky in a South-Easterly
direction, towards the ocean.  They were standing on their front verandah.
They stated the bright light would stop for around a minute every now and
then and zig-zag up and down like a heart monitor.
 It was said that the object would also speed up at times and then slow
down again. They actually stated the object was only slightly smaller than
a full moon and yes I have verified the size again with  them again.  This
object was very large indeed but was flying lower than the usual craft
which fly over this area.

 Regards, Karen AUFORN NSW

 Follow up 1800 Call-in Code:  00975

Date:  28th October 2000
Day:  Saturday
Time Reported:  9:58 pm
Location:  Orange, NSW
Reportee:  Pat
Investigator:  Karen Burden
Tel: On file

Pat who is a lawn mowing contractor was out the front of the house at
around 9:50 pm, in and out of his garage cleaning his lawn mowing
equipment.  He stated he looked up in the sky to find the Southern Cross
when he noticed what he thought was a star except for the fact it was
moving in a North Westerly direction.  He watched it move across  the sky
and then noticed another coming from the same direction as the first. After
which some minutes later another bright fire orange star like object
appeared.   He stated he watched these objects move accross the sky for
around 45 minutes.  He called his Wife and some friends out of the house
during this time who also watched these lights for some time. He even had
time to phone our 1800 number.  These lights accoridng to Pat were heading
towards Dubbo/Coonaburrabran.

 The time taken for these objects to move accross the sky plus the
omission of eratic/ or sudden changes in direction could indicate known
phenomena. They were traveling very slow, no noise, seemed to look like
they were not moving at times, fire orange star like, just below cloud
level, all of which could be an indication of home made balloons.

 Pat lost sight of these objects just above cloud level.   I am currently
checking on wind/weather conditions on that particular night in the area.

  Regards, Karen AUFORN NSW

 Follow up 1800 Callin Code: 000994   07.11.2000  QLD
 Date: 07.11.2000 Day:   Tuesday
 Time Reported:   12:02am
 Location:   Bardon, QLD
 Reportee:   Brendon
 Report given to nearest State Rep: Jan Stone
 Tel: 07

 Report a sighting around 10 pm last night

 Regards, Robert

 Brendon was sitting on the verandah having a smoke on the night of 6th
 November at Bundamba (Qld).  It was around 10pm that he and his girl
 friend saw a light in the sky that did a 90 degree turn.   It was a
 white light with a blue bottom.   It made a rumbling noise.

 Height:  about 500 mtrs.
 Size:  50 cents
 Direction:  from south to north.

 There was a storm in progress at this time.
 On talking to him further, I discovered he had many experiences.   He had
 worked at a Power Station and told me about power surges every time
 strange lights appeared in the sky. He also told about seeing a light
traveling under water at Wyvenhoe Dam while he and his mate was night

 I made arrangements for Diane, Rob and myself to go and talk to him in
 person, but on the night we was due to go, Diane phoned him to confirm
 and he had forgotten, we are still waiting for him to get back to us.
This file remains open.

  Regards, Jan Stone AUFORN QLD

 Follow up 1800 Callin Code: 000996   08.11.2000  QLD

 Date: 08.11.2000 Day:   Wednesday
 Time Reported:   8:47pm
 Location:  Lowood, QLD
 Reportee:   Peter
 Report given to nearest State Rep: Diane Harrison
 Tel: 07 5

 Report: By Diane Harrison

 Shape:  Rectangular and box shaped
 Size:  The Biggest Hovercraft  in the UK a Car Carrier
 Objects:  1
 Colour:  Dark Metallic but nothing shinny
 Sound:  None
 Speed:  Fast and slow
 Duration:  10 minutes or longer
 Direction:  North
 Witnesses:  2?
 Weather: Clear but some very high fine cloud cover
 Moon:  Yes

 Peter and his wife and children were traveling home after
 visiting their parent's along the Warrego HWY at
 aprox 8.05pm  then  turning  right onto the Brisbane
 Valley HWY . When five minutes later traveling north bound
 and coming over a rise in the road  they noticed what looked
 like a very bright white light  just above a yellow street light
 on the left side of the road at approximately 500 meters
 away. Peter's wife  was driving the children were in the back
 seat Peter was in the front passenger seat.
 Peter said: I told my wife to slow down  because this light
 was now over the whole road.

 At first we thought: "MY god, a bloody plane is going
 to land on the road."  I told my wife to pull over to the
 side of the road as I could see 2 other cars parked on
 the opposite side of the road facing south.

