Kreskin's UFO Prediction Set
For Thursday Night

From Burt Brown
From Bill Hamilton
Executive Director Skywatch International

Hi all,
In case that you haven't heard, Kreskin has predicted that a MAJOR UFO sighting will take place on Thursday night between 9:50 -12:00 near the Silverton Hotel in Las Vegas. He claims that this will be a "world class" event and has posted a $50,000.00 guarantee that it will happen. Don't hold your breath!...But who knows, maybe he has some inside information.
Bill and All:
Kreskin is a "mentalist" and hypnotist and none of the things he does has anything to do with psychic powers. His illusions are all well established tricks which can be found in books available from any good magic store. Take it from someone who was a wanna be magician as a kid and who still gets magic trick catalogs today.
With the advent of the giant magic shows on the strip in Vegas, Kreskin's act pales in comparison and he is on the downside of a career and needs all the publicity he can get. He used to be a mainstay on all the talk shows, but those shows have moved on to younger, better looking illusionists with much fancier tricks which haven't been seen a thousand times before.
Here is my perspective on the situation, $50,000 is a relatively cheap payment for the hundreds of thousands of dollars in air time Kreskin has amassed from this "prediction." Being in the broadcast business, I can tell you that no average person would have been able to buy that much time. Plus the buzz he has created with the UFO/paranormal Internet crowd has been enormous, I couldn't even begin to estimate the value of that publicity.
He has done a fine job of promoting himself in a unique way and my hat is off to him for his cleverness. Even people I know who aren't interested in UFOs have mentioned to me they have heard of Kreskin's prediction are are waiting to see if it comes true.
Now, the really interesting part is what is going to happen. I can assure you he is not a mind reader or psychic, so that leaves him either missing the prediction and paying out the $50,000 to charity (which is of course tax deductible) or he has something planned to make reports flood into UFO reporting lines. The latter would be the most difficult, but most magicians work with assistants of one type. I would not put it past such a person to hire dozens of people to make calls to the UFO lines. And remember that the magic community is a very close knit and tight lipped one, so those hired from within the community would not be likely to tell the secret.
Another scenario is that the stimulation of everyone being alerted to a possible mass UFO wave (via Kreskin's publicity wave) could itself cause the numbers to jump. Don't forget too that there are numerous professional companies that specifically design and build high tech illusions for magicians. It is perfectly well within reason that numerous computer controlled show lasers could be deployed in various parts of the country and used to create visual effects good enough to be mistaken for UFOs. But, frankly, I believe that this would be far more expensive than paying out the 50,000 tax deductible dollars to charity.
And how about THE KRESKIN/SECRET GOVERNMENT CONSPIRACY? Ha, ha! I'll let you guys fill in any kind of story you can come up with on this one, I'm sure it would be far better than anything I could dream up!
Plus, has anyone seen IN WRITING the actual terms of the donation? He could be giving away $50,000 but spread over how many years? Is it like the lotteries and Publishers Clearing House, where you really don't get it all up front, but in installments?
I am reminded of the Great Randi and our old UFO debunking friend Phil Klass. If you read their contracts that detail what one has to do to collect their large reward for "proof," you find that it would be almost impossible for ANYONE to collect!!! The Klass contract was at one time on the internet, should anyone want to go hunting. EXACTLY what does the Kreskin contract (if there even is one) say? Who is going to do the judging? What information sources are going to be used? There are a great number of simple questions that no one seems to be asking.
The point being that any way you slice it, Kreskin is going to come out on top from all the publicity he has whipped up for himself. His bookings have likely already increased from all the hoopla. As a former wanna' be illusionist, I've got to hand it to him, he's done an excellent job of self promotion. But that same wanna' be illusionist wants to know, "What's behind the curtain?"
Hey Burt,
Maybe Kreskin's got something there after all, and SETI is the wrong approach. With his dog-and-pony show he could generate a lot of enthusiasm. When it comes to the expectations of the humans of Planet Earth, size really does matter. This could be just what the aliens have been waiting for, instead of a mass of sour-faced cynics who already have all the "answers."
An Ace For Kreskin?
From Mike Nelson
Super-Balloon To Be Launched From New Mexico This Week June 2, 2002
ALBUQUERQUE (AP) - A pumpkin-shaped super-balloon 235 feet tall and 400 feet in diameter will be launched from New Mexico's eastern plains this week in a NASA test.
The test is part of a program to develop a balloon capable of carrying scientific instruments to the edge of space and keeping them there for months at a time.
If conditions are right, the helium-filled Ultra Long Duration Balloon could be visible across large areas of New Mexico.
Eventually, the balloon could circle Antarctica for up to 100 days, said Henry Cathey, manager of the program for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.
To test the hardware, Cathey and his colleagues plan to launch the balloon for a day or so.
Depending on weather, the launch could be as early as Monday, Cathey said. It takes calm air to get the huge balloon aloft, he explained.
Once airborne, the balloon will rise into high-altitude winds that should carry it west; it could go as far as the Arizona-California border, Cathey said.
In addition to the balloon itself, the researchers will be testing new radios that use NASA satellites to communicate with ground controllers, he said.
Fort Sumner is one of the high-altitude balloon launch centers run by NASA's National Scientific Balloon Facility. Headquartered in Palestine, Texas and managed by New Mexico State University, the center uses giant balloons to carry scientific payloads to the upper reaches of Earth's atmosphere.
In addition to permanent launch sites in Palestine and Fort Sumner, the team regularly uses temporary launch sites in Canada, Alaska, Sweden, New Zealand, Australia and Antarctica to launch 25 balloons a year.
Researchers use the balloons to study cosmic rays streaming through space. Earth's atmosphere screens them, so the only way for physicists to study them is to get their instruments close to outer space.
In December, the Ultra Long Duration Balloon team plans to go to Australia to try a 15-day flight, Cathey said.
The first 100-day flight is currently scheduled for December 2003 in Antarctica.

Okay folks... remember... we're not watching for a large balloon! No more than the Phoenix lights were army flares. Kreskin predicts the largest UFO sighting in recent history, so it has to out-do the Phoenix lights and the 1990 Mexico City UFO sightings. A weather balloon will not likely be mistaken for the largest UFO sighting in recent history. - ed
From Joe Cundari
Hi Jeff,
You mentioned on Tuesday's broadcast that Kreskin has predicted a major UFO sighting for Thursday night near Las Vegas. Interestingly enough, on Wednesday, the Dept. of Energy will conduct a 'subcritical' nuclear test 1,000 feet underground near Las Vegas, Nevada. Historically, a link seems to exist between increased nuclear weapons facilities/testing and the sudden appearance of UFOs.
Kind regards, Joe
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