 I saw 4 cars in all and our car making it 5 cars on
 the side of the road. We saw 2 men  standing out of their car
looking up at this...what I could only describe as a spacecraft.
There was no mistaking it for anything else.

 I live on the flight path of Amberley Airforce base and I know
 what come's and goes from  there and this was nothing like I 
 had ever seen before in all the 8 years of living in the area.

 I hung almost my whole body out of the
 passenger window trying to get a the best view I could,
 and I have to be honest...I was scared to death at what
 I was looking at. I thought if I looked at it through the
 passenger side window if it did anything at least I was
 in the car and my wife could put her foot down and try
 and get away from it.

 The craft was rectangular and box-shaped with what looked
 like another rectangular compartment on top of it.
 The top part had what looked like round lights or portholes
 gold-orange and blue in colour. The only way to really
 compare the size of it for me is it was as big as the Hovercraft
 in the UK that  carries cars and stuff  across the  English
 channel  with a cabin on top of it. It had no  propellers no
 sound and  when we went under it,  it had  red lights at each
 corner of its underbelly.

 It was dark metallic in colour. It had this big spot light beam
 coming from the top of it. This light was  stronger than any
 search light or truck spot light I have  ever seen.
My wife said, "My God, Peter it's a spaceship! What do we do?!"

 I told Linda, "Don't stop engine!" Linda was getting really
scared and started shouting "come on we have to go!"

 Linda started to shout louder when  the craft moved  to
 the left in a split second and just hovered off to the side
 of the road above the trees over an open paddock.

 Then a  car came from behind us just as we went to pull
 away...with its spot lights on high-beam. I guess the diver
 thought as we did it was a plane coming into land on the
 road. Linda got really scared for the kids and started
 shouting again "Let's go!" So, we took off down the road and
 turned left heading across country to Lowood to get home.

 Linda said: "The open paddock looked like it was full of
 triangle shape lights shining on the grass. It was
 really weird."

 Peter Said: "I was looking and watching the craft out the back
 window  while Linda drove as fast has she could on the winding road
 home.  The road climbs up hill and it was easy to see the craft.
 I was keeping an eye on it. Then all of a  sudden the spot
 light beam hit me right in the face lighting the whole of the car.

 By now, Linda was hysterical and I was sh*t-scared, thinking
 this thing is going to come after us. My kids were crying and
 scared also."


 This case is under investigation as we feel Peter and Linda
 are sincere and have nothing to gain from making this up.

 AUFORN contacted the Local News Paper, the Queensland Times,
 asking for the other witnesses to come forward to verify the sighting.
 That same day of running the story in the newspaper we received
 calls on our UFO Hotline from 3 other independent witnesses that
 saw what Peter and Linda saw that night. The witnesses in the
 parked cars have yet to contact us.

 Another witness has since contacted us saying he has the craft
 on video he said it's not really clear but it is good, and you can see
 the beam of light shoot out and down to the ground.

 Amberley Airforce Base was contacted but had
 nothing to report.

  We will keep you informed of the out come.

 QLD Director, Jan Stone; Robert Frola; Diane Harrison

 Follow up 1800 Callin Code:  001016

 Date: 15 November 2000
 Day: Wednesday
 Time Reported: 10:54 am
 Location:  Warrimoo/Blacksland, NSW
 Reportee: Steve
 Investigator: Karen Burden
 Tel: On file

 Steve called after seeing Doug on Channnel 7, the morning  of the
15thNovember 2000. He stated that around 8 years ago (1992?) on New Years
Eve that he was standing on a bridge above the upper house at the duration
ofthe fireworks display.  Steve said he saw a bright white speck of light
in the South around 45 degrees above the horizon fly accross the sky to
the Northern Horizon in around 3-5 seconds. He said it was extemely fast
and was very bright like a star. No other witnesses were apparent.
 Steve also showed interest in attending our Meetings and Conferences to
learn more about the subject.  I also informed about the UFOLOGY quarterly

Regards, Karen

 Follow up 1800 Callin Code: 001035 23.11.2000 QLD

 Date:  23.1.2000 Day: Thursday
 Time Reported:  8:36 pm
 Location:  Slacks Creek, QLD
 Reportee:  Christine
 Report given to nearest rep:  Jan Stone
 Tel: 07

 Good evening Jan :)

 Caller saw a light in the sky.
 Rita Robb

 Christine, who comes to our Public meeting,  reported seeing a bright
 white light above the house next door.   Christine lives in Slacks
 Creek, Brisbane.

 She said the light was about 3 inches long, and did not move,  it was
 wide across, about the height of a star only much bigger and brighter.
 It did not move.   Then a cloud passed below it and when the cloud
 cleared it had disappeared.
 She was unable to tell me in which direction it was.
Christine says she has seen many strange lights in the sky in the past.

 Regards, Jan Stone

 Follow up UFOSWS NSW 1800 Callin Code: 001056 10.12.00 NSW

 Date:  10.12.00
 Day:  Sunday
 Time Reported:  10.12am
 Location:  NSW
 Reportee:  Arron
 Report given to nearest rep: Doug

 This report was a result of the AUFORN 1800 number Call in code 001056.
The subject witness to the event is known as Aaron K

Shape:  Round like fog lights
Size:  Star like but bigger than the brightest star near moon
Objects:  3
Colour:  Orange
Sound: ?
Speed: Very slowly
Duration: 3 minutes
Direction: Traveling North -NW towards the South
Witnesses: 2

 The witness made the report from his home residence in Albion Park,
located South of Wollongong.

 On Saturday, 9th December 2000, at the precise time of 11.25 pm, Aaron
was alerted by his mother when she witnessed something unusual. Aaron
immediately joined his mother who was standing in the front yard. They
were witnesses to three bright orange anomalies high above their
residence, traveling from N-NW very slowly towards South at an equal
distance (from the Great Dividing Range). The phenomena were described to
be round like fog lights and at least 3 times brighter than the brightest
star near the moon at the time.


 It is worth mentioning that at that particular time the moon was nearly
at full phase and the so-called brightest star near the moon at the time
was actually the planet Jupiter at a stellar magnitude of 2-3. Therefore
the anomalies magnitude would have been roughly between 7-8.

The two eyewitnesses watched the event for approximately 10-15 minutes.
Aaron mentioned that he had a pair of binoculars and observed a fourth
pulsating object approaching. It was identified as a conventional aircraft
judging by its tail and wings. However the aircraft produced no noise,
which may have been due to wind direction, or perhaps some form of military
aircraft. As it approached, one of the anomalies abruptly disappeared. It's
fading or sudden loss of luminosity indicated to the witness that the
object maneuvered in an upward direction. Shortly after the other two
followed the same pattern.

 The conventional craft then kept its course however still remaining within
the field of view. Moments after the event, one of the objects reappeared.
As he kept an eye on it he noticed that the anomaly was "jerking" left to

Comment: This effect may have been a result of an optical distortion or
illusion. This effect is noted when one watches a small bright object in a
dark surround, for a delayed period.
 As the subject witness recalls, the aircraft still remained at a
relatively consistent distance from the object. The anomaly reacted as
before and disappeared unlike anything conventional. The aircraft
continued its path and headed north.  

 In the report filed by the witness, he indicated that the anomalies were
heading N-NW. In the actual telephone conversation, he indicated a due
S-SW direction. This may have been due to disorientation. Aaron's report
is equally compared with the Call in code 001052 from Albion Park and a
number of other cases Phil and I have investigated.

Second report:
1800 Callin Code: 001052 9.12.00 NSW

 Date:  9.12.00
 Day:  Saturday
 Time Reported:  8.27pm
Location: ? Albion Park NSW
Reportee:  No Name Report given to nearest rep
Message:  Saw a light fall to the ground while at Albion Park. End Message

  Comment: There is no indication from  the witness that this may be hoax.
There is nothing for  him to gain by producing such misleading
information. Again, his testimony is strengthened by the Call in code
001052, which notably was reported on the same day. Aaron indicated that
he lives near a flight path and can differentiate between conventional and
non-conventional aircraft's.

He also noted that sailing clouds at times covered the objects, indicating
their high altitude. The only apparent sound noticed during the observation
was the surrounding ambient noise. No apparent odor was detected.  I will
be contacting Albion Park airfield to confirm this case.  

 Report:  Attila & Phillip of UFOSWS NSW

Thank you to everyone for these reports.
Keep up the great work.

 Regards Diane Harrison

  National Director of The Australian UFO Research Network Australian
Skywatch Director


 PO Box 805
 Springwood  Qld  4127
 Australian UFO Research Network Hotline Number
       1800 77 22 88 Freecall

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